Tom Brady Biography

Tom Brady Biography
Real name
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
August 3, 1977 (age 45)
San Mateo, California
Tampa, Florida
Gisele Bundchen (married 2009 – divorced 2022)
Eldest son John Edward Thomas Moynahan (born 2007)
Second son Benjamin Lane Brady (born in 2009)
Eldest daughter Vivian Lake Brady (born in 2012)
University of Michigan (1995~1998)
194cm / 102kg
2000 NFL Draft, 6th round, 199th pick
New England Patriots nomination
Affiliated club
New England Patriots (2000-2019)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2020-2022)
2020 ~ 2022 / $50,000,000
2021 / $28,375,000


Tom Brady Biography

American former football player and businessman. Tom Brady position as a player was the quarterback.


Most the Super Bowl winner of all time He is the most awarded Super Bowl MVP ever. NFL regular season MVP award three times, NFL regular season-postseason all-time winningest player, is regarded as the greatest player in American football history.

New England Patriots

19 seasons in which Brady was a regular for the Patriots and Buccaneers During that time, he won 17 division championships, 14 championships, 10 Super Bowl appearances, and seven Super Bowl victories. In particular, in Super Bowl LI in February 2017, a come-from-behind victory overcame the 25-point gap, the highest point difference in Super Bowl history, to win the fifth Super Bowl in all, as well as the record for the most winning quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. Two years later, in February 2019, He broke the record for most Super Bowl wins by winning his sixth Super Bowl in Bowl LIII. And in the first season after transferring to the team Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Who transferred at the age of 43, won the Super Bowl LV for the first time in 18 years, as well as winning the seventh Super Bowl, the most Super Bowl championship ever, and the Super Bowl He won the fifth Super Bowl MVP, the record for the most MVP awards ever, and renewed his record again, and achieved the record of the NFL’s first two conferences Super Bowl MVP awards, and after finishing the next season, the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs, He also showed off his tremendous strength by finishing second in the season MVP vote. Shortly before Super Bowl LVI, he announced his retirement before he could see his performance decline

He wanted to finally put an end to his long career, but he overturned it after six weeks and returned to the NFL.

And on the morning of February 1, 2023, local time, he announced his second retirement. I uploaded a video of my retirement announcement on my personal SNS, which I simply filmed alone against the backdrop of a daily promenade, not through a team or media. “I’m retiring for good.”


Tom Brady is a typical pro-style quarterback, a pocket passer who calmly waits in pockets created by offensive linemen and puts accurate passes at open receivers. He is a textbook West Coast Offense (WCO) quarterback. As a passer whose basic goal is to spread passes in the safe zone (pocket) created by offensive linemen. It has a wide field of view and sharp aiming power. Tom Brady’s feet are said to be slow, but his ability to evade defense and buy time with fine footwork in the pocket is said to be top-notch. In other words, even if the opponent’s D-Line pushes in, he avoids pressure and throws the ball accurately with one or minimal movement. It was to the point that Steve Young looked at Tom Brady and said, “You could call it a mobile quarterback.”

In particular, Tom Brady perfectly understands and practices the tactics of coach Bill Bellichick and their offensive coordinator, and his brilliant brain. Based on this, he is showing a powerful offense that smashes the opponent’s defense with Dak-Gong Football, which drives the opponent’s defense without breathing with continuous attacks through his own no-huddle play. I don’t have a strong shoulder, so I rarely make a long pass. So he’s more of a pocket passer-style quarterback than the gunslinger-style quarterback that’s all the rage these days.

Brady prefers to hit short passes for a pro-style quarterback and is particularly bold in throwing passes in the middle of the field where the opponent’s defense is dense. For this reason, rather than the orthodox big target type split end, which competes with cornerbacks and speed knee heights in both corners, they prefer to use short passes such as slat receivers, tight ends, and running back check-downs to make constant offensive advances. That’s why Brady prefers to weave a web-like pass route using a versatile running back and tight end, as well as slot receivers in the center who can stir up opponents as much as possible. Brady’s soul mate, utility running back Kevin Faulk; short pass catchers who bravely jump between linemen and show excellent YAC after catching short passes; slot receivers Wes Welker and Julian Edelman; With the combination of Kawski, Marcellus Bennett, and Benjamin Watson, he pushes the opponent’s defense by succeeding in short passes and first down updates as if exploding a series of games. For this reason, while Brady was there, there was no super-class receiver other than Randy Moss, but he combined a route suitable for upper-mid-level receivers and role players and used a passing tactic that shook the opponent’s defense with a swarm of bees to break through the gaps, making it a strong team for decades. reigned as Even Grandi MossAfter fighting against Bellichick and Brady and getting kicked out of the Patriots, the only veteran receiver was Wes Welker, but with rookie tight ends Gronk and Aaron Hernandez at the fore, he posted a phenomenal record of 14 wins, and 2 losses, more than in 2007, which was a winning season. It was an overwhelming season and was even awarded the unanimous MVP of the season.

However, due to the nature of upper-middle level receivers or role players, they cannot be all-rounders, so if the opposing team’s linebacker and secondary have the ability to capture all Pats’ receiver combinations man-to-man, the game will not work out well. The New York Jets in the prime of Rex Ryan or the Denver Broncos in the Peyton Manning era. Outstanding cornerbacks Darrell Levis, Antonio Cromartie (above the Jets), Acquip Tallip, and Chris Harris (above the Broncos) and nimble linebackers sit in the back and completely suppress the infiltration of Pats receivers man-to-man.

Another strength of Brady is that the director and chemistry are the best. Experts say that Brady and coach Bill Belichick share a brain, showing perfect operational performance and attack-commanding ability. Because of this, in any situation on the field, if only one of the two is holding a straight line, it is quickly restored.

It’s hard to say that Tom Brady’s overall athleticism is good. His body was developed through exercise, and he was able to learn pocket defense with great effort, but his speed was slow since his debut and is still uniquely slow among all quarterbacks at his age. However, in order to buy time to utilize his own strength, the brain, he is evaluated as the best for his subtle foot movements to avoid the opponent’s pressure (pressure) in the pocket.

And no matter how good the movement in the pocket is, it is useless if the pocket itself is smashed, so the Patriot’s Offensive Linemen have excellent organizational skills under the leadership of Dante Scanezia, the offensive line coach who has worked for the Patriots for over 30 years. I’m protecting Brady. After he retired in 2013, Pats’ offensive line gradually faltered as his successor coach couldn’t keep up with him, and Brady threw his helmet and got angry. Eventually, Dante Scanezia joined Pats again in the 2016 season.

Although it is not revealed to the public, the part where Brady is evaluated as the best is the pre-snap and post-snap decisions. The ‘snap’ that literally announces the start of play Brady’s greatest strength is that he can make judgments right before or after, more accurately and quickly than anyone else in the league, and through this ability, the trend of the rapidly changing NFL That’s why Brady, the archetypal pocket passer who goes against him, is still at the top.


  • 1st in all-time Super Bowl wins (7 times, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020)
  • 1st all-time Super Bowl MVP (5 times, 2001, 2003, 2014, 2016, 2020)
  • 1 all-time in career passing yards (89,214 yards)
  • 1 all-time in career passing touchdowns (649)
  • 1st in all-time pass attempts (12,050)
  • 1st in all-time pass success (7,753)
  • 1st all-time game-winning drive (58)
  • 1st in all-time 4th quarter turnovers (46)


  •  7 Super Bowl wins ( XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII, LV )
  •  5 Super Bowl MVPs ( XXXVI , XXXVIII , XLIX , LI , LV )
  • 3 NFL regular season MVPs (2007, 2010, 2017)
  • Burt Bellsang (2007)
  • Two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2007, 2010)
  •  NFL Rise of the Year Award (2009)
  • All-Pro First Team 3 times (2007, 2010, 2017)
  • 2x All-Pro Second Team (2005, 2016)
  • Bowl log…14 Pro Bowls (2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009~2018)
  •  NFL All-Decade Team of the 2000s
  •  NFL All-Decade Team of the 2010s
  • NFL Centennial All-Time Team (2019)
  • Sports Illustrated logo…Sports Illustrated Sports Personality of the Year (2005, 2021)
  • Associated Press logo Associated Press Athlete of the Year (2007)
  • NCAA logoNCAA Champion (1997)

Best Game-Winning Driver

Simply put, he is a player who leads the team to victory simply by managing the game.

Tom Brady is called the GOAT because of his outward performance, including the most appearances in the Super Bowl and the most victories in history, but above all, the reason why he is considered the best player is that he never gives up and manages the game soberly, even if he is behind the game. is that it is good at overturning. In other words, he has the ability to turn the game around in the end even if he is trailing by a large margin, and above all, he has the ability to lead his team to victory with great concentration when the game is approaching the end and becomes a one-possession fight. He is considered one of the best players of all time because he has shown it countless times.

In the meantime, when discussing the NFL’s GOAT, it is not that there is no player who surpasses Brady in terms of “pure quarterback ability.” After all, Brady was not a player who was called the perfect quarterback’s physical ability like Aaron Rodgers, and like Peyton Manning, he won the Heisman Trophy in college – entered through the super-elite course of being selected as the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft, or like Manning, he was a professional player. He wasn’t considered the pinnacle of style quarterbacking, and he didn’t always break the regular season passing yardage record like Drew Brees, and he didn’t have the shoulder to fire long passes from end to end like Matthew Stafford or Philip Rivers. He was not a pass rusher with a huge physique like Ben Rothlisberger and Josh Allen, and he was not a player who put up a pass while enduring the body of pass rushers. He wasn’t a scrambling scrambler with quick feet, much less, and he wasn’t a fast-footed, creative passer like Patrick Mahomes, the apex of the new type. However, the reason why he was able to establish himself as the undisputed best player is because, like Michael Jordan of the NBA, he was unrivaled in the so-called clutch ability that shows tremendous performance at the most important moment, as recalled. In other words, when the game is close, tied, or trailing by one possession with two minutes left in the game, the coaches’ favorite quarterback is the best two-minute drill passer, strong heart Tom Brady. If fans were asked who they would choose as a quarterback in their last attacking opportunity to win, Tom Brady is definitely the first player that comes to mind. Here’s a list of the highlights of Brady’s best clutch and miracle comebacks.

November 24, 2013, Regular Season Against Denver Broncos

In the 2013 regular season, against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, who were on the rise, they lost 24-0 in the first half but scored 21 points in the third quarter. The chase began and eventually turned the game over 31-24 in the 4th quarter. Manning calmly tied the game at 31-31 and went into overtime, but in overtime, the Broncos did not miss the mistake and scored a field goal, eventually finishing the double electrode with a score of 34-31.

January 10, 2015, AFC Divisional Round against the Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco, who transforms into the best quarterback in the postseason, was also a match on this day. With two touchdowns at the start of the first quarter and a 14-0 lead, Brady immediately responded with two touchdowns to tie the game at 14-14. However, Baltimore again scored two touchdowns to take a 28-14 lead. However, Brady persevered again and scored two touchdowns to bring the game back to square one. Baltimore made another field goal to take a 31-28 lead, but Brady turned the game around 35-31 with a touchdown pass to Brandon Lapel with about five minutes left in the game.

February 1, 2015, Super Bowl XLIX Seattle Seahawks match

In Super Bowl 49 against the Seattle Seahawks, affectionately nicknamed the Legion of Boom and boasting the best defense in the NFL, the first half finished 14-14, but in the 3rd quarter, it was down to 10. Points were allowed and the defeat became darker, but In the fourth quarter, he scored two passing touchdowns to turn the score 28-24. In the last minute, with about 30 seconds left in the game, the Seahawks advanced by 1 yard, but Cinderella Malcolm Butler finished the game with The Interception and succeeded in winning the 4th Super Bowl in his life.

February 5, 2017, Super Bowl LI Atlanta Falcons

Against the Falcons, led by quarterback Matt Ryan and best receiver Julio Jones, who pushed Brady to second place at the time and won the regular season MVP, the Patriots only scored a touchdown in the second quarter. They allowed three and were drawn to 21-0. He scored a field goal and finished the first half with a score of 21-3, but with 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, he gave up another touchdown and the game seemed to be tilting towards the Falcons with a score of 28-3. With 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, he connected a touchdown pass to James White, but the score was 28-9 due to a missed PAT. With two touchdowns and two 2-point conversions to make, the Patriots didn’t seem to have a chance, but Dante Hightower’s sack signaled Brady’s ridiculous scenario. In particular, the drive that started with a 28-20 lead with just over two minutes left in the game ended with a touchdown with 57 seconds remaining and showed terrifying cool-headed game management that succeeded in a two-point conversion. In the end, the Patriots defeated James White’s touchdown resulting in a 34-28 victory, the best come-from-behind victory ever.

January 21, 2018, AFC Championship Against Jacksonville Jaguars

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the best defensive team in the 2017-18 season was the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by Jaylen Ramsey at the time. Against such a defense, the Patriots made a field goal in the first quarter to take a 3-0 lead, but they never took a lead after allowing a touchdown in the second quarter to take a 7-3 lead. With the Jaguars kicking a field goal at the start of the fourth quarter to take a 20-10, 10-point lead and the Jaguars’ Super Bowl LII berth almost certain, Brady threw two touchdown passes to Danny Amendola in the fourth quarter alone. By putting it in (especially the last one was a come-from-behind touchdown with 3 minutes left in the game), he turned the game around 24-20 and eventually succeeded in advancing to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

October 14, 2018, regular season match against Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots and Tom Brady will play the 6th game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes who appeared like a comet in 2018. Mahomes’ Chiefs had been sensational in the NFL by winning all five games before the Patriots match. In this game, the Patriots took a huge 24-9 first-half lead, but in the third quarter, when the Patriots made only one field goal, the Chiefs poured in 17 points and trailed 27-26. The Patriots scored a field goal again at the start of the fourth quarter, widening the score to 30-26, but Mahomes eventually turned the game around 33-30 with a touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill. However, Brady succeeded in rushing a touchdown himself in the ensuing drive and reversed it again to 37-33, and added a field goal, widening the score to 40-33. However, Mahomes also immediately connected a 75-yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill to balance the game 40-40. Brady, who started the last drive with 3 minutes left to end the game, eventually created a 28-yard field goal opportunity for kicker Stephen Gottskawski just before the end of the game, and with the game-ending whistle, the field goal was successful and the game was finished 43-40.

January 20, 2019, AFC Championship vs Kansas City Chiefs 

The 2018 regular season MVP went to Patrick Mahomes after all. And the AFC No. 1 seed was also taken by the Kansas City Chiefs. On the other hand, the Patriots secured the second seed by finishing the regular season with 11 wins and 5 losses, but the dominant evaluation was that the Patriots, who went to Kansas City, were underdogs. However, contrary to expectations, the Patriots took a 14-0 halftime lead. Even until the third quarter, the Patriots took a 17-7 lead, and the game seemed to end with the Patriots’ victory, but the Chiefs’ touchdown succeeded at the start of the fourth quarter, and the fourth quarter’s slugfest began. With about 8 minutes left in the game, the Chiefs scored another touchdown to take the Chiefs to lead for the first time, 21-17, but with 3:32 left in the game, the Patriots scored a touchdown to bring it back to 24-21, but the game ended 2 With minutes left, the Chiefs again managed to come back 28-24. Tom Brady, who appeared with just 2 minutes left, led Rex Birkhead’s 4-yard rushing touchdown with 39 seconds left to end the game, and seemed to succeed in finishing the game 31-28… but in those 39 seconds, the 2018 Season regular season MVP Patrick Mahomes also succeeded in advancing into the Patriots camp, and the game went into overtime with a score of 31-31. Brady and the Patriots caught the first ball. Here, Brady made three consecutive 3rd & Long passes. Successfully, he succeeded in advancing to the Chief’s camp and eventually broke through the Chiefs’ defense, which lost its fighting spirit, and Birkhead succeeded in a rushing touchdown, and Brady succeeded in advancing to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive time, eventually defeating the Los Angeles Rams. He defeated them and won their 6th Super Bowl.

January 23, 2022, NFC Divisional Round Before Los Angeles Rams 

The game that almost would have been the last game of Brady’s career. Even though he lost, it can be considered a match that almost ended his career like Brady. Antonio Brown on the fearsome Los Angeles Rams defense led by Aaron Donald, Vaughn Miller, and Jaylen Ramsey, Chris Godwin Brady, who had to play after losing his back receiver, struggled throughout the game as expected. With 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the Rams scored a touchdown, making the score 27-3, and the Rams’ victory seemed imminent. Brady fans might be reminded of Super Bowl 51 here, but considering the Rams’ defense, it wasn’t easy. Just three minutes before the end of the third quarter, when Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succup made a field goal, it seemed impossible to reverse the game 27-6, but the Rams suddenly repeated a series of absurd mistakes and Brady didn’t miss it. this started to happen with Leonard Fournett ‘s touchdown just before the end of the third quarter, and Brady and Mike Evans ‘ 55-yard touchdown with 3:20 left in the game, 27-20, the Buccaneers succeeded in chasing the Rams by one possession difference. . However, the Buccaneers have already exhausted their timeout, and the Rams only need to hold out for 3 minutes, so Brady and the Buccaneers are still in a very unfavorable situation. Here, the Rams committed another fumble, giving the Buccaneers the right to attack with 2 minutes and 25 seconds left in the game. Although the timeout was exhausted, Brady managed to efficiently use the time and ultimately lead Fournet’s touchdown with 42 seconds left to end the game, 27-27, and dramatically turn the game into the starting point. Again, when everyone was thinking of Brady’s miracle in overtime, Matthew Stafford and the Cooper CupThis dramatic 44-yard big play created a field goal opportunity for the Rams, and eventually, the Rams scored a field goal at the end of regular time to advance to the NFC Championship. Even though he was defeated, at the moment when everyone thought it was over, he did not give up and tied the game, and with 2 minutes left in the game, he succeeded in driving the game to the starting point, showing why Brady had no choice but to be recognized as the GOAT. gave.


The quarterback’s natural enemy is the defensive backfield, which refers to cornerbacks and safeties who defend long passes, and Tom Brady is no different.

Charles Woodson: A University of Michigan alumni who was considered one of the toughest players to play against, and a player who made a name for himself as a Raiders cornerback. In Brady’s first postseason, Brady was blitzed to drop the ball and succeeded in the color, but this was recognized as a forward pass by the Tuck Rule and Brady had another chance to attack. This is bullshit ! he said in anger. Since then, after winning the Super Bowl, he is now focused on praising alumnus Brady on the air, as if he has a more relaxed mind.

Champ Bailey: The Bronx’s famous cornerback, on the day he faced him, he often didn’t even look at him.

Ed Reed: Brady, whom I met after retiring as the Ravens’ legendary free safety, was happy to call him my Kryptonite.

However, ahead of the AFC Championship, the young Steelers safety, who said, “The Patriots are chewing gum,” threw the ball at every opportunity and won with a big attack. In fact, Scrap Metal was terribly weak against Bill Belizek and Tom Brady.

As a joke, Eli Manning is also said to be his natural enemy, but he actually met the New York Giants in the Super Bowl twice and lost both times. It’s not just listening to the voice of the natural enemy. And after losing to Nick Falls, Falls was called the natural enemy, but controversy arose over not shaking hands in Super Bowl LII, and the two hurriedly explained.


It is a cliché among clichés to win the Super Bowl seven times, which is difficult for others to do, and to take advantage of an injured starter as a starting candidate. is attracting attention because it has a dramatic life story that sports fans who became the best player in NFL history beyond the 21st century would love. In addition, at this time, a total of 254 draftees were selected in the 2000 draft, so you can really just look at it as a pull-up.

Tom Brady Biography

It was a pictorial photo taken in 2007, an advertisement photo for the fashion brand GAP. Before his marriage, he was chosen as one of the representative handsome athletes with such a suit and spread rumors of infidelity with supermodels. Being surrounded by offensive linemen with an average height of 190cm and a weight of nearly 130kg, it might not be obvious, but Brady’s height is 193cm, and he is quite tall enough to pass in the NBA. Of course, wearing a suit is no joke.

Tom Brady Biography

Nicknames include TB12, GOAT, The Pharaoh, and Tom Terrific. After moving to Tampa Bay, he is also using Tompa Bay.

They dated supermodel Gisele Bundchen, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, since 2006 and married in early 2009. Actress Bridget Moynahan until just before meeting Bundchen After the breakup, Moynahan announced that she was pregnant with Brady’s child while Brady was dating Bundchen. Moynahan even attended Brady and Bundchen’s wedding with John, and in 2009, she congratulated Bundchen when she and Brady had their first child, Benjamin. Bundchen is also being raised by Moynahan and is well taken care of like her biological son when John visits Brady regularly. Even Moynahan and John visited Brady, and the paparazzi took pictures of the three of them together, Brady, Bundchen, and Moynahan, while John was hanging out with her half-brother, Benjamin. I don’t use Instagram very often, but pictures of Bundchen and her family come up quite a bit in the off-season.

Even in 2016, when his wife was at her peak with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, she earned $30 million. From 2002 to 2017, She did not miss the title of the world’s top imported model. Even though Tom Brady is in his mid-40s, he is a superstar who entered the 55th Super Bowl in 2020 as an active player, but his net salary is about half of his wife’s income. Of course, if you look at the side income such as advertising income, Tom Brady is much more.

Mrs. Bundchen is secretly known as the curse of the sporting world. It is said that if you go to the intuition of the team you cheer for, that team will lose. In Super Bowl XLVI, receivers absurdly missed the ball with one minute remaining, and after the game, they criticized the Patriots players and became gossip. Sometimes there are people who treat Giselle as a trophy wife, but Giselle has far more wealth than at the time of marriage and now. American national sports star Brady has The dignity of a world supermodel that easily surpasses. Anyway, they are a celebrity couple, so they have a lot of recognition. When Brady succeeded in turning around in the fourth quarter and was caught on camera jumping around with excitement, comments like “Giselle will be smashed tonight” were posted one after another on the American Internet.

At the beginning of their relationship, Gisele Bundchen entered the Patriot’s locker room wearing glasses as if she was in disguise, but it is said that everyone recognized her. It was revealed in 2007 that his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, was pregnant with Brady’s child. give birth

He divorced Gisele Bundchen in 2022.

In February 2012, his sister Julie Brady became engaged to Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. But before 2012 had passed, her husband Youkilis was traded to the Chicago White Sox. I can’t. Interestingly, Tom Brady himself is a fan of the New York Yankees and once appeared in a Patriots team practice wearing a New York Yankees hat and got into gossip.

It’s a complete taiyaki with my family. In particular, his mother and sister bear a striking resemblance to Brady. Even the photos of him as a child are much more similar than those between himself and his children.

Peyton Manning once appeared on SNL, but even though he was sexually harassed in SNL, he was so handsome that instead of reporting it, female employees rather liked him. transformed into.

who stood in his way at key moments several times throughout his career. The reaction to the two brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning is discriminatory. For Peyton, he praises him to the point of drowning in his mouth, but in Eli’s case, he says he doesn’t want to shake hands. Peyton has been to all three Super Bowls, beating Brady in the conference finals. In Brady’s emails leaked during the Deflategate investigation, I have 6-7 years left, Payton has 2 years at most. I called and tried to apologize, but Manning is nothing to me. He didn’t have to apologize. He said he went over cool.

Tom Brady And Trump

He is known to be friends with former US President Donald Trump. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he also brought a Make America Great Again hat gifted by Trump to the locker room, but the day after Trump was elected, reporters asking about his relationship with Trump and other opinions said that he would not because his wife told him not to talk about politics. declared inaction. Even if Brady really supported Trump, it would have been difficult to talk about it, considering the nature of the NFL with many black players who hated Trump and the New England Patriots he belonged to at the time. Regarding this, director Belichick said that due to the nature of his work, he met a lot of celebrities, and expressed dissatisfaction with the view that if you are close to Trump, you are unconditionally supporting him. Also, John Kerry, who is of a different party from Trump, also visited the locker room. He, too, was said to have received them amicably. However, it is not clear whether he really supported Trump politically. In 2019, when New England was invited to the White House as a winning team, he did not attend, but in 2021, he responded to President Joe Biden’s invitation to the White House, mocking Donald Trump’s presidential election conspiracy theory. It was because he created a friendly atmosphere by throwing jokes. That said, it seems correct that he actually supported Trump, and strictly speaking, it is more natural to say that Brady responds regardless of his own political leanings. Brady has also been invited to the White House several times, as his multiple Super Bowl rings prove him, but the last time he went before Biden was during the George W. It seems that he judged his position even more and changed to a politically neutral attitude.

It is known that he likes soccer very much as a so-called lucky boy. When a reporter asked the question of ‘ Messi vs Ronaldo ‘, it was a bonus that he raised Messi’s hand. After his retirement, he went to watch a Manchester United match, and that day other Manchester United players lined up to take a picture with Brady, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored a hat-trick in the match. The physicality that turns 187 cm tall Ronaldo into a kid is a bonus.

Premier League Tottenham Hotspur FC striker Harry Kane and Chelsea FC goalkeeper Asmir Begovic also revealed that they are fans of Tom Brady and the Patriots, and there are quite a few players who say they are Brady fans among EPL players. Also, Chris Evans, famous for Captain America, and comedian and MC Conan O’Brien have also revealed that they are fans of the Patriots and Tom Brady.

He is the worst enemy of the Buffalo Bills. All-time record 33 wins, 3 losses, .917 odds When the Bills beat the Pats, there would be an uproar, but when Brady transferred to the Bucks, the Bills swept the Pats.

It is said that even a player with a somewhat lack of skill who arrived by the last train to the team roster will go first and say hello once he enters the locker room once he becomes a member of the team. I was in a case like that in the past, so it seems to be different from others. He said, however, that he was a bit embarrassed when he was greeted.

There are players who say they hate New England’s team culture, but there is not a single former or current New England player who speaks negatively about Tom Brady. Sebastian Vollmer, a former Patriots light offensive tackle who retired in 2017, retired due to an injury after playing with Brady for seven years.

At least, there are not a few cases where players on rival teams have become fans because they are fascinated by the human Tom Brady. A prime example is Denver Broncos pass rusher Vaughn Miller. He said he was a fan of Tom Brady.

He has these manners and sportsmanship, but like any other legend, his desire to compete on the field is disregarded. On the field, his personality is fiery, and he doesn’t hesitate to curse and raise his voice, whether it’s the opposing team or the same team. When the team is in trouble, he often has a rough argument with the coach on the sidelines. So it’s not like fighting with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in a loud voice, making mistakes by qualified receivers like Julian Edelman or Rob Gronkowski during games, or making mistakes by offensive linemen not properly blocking defensive linemen or linebackers. If you commit “, you can often see scenes on the sidelines where you can’t even raise your head amidst Brady’s storm, only paying attention. A collection of Brady’s extremely old scenes. But off the field, he is a good friend and a good neighborhood brother.

Because of his experience in college, where he was not sure if he would be able to play in the weekend game immediately if he did not show good performance during the weekday practice, he said that he always diligently participates in team practice with the same mindset even after coming to the pro.

During the filming of his documentary, when a TV broadcast discussing the season MVP came on, he was asked, “Do you care about the season MVP?”, and he answered indifferently, “Not really. Maybe it’s the Super Bowl MVP.”

In the state of being in the Super Bowl 8 times, I had an interview with my wife, Gisele Bundchen, and Brady said, “I’m going to go to the Super Bowl two more times and then I’ll quit. ” ‘s answer came back. And indeed, he went out two more times, set a record for reaching 10 Super Bowls, and announced his retirement in February 2022, but soon reversed it.

However, after overturning, the two fell apart. As of the opening of the 2022 season, they are separated, and it seems that the relationship has become quite distorted to the point that the possibility of divorce is even emerging.

Tom Brady in 1995

He was selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round with the 507th overall pick in the 1995 Major League Baseball draft. His position was a catcher and he hit right-handed and left-handed. That’s why sometimes the Montreal Expos fandom says, “If Brady had made his MLB debut…”

Appears as a main character in the 8th episode of “Turd Burglars” of the 23rd season of South Park, but it’s not a joke, the topic of the episode is fecal microbiome transplantation, so people use his healthy feces to transplant his fecal microbiota. The melange treat. And when he keeps smashing the sewer pipe in his house to get one of his feces, he gets tired of this and creates a secret space behind his bookshelf to keep his feces in it. Appeared as a fairly normal person for what appeared in South Park. In fact, considering that celebrities in South Park are pulverized with a high probability, Tom Brady’s handling is not bad, and he is referred to as Eric Cartman’s idol.

In 19 Bear Ted 2, he appears as the man with the best sperm in Boston. The main characters, John and Ted, who choose Tom Brady as a substitute for Ted, who is unable to reproduce due to his teddy bear relationship, secretly break into his house at night and try to get his sperm, but fail spectacularly.

Before Super Bowl LV was held, I filmed an advertisement for T-Mobile, a telecommunications company, with Rob Gronkowski, and the content is both funny and creepy. ​​However, this advertisement became a reality.

Like the best player in the NFL, the fan service is also very good. He never ignores requests for autographs or photos from fans and readily accepts them all. In particular, it is said that he treats young fans warmly as if he treats his own children’s friends.

Also known as TB for short. After moving to Tampa Bay, because Tom and Tam have similar pronunciations, the drip called Tompa Bay Buccaneers often comes out.

After Brady moved to the Buccaneers, he entered the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium for the first time since his transfer for an away game against the now-enemy Patriots, as an opposing player. The players showed a warm appearance welcoming Brady with louder cheers than when the Patriots players entered. Brady also responded by making a gesture toward the crowd of Patriots fans.

He was selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round with the 507th overall pick in the 1995 Major League Baseball draft. His position was a catcher and he hit right-handed and left-handed. That’s why sometimes the Montreal Expos fandom says, “If Brady had made his MLB debut…”

Appears as a main character in the 8th episode of “Turd Burglars” of the 23rd season of South Park, but it’s not a joke, the topic of the episode is fecal microbiome transplantation, so people use his healthy feces to transplant his fecal microbiota. The melange treat. And when he keeps smashing the sewer pipe in his house to get one of his feces, he gets tired of this and creates a secret space behind his bookshelf to keep his feces in it. Appeared as a fairly normal person for what appeared in South Park. In fact, considering that celebrities in South Park are pulverized with a high probability, Tom Brady’s handling is not bad, and he is referred to as Eric Cartman’s idol.

In 19 Bear Ted 2, he appears as the man with the best sperm in Boston. The main characters, John and Ted, who choose Tom Brady as a substitute for Ted, who is unable to reproduce due to his teddy bear relationship, secretly break into his house at night and try to get his sperm, but fail spectacularly.

Before Super Bowl LV was held, I filmed an advertisement for T-Mobile, a telecommunications company, with Rob Gronkowski, and the content is both funny and creepy. ​​However, this advertisement became a reality.

Like the best player in the NFL, the fan service is also very good. He never ignores requests for autographs or photos from fans and readily accepts them all. In particular, it is said that he treats young fans warmly as if he treats his own children’s friends.

Also known as TB for short. After moving to Tampa Bay, because Tom and Tam have similar pronunciations, the drip called Tompa Bay Buccaneers often comes out.

After Brady moved to the Buccaneers, he entered the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium for the first time since his transfer for an away game against the now-enemy Patriots, as an opposing player. The players showed a warm appearance welcoming Brady with louder cheers than when the Patriots players entered. Brady also responded by making a gesture toward the crowd of Patriots fans.


[1] Actual pronunciation

[2] A child born to ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan

[3] There are up to 7 rounds, but with a difference of only 1 round, it is enough to go back and forth between the last 5 and 6 groups, so it is safe to say that it is almost the last draft. In fact, there are more players behind, but not many players are successful right away after being selected in the 4th and 5th rounds, and there are many cases where they are released without debuting in the 6th and 7th rounds. That’s why every draft comes up as a low-round success story. For reference, rival Peyton Manning was the first overall pick in 1998, a stark contrast considering that he was one of the best players of his time.

[4] Raised in a devout Catholic family, his brothers are Catholic and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, is also a Catholic. Although he is reticent about his religion and has never explicitly stated it, his wife, Gisele Bundchen, has revealed that Brady is a Catholic, and their wedding was also held in a small church in Santa Monica as a sacrament of marriage.

[5] 7 championships.

[6] Awarded 5 times.

[7] Recorded over 200 wins. For reference, Brady’s seven Super Bowl victories are a record that has never been achieved by any other NFL team, not just any other player who has ever played in the NFL. Even more so, it is absolutely not wrong to say that “a player greater than the team” is only limited to Brady.

[8] Since he was drafted in 2000, he numerically spent 21 seasons but spent his first rookie season as a reserve player, and in 2008 he was out for the season due to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in the first game of the regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs. The season in which he actually played as a main player becomes the 19th season.

[9] WCO is also a playing philosophy that focuses on short passes and continuous development centered on quarterbacks prior to play style, so all passing quarterbacks can be said to be WCO styles. It can be said to be an orthodox WCO style that focuses on management. However, as proven in the Buccaneers, it showed excellent performance in the Air Corel Offense, which pursues big plays and vertical plays.

[10] Dan Patriots’ offense goes back to the ‘Erhard-Perkins’ system, not Bill Walsh’s WCO. This system is the most recently created method. Unlike the former, which assigns exact roles to each player, Erhard-Perkins selects assigned roles and positions in batches of 10 players, as if choosing Madden NFL game tactics, and accordingly It is a form of a dynamic combination of tactics. And to do this, players participating in the offense must be thoroughly familiar with all tactics. Failure to do this properly will make even the best wide receiver or tide end suffer. Recall that Chad Johnson, the league’s top wide receiver, struggled with the Patriots.

[11] That’s why a pro-style quarterback is also called a dropback passer who goes into the pocket.

[12] The appearance of inserting the ball without mistake into the gap created by slot receivers jumping between defenders is a proprietary patent.

[13] All NFL quarterbacks have excellent understanding, but Brady is known to be the best.

[14] Of course, in the days when there were dumb-dol receivers like Randy Moss, I used to throw TD long passes that were like knives. like this As of the 2016 season, he has weak air power like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, but he can confuse the defense by cutting inside and leads the offense with receivers who can move forward quickly.

[15] On the contrary, there are many quick-running quarterbacks, and there are a few white people like Steve Young, but the majority are black.

[16] The act of passing the ball on the ground to the quarterback by the center

[17] The quarterback trend in the modern NFL, represented by Patrick Mahomes, has demanded an all-round quarterback who can handle both rushing and passing alone, with the ability to perform scrambles and play-action operations.

[18] This is a skill that can also be found in Joe Montana, who was called GOAT before Brady appeared, and Montana also had the nickname Joe Cool because he showed the coolest and bold game management at the most important moment of the game.

[19] At the time, it was very rare to reverse a 10-point gap in the Super Bowl entering the fourth quarter.

[20] It was a 3rd & 9 once and a 3rd & 10 twice. It sounds easy, but making such a play three times in a row in overtime at the AFC Championship is almost magical. If I had to compare it, it would be similar to Stephen Curry making three 8m 3-pointers in a row in overtime in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. In the meantime, sports commentator Shannon Sharp, who had not recognized Tom Brady as a GOAT, saw this play and eventually had no choice but to acknowledge Brady as a GOAT.

[21] Like a troublemaker, he left the team during the regular season against the New York Jets, a rare incident that will go down in NFL history.

[22] Season out due to injury.

[23] The first year he won Super Bowl XXXVI.

[24] Sometimes anti-fans also use this.

[25] That one time was none other than the 2007-08 season Jeon Seung-jun season.

[26] Since the draft has a total of 7 rounds, it can be seen that it was selected almost at the bottom.

[27] Bridget Moynahan. She appeared in Coyote Ugly (1971-), and iRobot (as Susan Calvin), and played John Wick’s wife, Helen Wick, in the John Wick series. Her drama roles include her role as Erin Reagan on CBS’ Mid-Blue Bloods.

[28] This curse was repeated in Super Bowl LI, but he broke the 25-point gap and won.

[29] Gisele Bundchen: “The sick X’s who don’t do anything right, I think my husband is Superman. These are…” Well, it was something like this. But he is also like that because this nobleman’s husband is a fool.

[30] Basically, the NFL pays less than its popularity due to its strict salary cap, and Brady is notorious for not asking for high salaries.

[31] In fact, the United States is the entire world of American football.

[32] Coincidentally, Kevin Youkilis ended up playing for the New York Yankees in 2013.

[33] How to avoid sexual harassment is explained in subtitles: 1. Be good-looking. 2. Don’t be ugly.

[34] This content was remade in the 2012 episode of SNL Korea’s Yang Dong- Geun.

[35] Besides that, he has transformed into a CF model for a falafel house.

[36] All four of the Manning brothers’ Super Bowl rings came from beating Brady’s Patriots. Peyton caught the Pats twice in the AFC Championship Game (XLI, 50, and won the Super Bowl), and Eli caught the Pats twice in the Super Bowl ( XLII, XLVI ).

[37] He was a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, where Boston is located.

[38] Unlike 20th-century NFL players, 21st-century NFL players tend to enjoy playing soccer as the league has become more global. There is a lot of contact between the two sports to the extent that Gareth Southgate applies NFL strategies to actual games, and European soccer league players and American soccer players are building friendships through summer US tour games. Among star footballers, Tottenham’s Harry Kane is a famous Brady fan.

[39] Based on the starting game.

[40] He went 32-3 with the Patriots and won one with the Buccaneers.

[41] There is no individual greater than the team, but there is a player who is so deadly that the individual itself is a team.

[42] If you think about it carefully, he was the best player in his neighborhood or state during his high school or college days, but when he came up to the national level, monsters with better bodies and better skills than himself were crowded, so he was in the 4th round or the lower end of the draft. I was unpacking my luggage in the locker room nervously and depressed because I was barely able to get an interview and no one except my family and friends knew that I had been selected for the team. “Hello, I’m Tom Brady. What’s your name? Let’s get along!”

[43] Most NFL games are held on Sundays.

[44] Considering the correlation between pass rushers and quarterbacks, it is ironic. From a defensive standpoint, tactics to catch the quarterback, who is the field commander of the offense and the nucleus of the attack, are the most important, and the pass rusher is in the position to literally turn a blind eye to the quarterback so that the quarterback cannot properly spread the pass. . One of the top players in the NFL at that position is Vaughn Miller, who admitted himself to be a Brady fan.

[45] There is even a psycho tom special on YouTube

[46] In fact, in high school and college football, even little insincere training results in a coach’s disobedience, and if the selection is late or absent from practice without giving a reason, effort and sincerity are so important
that future games will be skipped.

[47] Don Shula, former manager of the Miami Dolphins, who went undefeated throughout the season, including the unprecedented Super Bowl, said something similar. When a reporter asked Shula in an interview during the second half of the season, “The Dolphins have been having a great season without ever losing or losing. Are you aiming for an undefeated season like this?” “There’s nothing else to look at,” he replied.

[48] ​​In the story, Tom Brady asks Rob what he will do in the offseason, and Rob replies, “Retire. If you retire now, you can take a relaxing walk on the soft sand on the weekend. Come to Florida and cool off. Retirement is like winning. I’ll be with you.” However, due to a communication error, the line was miscommunicated, so Bray said, “If you retire now, you’re a soft and weak guy. Just come to Florida and win one more championship. Me too. I’ll join you.” And I announce it as it is in the press interview, but the kill point is that Rob is confused when he says I’m retiring from retiring.