Sally Field Bio, Age, Death, Net Worth, Children, Height, Married, Husband
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There are people who have become important not only because of what they do but also because they know what they do and have become masters of their cards. Sally Field can be considered one of those who has been honored with many awards over the years for her widely acclaimed roles in film and television.

She is a celebrity on three levels: actress director and screenwriter who was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. She was indeed born to act. Her roles can be recognized in movies and television shows such as Lincoln Sybil Brothers & Sisters The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sally Field Bio, Age

Sally Field Bio, Age, Death, Net Worth, Children, Height, Married, Husband

Sally was born Sally Margaret Field on November 6 1946 the second child in Pasadena California to an actress Margaret Field (née Morlan) and Richard Dryden Field an army officer. Her parents divorced in 1950 after which her mother remarried Jack Mahoney actor and stuntman. Her brother is Richard Field a physicist and she has a half-sister Princess O’Mahoney. She is of English Irish German and Dutch origin and her mother died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 89.

Sally Field Bio, Age, Death, Net Worth, Children, Height, Married, Husband

Sally went to middle school in Portola and went to Birmingham High School in Van Nuys where she was a cheerleader. Her classmates included financier Michael Milken who was the head cheerleader actress Cindy Williams and talent agent Michael Ovitz who later became her agent.

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Sally didn’t want to be mistaken for an unserious actress who only makes comedy movies so she almost refused a role in The Flying Nun. But thanks to her stepfather who advised her to take the part as it might have been her only chance she did. She had the chance to play in movies with the movie Stay Hungry which allayed her fears. Since taking on this role she has not looked back and has moved on to appear in many other great blockbusters that have won her many awards.

Sally Field Career

Sally Field Bio, Age, Death, Net Worth, Children, Height, Married, Husband

Sally Field attended a theatre workshop at Columbia Studios after high school which helped to launch her acting career. Her first acting role was in Gidget (1965) which was canceled after her first season but not without announcing Sally on television. She then played Sister Bertrille in The Flying Nun from 1967 to 1970 which made her more appealing to fans. She also performed in the ephemeral sitcom The Girl with Something Extra in 1973. After the show ended Sally studied drama at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg a teacher who became a major force in her career.

1976 has become a good year for Sally. She got a role alongside Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1976 bodybuilding movie Stay Hungry where she played a party girl. A new phase of her career began with the TV film Sybil which won her first Emmy Award.

Over the course of her career, she has won numerous roles nominations and awards. Her other films and television works include Punchline (1988) Steel Magnolias (1989) Forest Gump (1994) Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Hooper (1978) Smokey and the Bandit II which won her first Oscar for best actress Norma Rae (1979) and praise for her role.

Sally Field and Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit

She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in Kiss Me Goodbye in 1982. Sally won her second Oscar as the best actress in the film Places in the Heart which was nominated for seven Oscars. The list is endless. She has worked with leading actors such as Dolly Parton Tom Hanks Julie Harris Paul Newman. Working behind the scenes she produced the 1991 drama Dying Young directed the 1996 Christmas TV movie The Christmas Tree and the 2000 film Beautiful.

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Outside Acting

Like her mother, Sally was diagnosed with osteoporosis and became a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company that markets Boniva a drug to treat the disease. She has also worked with young actors in the Sundance Institute’s summer programs and served on their boards of directors.

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Sally Field is a woman of opinion. Her acceptance speech in 2007 was highly criticized and considered controversial. She does not like Donald Trump but she was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the 2008 presidential election as a Democrat. People’s aversion to celebrities who talk about politics does not bother her at all. She is an advocate for people and women’s rights. She also defends the rights of homosexuals and won the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award in 2012.

Is Sally Field Married? Husband and Children

Sally Field married twice but unfortunately, her unions were not to last forever as both ended in divorce. Her first marriage took place in 1968 with Steven Craig her high school sweetheart and they had two sons Peter born in 1969 and Eli born in 1972.

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field
Burt Reynolds and Sally Field Image source

After her divorce from Steven, she dated Burt Reynolds for five years but they never married. They have appeared in several films together including Smokey and the Bandit Smokey and the Bandit II The End and Hooper. Sally married her second husband Alan Greisman in 1984 and they had a son Sam in 1987. However, their marriage did not last forever as they made their way after a divorce in 1993.

She has three children from her marriage who are also in the entertainment business. Peter Craig is a novelist and screenwriter who is twice married to his mother. His first marriage was with Amy Scattergood with whom he had 2 daughters. Jennifer DeFrancesco is his second wife with whom he is currently living and they have a son.

Eli Craig is an actor and director. He is married to his beloved Sasha Williams an actress and former member of the Yellow Power Ranger. Together they have two children. Sally’s third son Sam is an openly gay writer and producer. He is known for Dinner with Jeffrey (2016) After School (2015) and Playing Men (2014).

Sally Field’s Death, Height, Net Worth

Sally is one of the countless celebrities killed early by the Internet death hoax. However, the actress is alive and well.

Her weight is 1.59m (5’2 ) with a body weight of 132 lbs (59.9 kg). Considering a career spanning more than three decades Sally Field has earned an estimated net worth of $55 million.