Home Celebrity Sarah Orzechowski Bio, Marriage To Brendon Urie, Wedding and Engagement Facts

Sarah Orzechowski Bio, Marriage To Brendon Urie, Wedding and Engagement Facts

Sarah Orzechowski Bio, Marriage To Brendon Urie, Wedding and Engagement Facts
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Marrying Panic! to disco lead vocalist Brendon Urie secured Sarah Orzechowski a place in the spotlight, but what she was not prepared for was the hatred that followed. Apparently, life in the spotlight has its dark sides, especially when you’re very active in social media. As the wife of a famous singer, who is also a multi-instrumentalist in a band, Sarah became the center of attention for his fans, who didn’t waste any time trolling her at every available opportunity. Consequently, she learned her lesson about hate in social media the hard way.

Sarah is a star in social media with thousands of followers on every platform, including Instagram and Twitter. She was also an active user on Vine with more than a hundred thousand fans. Self-proclaimed fashion and skin beauty fan Sarah shares body and hair care tips on social media and some of her followers saw this as an opportunity to do a few jabs, which prompted Urie to come to the rescue.

Sarah Orzechowski: Her Bio

Sarah was born on February 23, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan. While details about her childhood days remain a mystery, we know that Sarah grew up with her brother Steve in the same city where she was born. However, to further her acting career, she moved to Los Angeles. So far, she has not shared any information about her parents or educational background, but she earned her high school diploma at a local school in Detroit.

Sarah Orzechowski Bio, Marriage To Brendon Urie, Wedding and Engagement Facts
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As an actress, Sarah appeared in the television series Good Cops.

Her reports on social media, where she has many followers, are also used for business purposes. Her Instagram is used as a platform to sell organic and aromatic soaps and body cleansers. She also uses the platform to promote skin products that are free of chemicals and other ingredients that can cause cancer. In addition, her Instagram account is also used for philanthropic purposes to encourage fans to donate money and support materials for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Although she has no prominent career, Sarah plays an important role in her husband’s career. Above all, she has inspired many of Uri’s song compositions, and for this, we hold her in high esteem.

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Sarah Orzechowski’s Marriage To Brendon Urie

The beautiful lady has been married to Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic! at the disco, since April 2013. Their love story is nothing less than a fairy tale, as they met in the most endearing way and nothing could separate them. The first time they met was during a musical tour when Sarah, an ardent fan, asked Urie to talk to her. Although Sarah was in a relationship at the time, it was love at first sight for Urie and he could not hide his feelings. They were friends until Sarah’s relationship ended and they started dating.

In 2011 they were engaged, and on April 27, 2013, the couple got married in Malibu. Since then their marriage has been a blissful one, and they have always supported each other as their love seems to grow from day today. Her husband supported when Sarah was surrounded by negative comments from his fans. Similarly, Sarah stood by Urie when he was accused of being gay.

Sarah Orzechowski and Brendon
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Their Wedding and Engagement Facts

Here are some facts that you did not know about the couple’s fairytale engagement and wedding.

Brandon Urie confirmed in September 2011 that he is engaged and will marry Sarah. Unfortunately, he forgot to give the details of how he asked the question.

The famous Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu was the perfect place for their wedding.

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After sharing their wedding vows, the couple danced together to the song Faithfully by Journey, with Sarah looking absolutely stunning.

Sarah’s engagement with the singer sparked speculation that she might be pregnant, a rumor that she threw cold water on the claim that she was not pregnant.

Urie’s engagement and marriage to Sarah Orzechowski put the rumor that the singer might be gay to rest. The singer never concealed the fact that he had experimented with men in the past, but would still call himself heterosexual.