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Riverbend Students Dawn Donnelly 16 and Alexyss Scott 18 Died in a Car Accident: On Saturday night, Alexyss Scott and Dawn Donnelly were in a car accident. Sadly, their car went off the road and crashed.

A very bad accident happened at Night in Spotsylvania County on River Road and Musket Ridge Lane. A car crashed and someone died. Sheriff’s Maj. Troy Skebo told us about it.

A car with four people in it was driving on River Road. The person driving who was in a 2005 Honda Accord couldn’t control the car. They hit a tree next to the road and the car flipped over.

Riverbend Students Dawn Donnelly and Alexyss Scott Died in a Car Accident

A 16-year-old girl named Dawn Donnelly was in a bad car accident. She was a junior at Riverbend High School. When the authorities got there they saw that she had died in the crash.

Another girl named Alexyss Scott was also in the car. She was 18 years old and was a senior at the same school. An ambulance took her to Mary Washington Hospital but she died soon after she got there.

The Sheriff’s Maj. Troy Skebo said that the car went off the road and flipped over and then it came back onto the road again. But really sad to say the car caught on fire.

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Two police officers got to the crash site very quickly. They took one of the people out of the car before the firefighters and ambulance arrived. Then the firefighters and ambulance workers helped the other people get out of the car.

The person who was driving the car was in really bad shape. They were taken to VCU Medical Center in a helicopter. They are in critical condition.

There was another girl in the car who was sitting in the front seat. She was 17 years old and from South Carolina. She got hurt in the crash but her injuries weren’t so bad that she was going to die.

According to Sheriff’s Maj. Troy Skebo the car crash that killed Dawn Donnelly 16 and Alexyss Scott 18 happened because the driver was driving too fast and not being careful.

Two people told the police that they saw the Honda speeding really fast and passing them on a double-yellow line just before the crash happened.

The police are still looking into the accident. They have a special team called the accident reconstruction team that is investigating. So far no one has been charged with anything related to the crash. It is now Tuesday.

Sheriff Roger Harris said that he is very sorry for the families of the girls who were hurt in the crash. He also said he feels very sad about what happened to them. He told this to the Riverbend school community.

Growing Car Accident And Death Cases In America

From January to June of 2022 a group called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that about 20175 people died in car crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the number of people who died in car crashes went up by 0.5% compared to the same time last year.

In the year before there were 42915 people who died in car crashes in America. That’s 10.5% more than in 2020 and the highest it’s been since 2005. In 2021 U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was worried when he saw the number of fatalities on American roads. He said there was a serious problem that needed to be fixed right away.

Cars are becoming safer due to new safety technology and the government is working to make the roads safer by introducing new rules and regulations. The increasing number of deaths on American roads is a big problem even though cars are getting safer and new safety measures are being put in place. We need to keep working hard to solve this problem.

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