Sophie Turner Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Sophie Turner is an English actress born on February 21, 1996. She became famous for her role as Sansa Stark in the TV show “Game of Thrones” which aired from 2011 to 2019. Her performance even got her nominated for an Emmy Award in 2019.

Aside from Game of Thrones Turner has appeared in other projects. In 2013, she was in a British TV film called “The Thirteenth Tale”. She also starred in her first feature film a psychological thriller called “Another Me” in the same year. Later on, she was in the action comedy Barely Lethal in 2015. Additionally, she played a young Jean Grey also known as Phoenix in the X-Men movies from 2016 to 2019.

Full NameSophie Turner
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1996
Place of BirthNorthampton, England
Height5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
SpouseJoe Jonas (m. 2019–2023)
Net Worth$10 million

Sophie Turner Early Life and Education

Sophie Turner Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Sophie Turner was born in Northampton England on February 21, 1996. Her parents are Sally who teaches at a nursery school and Andrew who works for a company that distributes pallets. When Sophie was 2 her family moved to Chesterton Warwickshire.

She went to Warwick Prep School until she was 11 and then attended The King’s High School for Girls. Sophie has been part of the Playbox Theatre Company since she was 3. She has two older brothers and sadly her twin died before birth.

She grew up in a big old house near Leamington Spa and had a great time playing in the pigsties barns and paddock. Sophie had a tutor while filming Game of Thrones until she turned 16. She did well in school getting five A grades and four B grades in her GCSEs with one of the Bs being in Drama.


Sophie Turner Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Sophie Turner got her big break when she was chosen to play Sansa Stark in the popular show Game of Thrones back in 2009. She was just 14 when filming started. This was her first TV role and she got it after her drama teacher suggested she audition for it. Sophie even changed her hair color for the role going from blonde to auburn though later on in the show she wore wigs. She did a great job playing Sansa and even got nominated for an award for it.

While playing Sansa Sophie faced some tough challenges. She was told to lose weight and struggled with her mental health during her teenage years on the show. She even dealt with an eating disorder.

After gaining fame from Game of Thrones Sophie landed roles in movies and other projects. She starred in a thriller called Another Me and a TV movie called The Thirteenth Tale both in 2013. She also appeared in a comedy film called Barely Lethal alongside Hailee Steinfeld.

Sophie Turner didn’t just stick to acting; she also narrated audiobooks and even did some modeling work. She played the character Jean Grey in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse which came out in 2016. She also took on hosting duties for a web video series called Powershift.

Outside of her career, Sophie became involved in charity work supporting organizations like Women for Women which helps female survivors of war. She also became a brand ambassador for Wella Hair.

In her personal life, Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas a member of the Jonas Brothers band in 2019. They have a daughter together named Willa.

Sophie continues to act recently appearing in the movie Do Revenge in a small role as Erica. One scene she was in went viral because of her dramatic performance which she said was inspired by actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson.

Net Worth

Sophie Turner has an estimated net worth of $10 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Personal life

Sophie Turner Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

In 2016, actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas started dating. They got engaged in October 2017 and got married on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas. They lived in New York City after their wedding. Then on June 29, 2019, they had another wedding ceremony in France. They have two daughters born in July 2020 and July 2022. Joe Jonas wrote a song called “Hesitate” for Sophie which was part of the Jonas Brothers’ reunion album Happiness Begins.

In September 2023, Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner in Miami, Florida. They both confirmed the decision to split on Instagram saying it was mutual. Later that month Sophie sued Joe to let their daughters who were born in the United States come back to England. They had registered England as their permanent residence in April that year. In October Joe and Sophie reached a temporary agreement for custody of their daughters.


Sophie Turner Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

In 2019, Sophie Turner was nominated for a big TV award for her role in “Game of Thrones.” The show’s cast also got some special recognition at two different awards ceremonies. Plus they got nominated for another big TV award for their acting together. Sophie herself won awards for her acting in the past and “Game of Thrones” got her some more nominations.

Back in 2016 Sophie won an award in China and was recognized at a film festival in Italy. Then in 2018, she won another award for a movie she starred in. She also got nominated for a bunch of awards in 2019 including some where fans voted for her.

In 2017, the cast of “X-Men: Apocalypse” was nominated for a fun award and Sophie herself got recognized for her role in “Dark Phoenix” in 2019.