Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

You may have seen her at Duck Dynasty or made a motivational speech somewhere, but still, the teenager goes through normal things that people at their age go through. So, for those of you who don’t believe it, here’s how we’re going to get to the bottom of this. Let’s start by checking out Sadie Robertson’s boyfriend.

Sadie Robertson’s Boyfriend

We all agree that unlike most teenagers out there, Sadie has to live not only with her relationships under the supervision of God and her parents but also with the public at large. So, like everyone else out there, their fans and haters alike, let’s check out Sadie Robertson’s friend(s).

Sadie Robertson’s Boyfriend: Blake Coward

That’s friend number one, they’ve been together for a while and it was a shock to everyone when they split up, but before we jump to the end of their story, let’s take a look at the beginning. Sadie met Blake at a softball game at her cousin’s school, Madison Academy.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

He later asked her out for a date and they really understood each other, which led him to visit her in Louisiana a month later, then the rest was history. The two were so good together for many different reasons, but one important thing was that they shared the same beliefs and values.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

Here’s what she Inside Edition said, ‘My friend is very supportive of me when I publicly present my decision to stay pure until marriage. I think it’s also important because as teenagers we always get “the talk” from adults… It’s another thing to hear about it from someone who’s going through it with you.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

The couple supported each other in their separate efforts, but sometime in 2016, after two years together, Sadie brought some sad news to the world. The couple had split up, but they claimed it was the best. Here’s how the star finished the video in which she informed her fans about the whole subject.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

‘Blake and I had a good relationship. He’s a good guy and whoever ends up with him is a happy girl. Separations are only a part of life. They just are. It’s sad, it really is, but God has someone good for you, don’t forget that.’

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Sadie Robertson’s Boyfriend; Trevor Knight

This will not go down as the longest relationship in history as it lasted only 2 months. Sometime in July 2016, the teen began dating the quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies, Trevor Knight. The two were in fact married via a journey they had both undertaken.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

She said to Entertainment Tonight, “He had begged me because every year he goes on a mission to Haiti and he saw that I was going to Haiti and he saw that I was going to Haiti. We just kind of connected through it, a lot of friends in the beginning. When they finally met, she took the first step and asked him to take her to a Justin Bieber concert.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

Months later they were off, and a few months later they called it off. Sadie told us weekly,” Trevor is a great guy, but our schedule is just so busy, he’s in the middle of the football season, and I’m about to start my tour, so the timing just didn’t work out.

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Sadie Robertson’s SiblingsSadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

Sadie has two sisters and three brothers. But they are not just biological siblings, the family has opened their doors and hearts not only once, but three times for children. Rebecca (28) was an exchange student promoted by the Robertson’s and later adopted, Willie also known as Lil Will (16), was adopted by the family when he was five weeks old.Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

Korie, her mother, had always been a strong supporter of adoption, and that was what she had to say about the moment she adopted her little boy at the Angels in Adoption Gala: “From the moment we learned of [Lil Will], he belonged to us, I swear I had contractions the night before my departure and took him to the nursing home where he lived. He is our child, just like our biological children.

Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

Only last year there was a new addition to the family, the family adopted a 13-year-old boy named Rowdy. In January the family announced that they were about to adopt a new child, in September all details were cleared and he officially became a member of the Duck Clan. Here are the names of other children.

Sadie Robertson Boyfriend and Siblings

The other Robertson brothers and sisters are Bella (14) and Luke (21). Here is what Korie had to say about the whole thing: “Children are never easy, but they are always worth it.