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Rich Chigga Wiki, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Girlfriend, Biography

Rich Chigga Wiki, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Girlfriend, Biography
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The age of the young celebrity rappers has dawned. Their style and rap lyrics are more futuristic, fresher, and give a special touch to music our ears have long hungered for. From Lil Pump to Doja Cat to XXXTentacion and many others, these young super entertainers are conquering the music industry with power and style that is not what we are used to. One of these fresh talents who have more to give away is the famous Rich Chigga.

Here you will find everything you need to know about his family, his sister, his girlfriend, and most importantly his fortune, which will surely continue to grow as we see and hear more of Rich Chigga.

Rich Chigga Wiki, Biography

The celebrity rapper Rich Chigga and/or Rich Brian was born modestly as Brian Imanuel on September 21, 1999, in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is of Chinese-Indonesian descent and grew up with his 3 siblings in West Jakarta, a quarter of the middle and lower class in the Indonesian capital. Details about his parents are not known, but his father is said to be a lawyer. Two of his famous siblings are Sonia Eryka, a fashion influencer, and Roy Leonard, a DJ.

Rich Chigga Wiki
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Rich Chigga was taught at home during his formative years. During his childhood, he began his entertainment career through social media, editing images with Photoshop and posting them on Twitter. He gained a huge fan base, especially when he published a Photoshop picture of himself and former US President Barack Obama. That was around the age of 11.

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Eventually, he switched to the video platform Vine, where he published short videos and dark comedy sketches on the platform, which boosted his popularity even more. The young lad soon discovered YouTube, which not only presented him with a large audience but was also the platform on which he learned how to speak and rap in the local language in the American suburbs. Previously, the thin, home-educated boy could only speak Bhasa, a local Indonesian language, and all of his previous videos and comedy scripts were in Bhasa. He admitted that he could say many things in English that he was limited to when speaking Bhasa.

Rich Chigga taught himself rap by listening to rappers like Drake, 2 Chainz, Macklemore, Childish Gambino, Tyler, and Kanye West. He wrote his first official song in 2014, and in February 2016 he released his hit “Dat $tick”, which brought him great popularity and acceptance in the world of celebrity rappers. The video of the song on YouTube was made quite simple and showed him and some others. There wasn’t much video effect in the song, maybe it was his raw state that made him popular with many fans around the world.

He has also made other songs and collaborated with other artists such as Keith Ape and 21 Savage, as well as receiving several recognitions and awards such as the Indonesian Choice Awards as breakthrough artist of the year in May 2017. We expect more from him and more awards in the coming years.

Family, Sister

The rich Chigga comes from a family whose children are determined to become famous. While he is doing noticeably well in the US and in the global music industry, his brother and sister are also doing well in the modeling and entertainment industry and in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Rich Chigga Wiki, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Girlfriend, Biography
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Rich Chigga’s sister is Sonia Eryka, a fashion influential, YouTube personality and model in Indonesia. The duo, along with their DJ brother, did well to put their family name in perspective. The three siblings support each other and can rightly be called “super siblings”. At some of Rich Chigga’s shows at home, his brother Roy Leonardo, who bears the stage name DJ ROYCDC, appears as his DJ. Sonia Eryka and her brother support him at each of his performances as best they can.

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Rich Chigga Girlfriend, Net Worth

The “Dat $tick” artist has an estimated net worth of $350,000, and since his albums are getting good placements and more will come from him, this number will of course not remain static for long.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, but not as a permanent resident. In July 2017 he extended his stay for purposes not mentioned. Perhaps he would like to pursue a college education or attend a film school in the USA. Better yet, he may want to build on the huge worldwide fan base he currently enjoys and continue to develop his music.

Rich Chigga was only known in one relationship before he moved to Los Angeles, California. He is said to have been in a long-distance relationship with a young girl from Maryland. On several occasions, he talked about her but did not reveal how they met in August 2015. It is said that they probably met online, which seems plausible given the great distance between Jakarta, where he previously lived, and his new home in Los Angeles. It is safe to assume that they are no longer together, considering that he rarely talks about them these days. No other girl has ever been publicly seen or shown as his girlfriend.