Home Comedian Stephen Colbert’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Stephen Colbert’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Stephen Colbert’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

This could be some long-awaited comic relief people, Stephen Colbert is in the building or rather on your screen. Just in case you’ve never heard of him, here’s a brief history, you can thank us later. Stephen Tyrone Colbert, born 13 May 1964, is a comedian, writer, producer, actor, media critic, and television presenter. He may be about to win the title “Jack of all trades” by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stephen was interested in improvisational theatre, although he had originally studied acting. In his first professional production, he was Steve Carell’s understudy in Second City Chicago. His most prominent role was that of the secretive gay history teacher Chuck Noblet in the show “Strangers With Candy”. Nevertheless, it was Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” that introduced him to a wider audience.

Today, he hosts a nightly TV talk show on CBS, which has succeeded David Letterman since September 8, 2015. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’, a pure parody for news people, which you can watch if you want to see the grueling issues from a lighter side. Let’s take a quick look at his statistics.

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Stephen Colbert’s Height

If you were asked to guess wildly, you would surely end up close to the right answer, because Stephen Colbert’s height is not so far-fetched. The TV host and prominent comedy icon are not short at all, Stephen Colbert’s Height is 5 feet 11 inches. In case you need a yardstick, we have a few. Actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Orlando Bloom share the stature of Stephen Colbert. See, it’s just like we said, he’s not short at all.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Stephen Colbert’s size attracted a lot of attention. He jokingly threatened to sue Google and its CEO, Larry Page, for entering his wrong height in the search engine. We believe his actual words were: “I demand a retraction, an investigation, an apology, and a substantial cash settlement, or I will see your ass in court. Every inch means something to people, apparently, they made him an inch below his actual height, and the host of the TV show had none of it.

Stephen Colbert’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

There’s obviously a fine line between comedy and full rudeness because the comedian almost got away with saying, “Seriously, 5’10” Those are Matt Damon’s numbers. That’s down there in the stale air that Johnny Depp sucks. These guys represent the Lollypop Guild. He added that he was a reasonable man and then went on to say, “I don’t ask to be listed with circus freaks like Conan O’Brien at 6’4”.

Stephen Colbert’s Weight

Stephen leads a healthy lifestyle, exercises regularly, and eats only the bare essentials. Among the exercises he does is running, which he usually does for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Occasionally he runs on his treadmill and we give him the thumbs up for that.

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When it comes to his diet, Stephen has a healthy and balanced diet that weighs 82kg. Normally, he is easy on the carbohydrates, as we all should be. A typical Stephen Colbert breakfast consists of a bowl of cornflakes with milk, and his lunch is usually high in protein. He also makes a point of always drinking plenty of water to keep his body well hydrated. This hydration thing seems to be a big deal and it is time we joined this wagon.

Stephen Colbert’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

It is a miracle that the host of a TV talk show is not overweight, even though he leads a healthy life at home, but eats constantly on his show. No matter if he tries dog food, eats a piece of butter, or smokes a pipe with bacon, the comedian certainly has many cheating days on the screen.

Body Measurements

Unfortunately, in our need to get Stephen Colbert’s height, weight, and measurements out for you, we did not follow the “measurements” part. The comedian’s measurements aren’t out there, but we didn’t come back empty-handed.

Stephen wears a US size 11, European sizes 41-42, and a British size 8.5, we hope we didn’t shave off inches, kilograms, or centimeters because Google takes the crown for clever comebacks and we don’t think we can compete.