Roger Stone Family And His Turbulent Political Career
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Roger Jason Stone is widely known in the United States as a lobbyist and political consultant. He is also a political strategist and conspiracy theorist known for his use of opposition research on Republican candidates. Over the years, the politician has worked as an advisor to prominent politicians such as Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Donald Trump, and Richard Nixon. Stone founded the popular lobbying firm BMSK in 1984 together with Charles Black, Paul Manafort, and Peter Kelly. Although Stone has made some enormous strides in American politics, he has also had to accept many major setbacks in his career. The lobbyist has been indicted for a number of crimes in the Mueller Report and in the investigation of the Trump campaign activities in the past. Learn more about Roger Stone as we take a closer look at his family and the difficulties he has endured in his political career.

How Did Roger Stone Get Into Politics?

The American lobbyist was born on August 2, 1952, in Norwalk, Connecticut, and grew up in a Catholic home with his siblings. His father, Roger Stone, worked as a drill and also owned a small business, while his mother, Gloria Rose, worked for a local news agency as a reporter. Stone is said to be of Hungarian and Italian descent.

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Stone’s political journey can be traced back to his primary school days. The widely respected politician told in an interview that he stood up for John Kennedy as a child. After his move to high school, Roger served as vice president and later as president of the student government. Born in Connecticut, Roger began mastering the art of using tricks and manipulating people while still in high school, which led to many of his political victories at this stage of his life.

Roger Stone Family And His Turbulent Political Career
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The widely acclaimed conservative left college in 1972 to serve on Richard Nixon’s re-election committee at the behest of leading Republican Jeb Magruder. Stone officially served as a junior scheduler, and after Nixon’s election victory he was offered a position in the Office of Economic Opportunity.

After the Watergate scandal that led to Richard Nixon’s resignation, Roger left his administrative role and continued to work for Congressman Robert Dole. Stone and some of his conservative colleagues founded the National Conservative Political Action Committee in 1975. A year later he was recruited for the Ronald Reagan Election Committee.

Stone was only 24 years old when he fought for and won the presidency of the Young Republican National Federation. The leading Republican served as chief strategist for the Thomas Kean gubernatorial and re-election campaigns of 1981 and 1985.

It has been reported that Roger Stone continued to work for Richard Nixon after he left office, but after Stone was indicted in the Mueller Report in 2019, Nixon’s creation broke all ties between the political advisor and the former president of the United States in a public statement.

The lobbyist and political advisor have worked in various capacities for various political regimes, including as chief strategist for Governor Thomas Kean’s campaign for the governorship of New Jersey and as a senior adviser during Jack Kemp’s presidential campaign.

Stone co-founded the popular lobbying firm BMSK in 1984 with Charles Black, Paul Manafort, and Peter Kelly. BMSK sought to lobby outside the United States while lobbying other world leaders such as Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Mobutu Sese Seko of the Congo. Her client base also included heavyweight corporate entities, including companies such as Donald Trump.

In the later 1990s, he became president of Republican Senator Arlen Specter’s campaign during the Republican presidential candidacy in 1996 and worked for many years for current U.S. President Donald Trump as his casino lobbyist.

Stone also lobbied for many of Trump’s businesses at the time, which turned into a cordial relationship between the two men. In addition to his political work, Stone is occasionally an employee of The Daily Caller. He also owns a fashion blog, Stone on Style, and is also a published author who has written five books to date, published by Skyhorse Publishing in New York City.

Why He Was Charged And What He Was Found Guilty Of

Roger’s suffering began after the 2016 parliamentary elections in which Donald Trump emerged as President of the United States.

It all began with an accusation by the chair of the Hillary Clinton Campaign Committee that Stone was involved in the publication of the Hillary Clinton campaign emails from WikiLeaks. The chair accused Stone of knowing about the leak in advance. According to a report, Stone contacted Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, about the campaign emails.

The widely respected lobbyist was arrested by the FBI on 25 January 2019 on charges of witness tampering, false testimony, and obstruction of official proceedings. On the same day, he was granted bail by a federal judge after fulfilling bail conditions. Stone’s trial began on November 6, 2019, and barely 9 days later the jury found him guilty on all charges. His conviction was set for February 6, 2020, although his legal team pleaded for a postponement of the date to March 9, 2020.

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Is Roger Stone Married? 

Despite all the rumors and conspiracy theories flying around about Roger Stone’s sexuality and whether or not he likes fellow men, the political advisor guru has been married twice, and it seems that the magic happened on the second try.

He first married Republican Anne Elizabeth in 1974. Anne Elizabeth is credited with founding the group “Republicans for Choice”. The association was canceled in 1990 after some irreconcilable differences. Two years later, he made a second attempt to make the union with Nydia Bertran, and as far as we know, the couple is still strong. There are no records of children from his two marriages.

Roger Stone Family And His Turbulent Political Career
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Although the couple has no biological child/children, they are godparents to Kristin Davis’ children according to a Washington Post report. Roger Stone was previously campaign manager for Kristin Davis. The report also revealed that while Nydia rarely visits her godchildren in New York City, Davis instead flies them to Florida almost quarterly to spend time with their godmother.

Since her husband was put to the test, Nydia has been very supportive. She has repeatedly used her Twitter account to defend her husband, express her admiration for his joke, and explain that she knows he is innocent. In this way, she has challenged several individuals and organizations that are involved in one way or another in her husband’s investigation. These include the Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holiday, Cable News Network, and others.

More recently, Nydia has tweeted a petition calling for President Donald Trump to pardon Roger Stone. Such tweets usually have hashtags like #rogerstone, #rogerstonednidnidnothingwingwrong, #pardonrogerstone, and #freerogerstone.