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If you lose your father at a very young age and have to take care of your physically disabled brother and mother, whose state of health fluctuated repeatedly, it will come as no surprise if this ugly past is reflected in your actions. Sampha is a British singer whose songs are loaded with melancholy messages of pain, sorrow, and heartache.

This legendary songwriter and record producer may have had unpleasant experiences and extreme fears in the past as he grew up. It is these experiences that catapult him into the limelight today and also connect him to musical powerhouses like Drake, Kanye West, and Beyonce.

In this article, we will introduce you to the interesting history of Sampha. You will also learn about the biography and family of the rising star. We won’t leave out his love life, which has become a topic of public interest, and other interesting facts you won’t find anywhere else.

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Sampha’s Bio

Sampha was born on 16 November 1988 as Sampha Lahai Sisay in Morden, South London, United Kingdom. His parents – Binty Sisay and Joe Sisay – were citizens of Sierra Leone and emigrated to London, where Sampha and his four brothers grew up.

Sampha Biography, Family, Dating, Quick Facts, Wiki
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His Family

The youngest of five brothers, Lahai, lost his father Joe to lung cancer in 1998 at the age of nine. Not long afterward, in his late teens, his older brother suffered a stroke that left him physically disabled. While Sampha was busy shaping his musical career and taking care of his older brother, his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Binty’s health fluctuated over a long period, leaving the north of Londer devastated and traumatized. Two years later – in 2012 to be exact – Samsha’s mother recovered, but it was only temporary as her illness made a fatal comeback in 2014. In September 2015 she finally lost the battle against cancer.

Binty’s passing would cause Laiha even more pain and agony and even affect his album Process, which was the focus of attention. It was hard for Sampha, who began to rise and owed both family obligations and professional expectations, but after some time his wounds healed – though not completely.

Career Beginning and Success

British songwriter, singer and record producer Sampha Sisay began his music career as a child after his father brought home a piano which he fiddled with for hours. By the age of three, Laiha had already perfected his piano skills and was doing well.

At twelve, the London-born beat-maker was introduced to Cubase editing software by one of his brothers. From that point on, Sampha brothers kept feeding his ears with sounds from The Clash, Groove Armada, James Brown, and Herbie Hancock. Of all his brothers, Sanie Sisay was a huge influence. He was a music producer at the time and had a mini studio in his apartment nearby.

The British singer’s first remarkable song, God’s Promise, which he intertwined with faith, was written as a form of liberation from his weighty emotions and depressions.

Sampha briefly studied music production at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania, which is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He broke off the course and flew back to London, as he had no connection to this study.

Upon his return, the Sundanza hitmaker met SBTRKT, a music project led by Aaron Jerome, through MySpace, a social networking site. Not long after that, SBTRKT passed on his revered creativity to the London-born star, who eventually released some songs and toured with him.

Sampha experienced another dimension of popularity when he started working with Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter Aubrey Drake Graham and was featured in his viral song Too Much (released in 2013).

Drake learned of Sampha, who made music as Grime MC and producer under the name Kid Nova, after receiving his first two solo EPs Sundanza (released 2010) and Dual (released 2013) from the well-known record producer Kwes.

Sampha Biography, Family, Dating, Quick Facts, Wiki
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Since their first meeting, Drake has continued to advance Samsha’s music career, including his incredible 40-minute debut album Process, which was released via Young Turks on February 3, 2017.

Sampha Laisha Sisay, who performs under the mononym Samph, has also appeared in Kanye West’s Saint Pablo (released 2016) and Beyoncé’s Mine.

Famous for his beautifully structured voice, Sampha, a double beat maker, is now “the man for authentic emotion” and a proud winner of the Mercury Prize 2017 – thanks to Process, which is a pure meditation on his life to date.

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Is Sampha Dating? 

If you are pretty, modest, quiet, reserved and reserved and like Sampha Laisha Sisay you lead a starry life, women tend to approach you in droves. And if you are the casual type and humbly love what you do, regardless of your wealth and popularity, then you are every woman’s dream man.

If the reports on the Internet are to be believed, we can confirm that the hip-hop artist is together with a beautiful woman named Jojo. Unlike her friend, Jojo is not a celebrity. Therefore she is relatively unknown. However, she is of Jamaican and Polish descent. The couple lives in North West London and has been together for over three years.

Quick Facts About Sampha

  • He has a record label called Young Turks.
  • Besides his superb piano skills, Sampha dreams of producing albums for people.
  • A melancholic singer, Sampha’s debut album is filled with pain and even a longing for spiritual healing.
  • He’s known for his non-literal lyrics. His songs always tell his stories.
  • Sampha admitted that he was never prepared for the fame he enjoys now. According to him, he had wanted to perfect his sound before storming out to the spotlight.
  • Sampha is a bit shy in person but not when he is with the mic.
  • He relocated to East London in 2013 after moving out of his family home.
  • His older siblings are Junior, John, Sanie, and Ernest Sisay. They all spent their childhood days in Sierra Leone.