Photos: Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah Alvarez Autopsy

Photos: Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah Alvarez Autopsy – Melissa Lucio is the first Hispanic woman to receive a death sentence in the state of Texas.

Melissa Lucio was found guilty of a very serious crime called “capital murder”. Her young daughter Mariah died and had many injuries like bruises on her head kidneys lungs spinal cord and other places.

Lucio’s lawyers say that Mariah’s death was due to falling down the stairs but prosecutors say that Mariah’s injuries were from someone hitting or hurting her.

Who is Melissa Lucio

Melissa Lucio was born in Lubbock Texas on June 18 1969 as stated in court documents. Her dad passed away when she was a baby so her family moved to the Rio Grande Valley where her mother grew up when she was still a little kid.

Guadalupe Lucio and Melissa Lucio had their first five children together when they were just 16 years old with their youngest daughter Lucio being the most recent addition. Unfortunately for her, this is also around the time that she claims to have been sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend for two years starting at age seven. This is an incredibly serious allegation that must be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly in order to ensure justice for a young girl whose life has already been so drastically impacted by such trauma.

She said that her boyfriend was often violent and used drugs and alcohol. Later on, Lucio had seven children with Robert Alvarez. While she was in prison she gave birth to twins which made a total of four children.

Melissa Lucio’s daughter’s autopsy photos

Melissa Lucio and Robert Alvarez became parents to Mariah in September 2004. Mariah was the twelfth child of Lucio.

Child Protective Services found that Lucio’s younger children were often left with their older siblings during a previous investigation into her for neglecting her children.

After Mariah was born authorities found out that Lucio had taken cocaine. Because of this, they decided to take her children and put them in foster care.

In late 2006 Lucio got back the other kids after three older kids went to live with their father in Houston.

On February 17 2007 paramedics came to the Lucio home because two-year-old Mariah was not breathing and didn’t respond. The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office said Mariah was found at home with signs of abuse.

She had many bruises bite marks on her back patches of hair pulled out and a broken arm. Lucio said Mariah fell down the stairs two days ago and got hurt.

The autopsy showed that Mariah also had a head injury and bruises on her kidneys lungs and spinal cord. They found out that Mariah’s arm had been broken two to seven weeks before she died. The local hospital said the child had passed away.

Melissa Lucio’s Husband Roberto Antonio Alvarez

Melissa Lucio’s husband Roberto Antonio Alvarez testified in the case about the death of his daughter Mariah Alvarez.

He says he didn’t know about Mariah Alvarez’s serious injuries before she passed away.

They say he didn’t take his daughter to the doctor when she needed it. Melissa Lucio Mariah’s mother was found guilty of capital murder. Ms. Lucio got the death penalty but she’s asking for a chance to appeal.