Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband

Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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Singer, composer, dancer, actress, and model Teyana Taylor is a bomb with many talents. She signed to Pharell Williams’ Star Trak label as a budding artist and then made a name for herself in the United States after playing in an episode of the MTV reality series My Super Sweet 16.

Having joined Kanye West’s GOOD Music label in 2012 Teyana Taylor released her first album VII in 2014, which culminated in first place among the best American R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. The multi-talented music star has also worked with several major artists and has marked some major collaborations. She currently plays in her own reality TV series VH1 Teyana and Iman alongside her husband Iman Shumpert an NBA star.

Teyana Taylor Bio

Teyana Taylor was born on December 10, 1990. She grew up in Harlem, Manhattan, New York. She is African-American of Trinidadian descent. Taylor’s many talents were evident from an early age and with the support of her mother, she participated in several talent competitions although she did not win any.

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In 2006, 16-year-old Teyana Taylor was recognized as a choreographer on Beyonce’s successful single “Ring the Alarm”. She won a recording contract with Pharell Williams’ Star Trak Entertainment record company in early 2007. The girl made her first major television appearance in an episode of the MTV reality series My Super Sweet Sixteen, which chronicled her own 16-year-old party. Later in the year, she was invited as a dancer to the hit “Blue Magic” by Jay Z in 2007.

Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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In February 2008, Teyana Taylor released her first single “Google Me“, which became the main single of her first mixtape From a Planet Called Harlem which was released the following year. “Google Me” reached 90th place in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs ranking. The multi-talented artist began performing in August 2010 in Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, a sequel to Stomp the Yard 2007. It was followed by an appearance in the first episode of the reality TV series House of Glam.

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Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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In November 2010, Teyana Taylor had the opportunity to appear on Kanye West’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, including tracks such as “Dark Fantasy” and “Hell of a Life”. She also participated in Kanye’s single “Christmas In Harlem”, which was released as part of Kanye’s GOOD Friday music series. While actively working on his music, Taylor got a role alongside Bow Wow in Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama film Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011).

Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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Teyana Taylor’s contract with Star Trak ended in January 2012. Still an independent artist she has started working on her next full project. She released her 2nd mixtape The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor in March 2012 after which she signed a joint venture agreement with Kanye West’s GOOD Music label and The Island Def Jam Music Group (DJMG).

Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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She contributed to the compilation Cruel Summer (2012) by GOOD Music. Her first album VII (2014) at the top of the charts is the result of collaborations with Chris Brown, Pusha T, Fabolous, and several other artists. After taking time off from music to pursue her acting career and start a family, Teyana Taylor finally released her second album K.T.S.E. in June 2018 which debuted 17th on the US Billboard 200.

Teyana Taylor Net Worth

Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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Musician, songwriter, actress, model, and reality TV star Teyana Taylor can be described as a concentration of talent. In addition to her successful career in showbiz career Taylor is also a fashion entrepreneur. All these initiatives and many more bring Teyana Taylor’s net worth to an enviable $5 million. This estimate is expected to be even higher in the near future even if Teyana Taylor continues to build on her momentum.

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Teyana Taylor Bio, Father, Mother, Baby, Net Worth, Husband
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Teyana Taylor is her parent’s only child. However, she has 3 half-brothers and half-sisters on her father’s side. After her parents’ separation, Taylor was raised by her mother’s family. Her mother Mrs. Nikki Taylor aka Mama Teyana has been her manager and career partner since childhood. Ms. Taylor is the founder of Taylormade Management Group Inc. and Taylormade Enterprises.

Nikki Taylor

Nikki is widely regarded as a key player in the fashion world, having established a successful career as a celebrity stylist and cultivated strong connections within the industry. Her accomplishments have earned her recognition as an influential figure in this field.

Teyana’s mother established a strong reputation for herself while navigating the challenges of raising her daughter as a single parent in New York.

From a young age, Nikki instilled the importance of following one’s dreams in her daughter Teyana; she was reportedly encouraging her to take part in talent shows from as early as nine years old. Through this support, Teyana had ample opportunity to hone and showcase her talents at an early stage.

Teyana’s career took off when her manager, the founder of Taylormade Management Group, Inc. and Taylormade Enterprises, came on board to help guide her success. With their support and guidance Teyana has been able to reach new heights in her career.

In an interview with Vice in 2020, Teyana Taylor revealed that her mother had a great influence on the music she listened to as a child. She credited her mother for introducing her to many of the artists and genres which have shaped who she is today.

My mother would often spin classic records from the 70s, 80s and 90s – all of her favorite greatest hits.

As a child, I would often take part in the games my peers were playing, but at the same time I would be actively listening to any music that was being played nearby; so much so that one could almost say I had my ear pressed against the wall just singing along.

Tito Smith
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Teyana Taylor’s Father is Tito Smith

Tito Smith, Teyana Taylor’s biological father is an American of African descent from New York. Unfortunately, there is a lack of information available about his background and occupation or educational history as he does not have any social media presence. This makes it difficult to learn more about him.

Tito Smith has been subject to much speculation with rumors suggesting that he is a musician and that he has had multiple run-ins with the law. However, what is known for certain about Tito Smith is his family life; it has been confirmed that Teyana Taylor is not his only child – in fact Tito Smith reportedly also fathers four other children from different mothers: two daughters and two sons.

Husband, Baby

Teyana Taylor
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Teyana Taylor is very well known for her many talents and her successful career as a versatile artist. However, she is also on the front page of the newspapers for her marriage to NBA star Iman Shumpert. After several years of dating the couple announced their engagement in November 2015. Taylor and Shumpert finally tied the knot at a secret ceremony in September 2016. The powerful couple featured in the video clip of Kanye West’s hit song “Fade” in 2016.

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The couple has a child together a daughter named Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr. the baby was born on December 16, 2015, during a home birth. The delivery was performed by Taylor’s husband Iman Shumpert after the beginning of labor.

Teyana Taylor’s tattoo and surgery

The multi-talented mother of two is renowned for her love of tattoos with 11 unique pieces adorning her body. These include:

  • GOOD music logo
  • Banksy art
  • Rolling Stones tongue
  • The lightning bolt

At one point there were many rumors circulating about Teyana Taylor’s surgery. While some speculated that she had plastic surgery on her nose others suggested a procedure for her lips. Prior to any procedures however, Teyana Taylor had a prominent nose which has since been reduced in size.

Teyana Taylor is a stunning example of the success of her surgery with her natural beauty shining through even when she isn’t wearing makeup. Her appearance speaks to the effectiveness of her procedure and serves as an inspiration to others who may be considering similar treatments.

Quick Facts About Teyana Taylor

Full Name Teyana Taylor
Date of birth December 10, 1990
Nickname Tey
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceHarlem, New York, U.S.
Profession Singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, model
Active Year2007- Present
Eye colorLight brown
Hair colorBlack
Nationality American
FatherTito Smith
MotherNikki Taylor
Siblings 3
Spouse Iman Shumpert
Height5 ft 4¼ inches or 163 cm
Weight52 Kg
Education N/A
Online Presence Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Net Worth$500 thousand