Home Sports Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much is Ryan Garcia Worth?

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much is Ryan Garcia Worth?

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much is Ryan Garcia Worth?

Ryan Garcia an American professional boxer has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023. He is a top-ranked active lightweight boxer who has also competed as a super featherweight. His net worth has been bolstered by significant fight earnings including a $2.5 million guaranteed purse for his April 2023 fight against Gervonta Davis. With ticket sales and Pay-Per-View, both fighters likely earned an additional $5-10 million in bonuses.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much is Ryan Garcia Worth?

Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Much is Ryan Garcia Worth? Ryan Garcia a 25-year-old boxing sensation has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023. His earnings have skyrocketed due to his impressive boxing record and lucrative fight purses. For instance, he earned about $500000 in his fight against Romero Duno and took home $1 million guaranteed plus 70% from PPV sales in his bout against Emmanuel Tagoe.

His upcoming fight against Gervonta Davis could add another $5-$10 million to his fortune. Besides boxing Ryan is a social media influencer and has endorsement deals with brands like Gymshark 1800 Tequila Dior and Gatorade.

Quick Facts About Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Net Worth$20 Million
Annual Income$1 Million +
Primary Sources of IncomeBoxing and endorsements
Recent Fight Earnings$3 Million (including PPV share)
Brand EndorsementsGymShark, Gatorade, 1800 Tequila
Real Estate InvestmentLuxurious residence in Porter Ranch
Financial GoalsAiming for a $700 million contract in the future

Real Estate

Ryan Garcia has invested in real estate specifically in a luxurious residence located in Porter Ranch 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The property spans an area of 3680 square feet. While the details of other real estate investments are not publicly disclosed this investment indicates that Ryan is diversifying his income streams and planning for long-term financial stability.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia is a 25-year-old American professional boxer who has made a significant impact on the boxing world. Born on August 8 1998 in Los Alamitos California Ryan turned pro at just 17. He held the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021 and is currently ranked as one of the world’s top active lightweights.

Ryan started boxing at the age of seven and had an amateur record of 215–15. he is trained with renowned coaches and has fought against top-tier opponents including a recent bout against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. With a professional record of 23 wins and 1 loss Ryan is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing community.

Who Are Ryan Garcia Parents?

Ryan Garcia was born to Henry and Lisa Garcia in Victorville California. His father Henry was a former boxer who played a pivotal role in introducing Ryan and his brother Sean to the sport of boxing. Henry became their coach and has been instrumental in Ryan’s career emphasizing the importance of humility and staying grounded.

Henry also revealed that Ryan is a religious person who listens to worship music before every fight. The family has faced some controversies including a feud between Ryan and Canelo Alvarez but Henry has always been there to mediate and provide guidance.

Who Are Ryan Garcia Siblings?

Ryan Garcia comes from a family of five siblings. He has one brother Sean Garcia who is also a professional boxer. Sean was born on October 24 2000 and his last fight took place on March 29, 2023. Ryan also has three sisters: Demi Sasha Marie and Kayla. Demi Elise Garcia is the eldest and works as a freelance makeup artist.

Sasha Marie Garcia is a business owner who sells women’s clothing and jewelry on Depop. The youngest sibling Kayla Elisabeth Garcia is 19 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy. The family has been active in raising awareness about epilepsy inspired by Kayla’s condition.

Ryan Garcia Relationship

Ryan Garcia has been in a relationship with Drea Celina since 2019. Drea Celina is a fitness trainer fashion expert and social media influencer. The couple has two daughters Rylie Garcia and Bela. Rylie was born in March 2019 and Bela was born in December 2020.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs including a viral video of Ryan kissing TikTok star Malu Trevejo in October 2020. However, they reconciled and are currently together. Before Drea Ryan was in a relationship with Catherine Gomez with whom he also has a daughter.

Is Ryan Garcia Married?

Ryan Garcia is not currently married. While there were rumors and even an announcement about his marriage back in 2021 there is no confirmed information to suggest that he is legally married as of now.

Ryan has been in a long-term relationship with Drea Celina and the couple has two daughters together Rylie and Bela. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, they appear to be committed to each other.

How Many Kids Does Ryan Garcia Have?

Ryan Garcia is a proud father of two daughters. His first daughter Rylie Garcia was born in March 2019 to his ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez. The birth of Rylie was a life-changing event for Ryan and he has often spoken about how much she means to him. His second daughter Bela was born in December 2020 to his current girlfriend Drea Celina.

Despite the ups and downs in his relationships, Ryan has always been committed to being a part of his daughters’ lives. He has been involved in their upbringing and often shares moments with them on social media.

Ryan Garcia Career

Ryan Garcia born on August 8, 1998, is an American professional boxer who turned pro at the age of 17. He held the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021 and has a professional record of 23 wins and 1 loss with 19 of those wins coming by knockout.

Ryan started boxing at the age of seven and had an amateur record of 215–15. He signed with Golden Boy Promotions in November 2016 and has fought against notable opponents like Luke Campbell Javier Fortuna and most recently Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

His last fight was against Davis on April 22, 2023, where he lost by knockout in the 7th round. Ryan is set to face Oscar Duarte next on December 2, 2023.

How Old Is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia was born on August 8, 1998, which makes him 25 years old as of now. He will turn 26 in about 9 months and 25 days. Ryan started his boxing journey at a young age and turned professional in June 2016.

Despite his young age, he has already made a significant impact in the boxing world holding the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021 and boasting a professional record of 23 wins and 1 loss. His age and experience make him one of the most promising talents in the boxing industry today.

How Tall is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia stands at 5 feet 8½ inches (174 cm) tall. Despite some claims and debates about his height, this measurement is widely accepted. His height gives him a distinct advantage in the lightweight division where reach and height can be crucial factors.

Ryan’s height has been a topic of discussion especially when compared to other boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul. However, the official records confirm his height as 5 feet 8½ inches.

What is Ryan Garcia Ethnicity?

Ryan Garcia is Mexican-American. He was born in Los Angeles California to Lisa and Henry Garcia. Ryan Garcia ancestors hail from Mexico. Henry Garcia’s parents lived in Nuevo Leon Mexico before migrating to the United States in the mid-20th century. Lisa’s family lived in New Mexico when it was part of Mexico.

Despite being born and raised in the United States Ryan pays homage to his Mexican and American ethnicities by wearing outfits that mimic the countries’ flags. During his early boxing days, he would even fight in Mexico to escape age limits imposed by U.S. laws.

What is Ryan Garcia Nationality?

Ryan Garcia is an American professional boxer. He was born on August 8, 1998, in Los Alamitos California U.S. Despite his Mexican ancestry Ryan is an American citizen and has represented the United States in various boxing events. His nationality is American and he has gained fame both nationally and internationally for his boxing prowess.


What is Ryan Garcia net worth?

Ryan Garcia net worth is $20 Million.

How does Ryan Garcia primarily make his money?

Through boxing and endorsements.

What was Ryan Garcia’s earnings from his recent fight?

$3 Million including a share of PPV revenue.

Does Ryan Garcia have any real estate investments?

Yes, he owns a luxurious residence in Porter Ranch.

What are some of the brands Ryan Garcia has endorsed?

GymShark Gatorade and 1800 Tequila.

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