Philip Rivers Bio, Kids, Wife and Other Family Members, Stats, Age, Net Worth
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Philip Rivers has been breaking records since the very beginning. His impressive results are clear proof of this. But beyond his excellence in the field of play, the number of children the champion has is a sure indication that he is doing everything he decides to do in the best possible way. Here is a little revelation about what the football champion is doing.

Philip Rivers’ Bio, Age

Philip Rivers was born on December 8, 1981, under the name Philip Michael Rivers. He was born in Decatur, Alabama, where he learned his trade under the tutelage of his father, who worked as a coach for the football team at Decatur High School in their hometown. His mother was also a teacher at school. His parents are Steve and Joan Rivers.

He started high school at Decatur High School and played football with the school team because his father was the head coach at the time. And when his father had another coach in another high school – the Athens High School – it only meant one thing: a change of school for young Philip. Rivers always knew he would play football as his father guided him in this role after playing the sport himself when he was younger.

Philip Rivers Bio, Kids, Wife and Other Family Members, Stats, Age, Net Worth
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While at school, young Philip was asked to draw a representation of his dreams and aspirations and he didn’t waste any time painting a portrait of a Minnesota Viking player he had seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. As he began his football career in 1994, he continued to play as a starter for his high school team. The trend continued even at university, as Rivers rejected school offers that he felt would not give him time to talk about more than one starting place in college games when he left high school in 1999, and that’s how he arrived at North Carolina State University as a quarterback.

College Career

He played for the Wolfpack (as the North Carolina State University football team based in Raleigh is called) under the direction of coach Chuck Amato and led the team to victory in the Tangerine Bowl against Minnesota where he was named MVP in 2000. As a beginner, he has broken (and beaten) several records in university football with regard to NC State. He was named in the All-American after winning eight CCA Rookie of the Week awards. In his second season, the Wolfpack went to a second Tangerine Bowl and lost it to Pitts. However, Rivers has been named MVP again – making it twice in a row two MVP Tangerine Bowl Awards.

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Philip Rivers Bio, Kids, Wife and Other Family Members, Stats, Age, Net Worth

The 2002 season began on a euphoric note and the Wolfpacks won their first nine games, which was the best start to the college football season ever for NC State. Their successes allowed them to win another Tangerine Bowl and play at the Gator Bowl against Notre Dame – a game that the Wolfpack won 28-6 with Rivers who made an MVP performance in the game.

He led the team to the Tangerine Bowl for the fourth time the following season which was his last year and ended with NC State winning against Kansas. And once again – for the fourth time in four years – Rivers has been appointed MVP. He was also named CCA Athlete and Player of the Year for the 2003 football season.

Philip Rivers started all the games of his 4-year university football career – 51 games in total – in which he recorded 13,484 yards of passes, 1,147 passes in 1,710 tries, with 95 touchdowns. He was therefore named the toughest and most effective quarterback in CCA history. His 95 touchdowns at NC State put him in eighth place all-time with Brady Quinn and Kliff Kingsbury.

Professional Career and Stats

Rivers competed in the 2004 NFL draft as one of 17 quarterbacks available for selection. He was chosen by the New York Giants as the fourth choice in the first round. However, it was exchanged to the San Diego Chargers for another quarterback, Eli Manning, who had initially been chosen as the first general choice by the Chargers. Rivers accepted a six-year contract worth $40.5 million with the Chargers, but his first start in the NFL was not until two years later, on September 11, 2006, when he defeated the Oakland Raiders, and although Rivers only made eight passes in that game, he became the Chargers’ leader ten years later.

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After playing a total of 196 NFL games for the San Diego Chargers (2004-2016) and Los Angeles Chargers (2017), Philip Rivers made 6,492 passing attempts and 4,171 in 192 of those games. He also recorded 50,348 overtaking yards, 166 interceptions, and 342 touchdowns. His 192 starts as an NFL quarterback make him 4th overall in the NFL quarterback list.

Salary & Net Worth

Philip Rivers’ net worth is estimated at about $50 million, which he uses to keep himself afloat. He owns a luxury home in Los Angeles worth $5.2 million. His taste in cars is quite exotic and his garage has a good number of them. He has a Cadillac, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Ferrari, Corvette, and SUV. His net worth of $50 million allows it to maintain its lavish lifestyle.

Philip Rivers’ Wife, Kids

Philip Rivers Bio, Kids, Wife and Other Family Members, Stats, Age, Net Worth
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The Chargers’ quarterback is married to a lady whose name is  Tiffany, she was his long-time girlfriend from high school. The couple married in May 2001 and have eight children together – six daughters and two sons named Halle, Grace, Caroline, Rebecca, Sarah Catherine, and Clare Rivers, all daughters. The boys are Gunner and Peter Rivers.

Family Members – Siblings, Parents

Philip Rivers’ parents are Steve and Joan Rivers. His father was a football coach who played a role in his initial training in sports while attending Decatur High School. Rivers has two siblings – a younger brother, Stephen Rivers, and a sister, Anna Rivers – and he is not the only athlete in his family (except his father). His younger brother is also a football quarterback who played college football at Louisiana State University, Vanderbilt University and Northwestern State University, although his statistics are not at all close to those of his older brother.