Home Actress Rowan Blanchard Age, Height, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Sister, Is She Gay?

Rowan Blanchard Age, Height, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Sister, Is She Gay?

Rowan Blanchard Age, Height, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Sister, Is She Gay?
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The American actress Rowan Blanchard began her acting career at the age of five years. She became famous for her portrayal of Riley Matthews, the main character in the short-lived Disney teen series Girl Meets World, an offshoot of Boy Meets World. After the series sadly came to an abrupt end, Blanchard moved on to bigger things, most notably the recurring role of Jackie Geary in the ABC sitcom The Goldberg. Here’s what you need to know about her life and career.

Rowan Blanchard’s Age, Ethnicity, And Other Background Details

Blanchard was born Rowan Eleanor Blanchard on October 14, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Rowan is of mixed ethnic origin. Perhaps not many actresses in Hollywood boast such a diverse ethnic background as Rowan Blanchard. Her paternal grandfather came to the USA as an immigrant from the Middle East. He was of Armenian, Lebanese, Syrian and Moroccan descent. Your paternal grandmother had roots in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and England.

Rowan’s father Mark Blanchard-Boulbol is a New Yorker. Although Rowan was born and raised in Los Angeles, she usually identifies herself as a New Yorker and explains that she always feels at home in New York. Her father and mother Elizabeth are both yoga teachers.

Rowan Blanchard
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Blanchard discovered her love for acting as a child and decided early on to pursue a career as an actress. Her debut film role came in Jennifer Lopez’s Back-Up Plan, where she played the role of Mona’s 7-year-old daughter. Also in 2010, she appeared in 5 episodes of Dance-a-Lot Robot, where she played the role of Caitlin. Blanchard then appeared in the movies Little in Common and Spy Kids in 2011: All the Time in the World.

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Rowan Blanchard achieved fame thanks to the lead role in Girl Meets World, which was unfortunately canceled after 3 seasons. However, there was plenty of time to give her the wide recognition she needed to advance her career. On the Disney show, Rowan resumed her Riley Matthews role in Best Friends Whenever and played Cleo in the original Disney movie Invisible Sister.

Rowan played the role of Veronica Kiley in the 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time, which featured big names like Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon.

Rowan Blanchard Sister

Rowan Blanchard is the first-born child of her family. She has two younger siblings, including a brother named Shane and a sister named Carmen. Rowan and her sister Carmen bear a striking resemblance. The most visible difference between them is the slightly lighter hair and eye color of Carmen. Carmen is only about a few years younger than Rowan. She was born on September 8, 2003. Like Rowan, Carmen is also an actress.

When they were children, the two sisters often appeared in shows, sang, and danced together. Carmen has appeared on the television shows American Horror Story and Encounters. Rowan brought her sister to the premiere of her original Disney movie Invisible Sister (2015).

Rowan Blanchard Age, Height, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Sister, Is She Gay?
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Boyfriend Or Is Rowan Blanchard Gay?

Rowan Blanchard may be very vocal about her views on feminism, but the same cannot be said about her love life. During her Girl Meets World days, Rowan was associated with some of her co-stars, including Corey Fogelmanis and Peyton Meyer. The super cute photos of Rowan with these boys found on Instagram triggered dating rumors. She was seen on several occasions when she dated Meyer, and the couple was said to have dated briefly in 2015.

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Despite the cute photos of her and Corey on their respective social media sites, the two were never actually dated, as it turned out, much to the dismay of fans who could not help but cheer her on.

In early 2016, the media was confronted with the interesting news of Blanchard’s sexuality. She went on her Twitter page to identify herself as gay and stated that although she had liked boys all her life, she was open to dating the same sex. Since then, however, Blanchard has not been associated with either men or women.

Height And Other Quick Facts

Rowan Blanchard is about 5 feet 5 inches tall. However, considering that she is still growing, it is no surprise if she adds a few more inches.

  • Her first book entitled Still Here was published in February 2018.
  • Blanchard is an activist focusing on feminism, gun violence, and human rights.
  • The Beatles are her favorite band.
  • She is best friends with her GMW co-star Sabrina Carpenter.