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Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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First comes love then marriage then comes a baby in a carriage… there is also a house thrown somewhere in there the author of the rhyme forgot to mention it. All families don’t necessarily start that way but these are the basic ingredients. Also, it is generally shit to be alone but Snoop has covered everything at this end. The artist has a beautiful family but with a family comes family drama. let’s start with the details about Snoop Dogg’s kid’s house and family.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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Snoop Dogg’s Family

This family consists of the wife of Snoop Dogg and the kids of Snoop Dogg. It sounds pretty dramatic but there are more stories about betrayal cheating and… OK it’s never that serious unless it’s a telenovela so let’s get right in.

Snoop Dogg’s Wife

It all began as a version of a “teen dream” Snoop met his wife Shante Broadus (née Taylor) while they were both in high school. The two are one of Hollywood’s longest-running couples but they had their fair share of rough spots.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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In 2004 Snoop to his surprise filed for divorce explaining the “irreconcilable differences”. Apparently, his early “long-term relationship” and marriage didn’t give him the luxury of “sowing his dogfish. The years passed and the couple finally reconciled.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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In 2007 artist The Associated Press said “I thought I was the man and I was willing to give up what I had at home until I realized that what I had at home was irreplaceable. So I gave that up to go home. ‘The next year he surprised his wife with a beautiful vow renewal ceremony.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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I wanted to be with my wife and raise our children together; that was the main goal. We had three desired babies, and although it hasn’t been a bed of roses since then, 19 years later they still count. Now let’s move on to the next topic – Snoop Dogg’s kids!

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Snoop Dogg’s Kids

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to family drama, as his life has played out like many other celebrity stories. He fell in love, got married, and then faced public pressure to have a baby—which he did without anyone knowing for several years until now. We will soon be introduced to the rapper’s secret child alongside his other children at last.

Corde Broadus

Born in August 1994 he is the first on the list of children of Snoop Dogg. Corde is Snoop’s first son and first child he is currently pursuing a musical career under the pseudonym ‘Spanky Danky’. He had a promising football career ahead of him but he decided to try his hand at the “family business”.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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Last year on January 14th he welcomed his first son Zion with his partner Jennifer Kyzer. The whole family was thrilled and they made sure that we knew.

Cordell Broadus

Snoop’s second son was born in February 1997 and this young man almost did not follow the same path as his older brother. Snoop, who is an avid football fan, made a strong commitment to UCLA when he was being recruited from high school; Hell Cordell also shared in that excitement. However, when it came time for him to attend university he failed to show up.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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When the head coach of UCLA made inquiries Cordell apologized for the whole thing: “I’m following my dream”. He’s very interested in film production and directing but that didn’t stop him long because the teenager came back to the team this year without his sports scholarship.

Julian Corrie Broadus

In 2007 the world learned that Snoop Dogg had a secret son. The boy’s mother Laurie Holmond claims that Snoop knew about his son since he was born in April 1994 while Snoop swore to be the father of the child he had just learned about. Well, that never happened because he hasn’t seen the boy since 2014.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family
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Julian no longer has strong feelings in this regard he said ‘I am almost an adult man so my mind is not as heavy as it used to be. He also accepted the musical part of himself that he tried so hard to suppress because he didn’t want to be like his father. Hopefully, this relationship will catch itself.

Cori Broadus

Cori, born in June 1999 and the last of Snoop Dogg’s children, is clearly following in her father’s footsteps musically. Her appearance on his 2015 album demonstrates this as does her single ‘Daddy’s Girl’, which features an appearance from her famous dad.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter
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In 2011 Cori Lupus was diagnosed and her family was devastated but the teenager is a fighter and day after day she wins the battle against autoimmune disease.

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Snoop Dogg’s House

Every family needs a house and our boy Snoop has it under control. Before the sale in 2007 Snoop Dogg’s Claremont California Mansion was the theme of the city. The 6500 square foot villa has 8 bedrooms 5.5 bathrooms a home theater a recording studio and a spa. From a sporting point of view, he had a swimming pool a tennis court a basketball court, and a snooker section.

Snoop Dogg’s House
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The house was sold for $20,00,000 undoubtedly worth every cent.

Snoop and his family relocated to Diamond Bar, California, with a spectacular view of the landscape. In addition to this scenic panorama, Snoop’s home also featured its own full-sized basketball court in the backyard. For a more secluded getaway experience within the same town limits, Snoop has an additional residence known as “Tha Chuuuch”.

Snoop Dogg’s House 1
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This house is nestled in a typical neighborhood, but it has an extraordinary ambiance. The ground floor features a wood-green carpet and walls adorned with sports posters as well as a vending machine that dispenses soda for just one dollar. Furthermore, there is an impressive multi-story scratching tree that serves as the home to its only full-time resident – Frank Sinatra the white cat!

The Löwenstelle, located up the stairs, has been fully converted into a recording studio. Though the Doggfather and his family do not reside here, it is still part of their collection nonetheless.

Quick Facts about Snoop Dogg

Date of Birth:20 October 1971
 Age:48 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:6 Feet 4 Inch
NameSnoop Dogg
Birth NameCalvin Cordozar Broadus,Jr
Nick NameSnoopy
FatherVernell Varnado
MotherBeverly Tate
Birth Place/CityLong Beach, California
Net Worth$ 135 Million
Eye ColorDark-Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Face ColorBlack
Weight in KG77 KG
Famous forrap
Married toShante Broadus (m. 1997)
ChildrenCordell Broadus, Corde Broadus, Cori Broadus, Julian Corrie Broadus
EducationLong Beach Polytechnic High School
AwardsMTV Europe Music Award for Best Hip-Hop 2005
MoviesPitch Perfect 2
TV ShowTrailer Park Boys
AlbumsDoggystyle, The Dogfather