Santan Dave Biography, Age, Brother, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height
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Rap music has always been an eye-opener to social norms, conformity, racism, and injustice in the world, and young rappers like Santan Dave have not failed to prove this by incorporating those rhymes and rhythmic speeches that fill everyone with awe.

Santan Dave is an English rapper who has been able to show lyrical ingenuity and wisdom greater than himself through his vocal performance.

The South London rapper paved his way to the top of the Grim scene with millions of his rap songs on YouTube, not to mention a groundbreaking collaboration with global music king Drake.

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Santan Dave Biography, Age

Dave, also known as Santan Dave or Dave Santan, was born on 5 June 1998 in Streatham, South London. Although there is not much information about his family, one could deduce from his bickering in his “Blackbox Cypher” in 2015 that he has two older brothers who are currently in prison for a long time and that he lives with his mother.

Dave started rapping at the age of sixteen, but during his childhood, his older brothers involved in animation inspired him to pursue his interest in art, but after many attempts, he gave up and switched to music instead, where he started as an MC.

As for Santan’s education, he studied philosophy, ethics, law, and music in college, but at the same time, he made his debut in the music world the same day he started college. His path into the music and rap world was accidental. Situational challenges in the family, marked by the condition of his brothers in various prisons, caused his emotional breakdown, and the only way to deal with his feelings was to socially distance himself from the people who surrounded him at that time.

The deeply emotional freestyle was indeed a breakthrough for Dave, who saw the studio as a place where he could express himself and let it all out. After all, it took him six years before he was able to continue his musical career to the fullest extent after his hard phase of life. He had his first gig on a small platform called Street Starz, and in May 2015 Black Box, a YouTube channel for freestyle rap followed.

Little by little Dave began to get in touch with the world of rap, a platform where he felt he could explain to people who he was and where he came from, but also his needs. His influences include Southern Hip-Hop, Grime, and Rap. He also plays the piano.


Messages from most of Dave’s songs indicate that he loves his brothers, especially his older brother, who taught him to draw Dragonballz figures. As a dilettante, Dave tried almost everything his brothers do. He started rapping with ease because one of his brothers is a rapper and instrumentalist.

In an interview, Dave admitted that his brothers are the most important people in his life and that’s why many of his songs are brother-centered.

Net worth

Santan Dave’s net worth still needs to be estimated, but a look at his appearances on YouTube shows that the young rapper could earn a lot for his age. Dave’s appearance on the YouTube channel “Black Box” for freestyle rap paved his way to the world of fame, and to date, the video has over 1.2 million hits. In just a few years, Dave has built a reputation as a versatile, passionate rapper and an amazing talent whose skills are not limited to pen, pad, and microphone. In November 2015 he performed his first SB.TV “Warm Up Session” with Jamal Edwards. According to Dave, this was one of the biggest things that happened to him as it allowed him to recognize his talent as a rapper and has been taken seriously ever since.

His other performances include Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth, originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra in March 2016. He has also performed at festivals, his first appearance being at the Bestival in August 2016, where he performed alongside AJ Tracey on the Eskimo dance stage with Thiago Silva on a sooty track. This title has also been viewed over a million times on YouTube. Towards the end of the year, Dave had another remarkable performance on the Red Bull Music Academy UK tour.

Dave’s door to fame and more wealth opened even wider when Canadian rapper, singer, and record producer Drake invaded the UK in October 2016 with a remix version of his late-summer single Wanna Know. Through this, he got to know over a million new fans. Dave took advantage of this honor and remained true to Wanna Know even after listening to the remix, keeping people busy with his videos.

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Throughout 2017, Dave left no stone unturned to ensure that his fans remained excited about the release of non-album singles like Samantha’s J Hus, Revenge, 100M’s, and Tequila. The rapper has also announced that he will go on tour. His latest project Game Over was released in early November 2017 and includes seven songs, including the title track and No Words, the latter being a collaboration with Mostack.

Santan Dave Girlfriend

Dave currently has no girlfriend and has not shared any information about his love life left over for his new song How I Met My Ex, a seven-minute song in which he spits about how his relationship with his ex began and ended. The song, which ends up telling a heartbreaking confessional story about a failed relationship, also serves as another example of Dave’s talent. Since its release on November 3, 2017, the song, which is accompanied by a sparse piano instrumental, has had over 50,000 page views.

Height and Body Measurement

The height of the London rapper is not yet known to the public, but his weight is likely to drop by 75 KG or 165 pounds.