Squash Arrest in Florida: What Really Happened to the Dancehall Artiste?
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Squash Arrest in Florida: What Really Happened to the Dancehall Artiste?: In recent news, reports have emerged suggesting that Andre Whittaker, also known as Squash, a popular Dancehall artiste, was arrested in Florida. This article aims to provide factual information about Squash’s arrest, detailing the reasons behind it and shedding light on his past encounters with the law. So, let’s dive into the details of this incident and understand what exactly happened to Squash.

Squash Arrest in Florida

According to reports, Squash was detained in Florida on immigration-related charges. Officers from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement took him into custody. The news of his arrest broke on Monday when Squash was held at the Krome North Service Processing Center in Miami, which serves as an ICE detention facility. It is important to note that Squash’s arrest came after the expiration of Title 42, a rule that was enforced during the Trump era, restricting certain individuals from being detained in ICE centers like Krome.

Reasons Behind the Arrest

Squash’s arrest in Florida stemmed from him overstaying his work visa despite the expiration. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a Senate Bill to address the issue of illegal immigration, and Squash’s case became a part of these efforts. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Squash has encountered legal trouble, as he was previously arrested in 2018 in Jamaica during a State of Emergency.

Squash’s Previous Arrest in 2018

In August 2018, Squash was arrested during a State of Emergency in St James, Jamaica. The authorities had declared the State of Emergency to combat rising crime and violence. Reports indicate that Squash was held for a period of five months without being formally charged. He was released in January 2019, just a day before the State of Emergency was lifted. In the following year, Squash performed for the first time in the United States, gaining recognition for his popular songs such as “Lavish,” “Money Fever,” and “OvaCome.”

In summary, Squash, the Dancehall artiste, was indeed arrested in Florida on immigration-related charges. His arrest took place after he overstayed his work visa, leading to his detention at the Krome North Service Processing Center.

This incident follows his previous arrest in 2018 during a State of Emergency in Jamaica. Squash has faced legal challenges in the past, but he has also continued to pursue his music career, gaining popularity with his catchy songs. These events highlight the importance of adhering to immigration laws and regulations.