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Roman Atwood is famous for playing nerve-racking pranks on people and documenting them on his self-titled YouTube page, where he has a huge fan base. He owns another YouTube channel where he documents his daily life experiences. These two channels are among the most subscribed YouTube channels worldwide. This has made Atwood rich and famous, as his fans want to learn more about his life, both professionally and personally.

Roman Atwood Wife/Divorce

Atwood is an open book when it comes to his personal life, especially the women he has been with. He used to be married to someone named Shanna. She was born in Utah on February 21, 1983. Their wedding took place on November 17, 2001, in Licking County, Ohio. She later moved to Ohio with Roman in 2004.

However, things turned sour in 2008 when Shanna confessed to cheating on Roman with her girlfriend during her vacation. The two couldn’t solve their problems because Roman filed for divorce and they started dating Brittney Smith in November 2008, but not before they had dragged his ex in the mud.

Roman resorted to his social media accounts to reveal details of his wife’s cheating. The guy she cheated with happens to be a mutual friend of the two. Atwood revealed his profession as a producer.

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The public dismemberment included Roman calling Shanna a slut on Twitter after Shanna allegedly went to court to obtain an injunction preventing Roman from using her son Noah for his vlogs. Eventually, Roman won custody of the boy.

Roman Atwood Girlfriend – Brittney Smith

Roman and Brittney have stayed together ever since. However, despite their very long relationship, they are not yet getting married. Like his first flame, Brittney was born on February 16, 1991, in Ohio.

She has appeared in many of Roman’s pranks, including “Anniversary Prank Backfires!” in 2013, which brought the Internet to a standstill. The prank was filmed while the couple was on vacation in Aruba to celebrate their 5th year together.

In the video, Roman enters the room and confesses to Brittney how he cheated on her, Brittney cries and you can hear them telling Roman that they have a family. It backfires, however, when she also confesses to having cheated on him as well. Just when Atwood is about to react, she smiles and says: “I saw you set up your camera, you idiot!

Brittney was also in another very popular movie called “Killing My Kid Prank”.

Thanks to her relationship with the YouTube star, Brittney has become an Instagram sensation with at least 3.2 million followers on her account. Brittney has a sister named Veronica.

Family, Kids

Roman seems to love children. His marriage to Shanna produced a child, a son named Noah, who was born on October 18, 2004. Atwood welcomed his second child, and on October 23, 2011, Brittney gave birth to his first son, Kane Atwood. It was 5 months after Kane’s birth when Atwood released the video “Cops Get Owned!!!”, which helped him make a breakthrough and earned him wide recognition.

Roman’s second child with Brittney is a girl named Cora Atwood, she was born on July 16, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio. Her birth, which was recorded and posted online under the title “She is finally here”, quickly became a success, achieving 7 million hits in 7 days.

In addition to his three children, Roman’s other family members include his parents, Curtis Dale Atwood and Susan Anne Christman, and a brother, Dale Atwood, who is also a YouTube personality.

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Roman Atwood Wiki

Roman Bernard Atwood was born on 28 May 1983 in Millersport, Ohio, USA. His love for filming began in high school. Before he started YouTubing, Atwood made videos into DVDs and sold them. One of them was “The Nerd Herd”. He also worked on a number of commercials and film projects. In non-film production, Atwood worked at Atwood Rope, a family-owned rope factory.

Atwood created his first YouTube channel, Sketch Empire, in 2010, and about a year after its launch, Roman won a large number of followers. By 2016, Atwood had earned enough money to secure a place on the Forbes debut list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars. With an annual salary of $2.5 million, he was ranked 9th.

Roman owns a 2015 Nissan GT which was offered to him by Nissan as payment to use his viral Plastic Ball Prank video in their “WithDad” campaign. Aired during the Super Bowl XLIX half-time, it won a Streamy Award for Best Brand Campaign.


In 2014, Roman bought a fancy house in Ohio for about $350 grand.