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Seth Meyers Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Son, Is He Gay?

Seth Meyers Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Son, Is He Gay?
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With a smile that might just get Hera to change her evil ways, Seth was able to impress and delight the litany of viewers he has attracted over the years. Seth Meyers is a television presenter, actor, comedian, and political commentator who has made a name for himself with his show Late Night with Seth Meyers. He was born on December 28, 1973, in Evanston, Illinois, and grew up in Okemos, Michigan.

Seth Meyers Wife, Son

The cardinal law of attraction says, ‘Opposite poles attract each other. This statement applies to Seth and his flock because they are opposite on many levels. Seth is married to Alexi Ashe, although Seth is more the type who breaks your ribs; she seems like the more serious of the two. She works as a lawyer. Not just any kind of lawyer, but the assistant district attorney under the district attorney of King’s County. Aside from pushing in opposite directions career-wise, they do the same thing about the Alma Maters. He graduated from Northwestern University and she graduated from… Yeah, you guessed it, Southwestern University.

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Seth says that before he met Alexi Ashe, he hadn’t met anyone he saw in a long-term relationship until he finally met her at a colleague’s wedding. You have Alexi’s sister to thank for working with Seth on Saturday Night Live and inviting his later romantic interest as a wedding guest. The date between the two lasted five years before they finally entered into a marriage on September 1, 2013, after their engagement at the beginning of the same year.

Seth Meyers Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Son, Is He Gay?
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Josh Meyers, Seth’s brother, is a proud uncle of Ashe Olson Meyers. Ashe is the 2016 born son of Seth and Alexi. As a young toddler, he looks cute enough, but we can all just sit down and hope that he looks as great as his father and uncle.

Net Worth

One of the advantages of being a comedian, political commentator, and television presenter is that you get paid very well if you work for the right people. Seth is best known for his talk show on NBC, Late Night with Seth Meyers. Before he hosted his show, Seth Meyers was NBC’s editor-in-chief for Saturday Night Live and also hosted the show’s news parody segment, Weekend Update.

He also appeared in the film Journey to the Center of the Earth. In January 2018, Seth hosted the Golden Globes. For all his ambition, an estimated net worth of $10 million is by no means exaggerated.

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Seth Meyers Brother

Seth has a brother who is as popular and epic as he is. Yeah, step forward, Josh Meyers. He’s the younger and lighter version of Seth at only two years old. They’re so good together, some people have called them the most flawless brothers ever. They grew up as best friends, as some of their family photos show.

Seth Meyers Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Height, Son, Is He Gay?
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Josh is an actor, a television personality like his older brother, and best known for his work on MadTV. They probably still do a lot of things in each other’s company, like biking, partying, traveling, and even taking naps together, just like when they were younger.

Career-wise, they worked together as voice actors in the Hulu series “The Awesomes”, which Seth co-produces. In 2012 they worked together on a pilot for NBC, and both were allowed to participate in the Mindy project.


We have talked for a long time about how cute Seth looks, he is also standing at 1.83 m height.

Is Seth Meyers Gay?

Seth Meyers is not gay because he is married to Alexi and, on the contrary, he did not come out in public. During one of his shows, Anderson Cooper from CNN pointed this out when he first met Seth in what he called the “gayest gym” that exists. This gave Cooper the idea that Seth might be gay. But in a typically comical way, Seth came clean and made it clear where his interests lie.