Home Actor Patrick Warburton Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Patrick Warburton Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Patrick Warburton Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Patrick Warburton is not only an American actor but also an exceptional dubbing artist. He is best known for his performances in The Tick, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Seinfeld, Less Than Perfect, and Rules Of Engagement.

As a dubbing actor, he is known for portraying paraplegic police officer Joe Swanson in Family Guy. He also sang Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove, Lok in The Tak and Power of Juju video games, Brock Samson in The Venture Bros, and Flynn in the Skylanders video games.

It’s not surprising that Patrick Warburton gets so many dubbing roles, considering that his voice is actually very distinctive and almost iconic.

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Patrick Warburton Bio & Age

Patrick John Warburton was born in Paterson, New Jersey on November 14, 1964, the son of John Charles Warburton Jr. and Barbara Jeanne Gratz. His father was an orthopedic surgeon, while his mother was an actress – known as Barbara Lord. Patrick has three sisters – Megan, Lara, and Mary.

Patrick Warburton Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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The actor and his siblings grew up in Huntington Beach, California, in a conservative and religious Catholic family. Patrick attended Saints Simon and Jude Catholic School before moving on to Servite High School in Anaheim, California, and then to Newport Harbor High School.

For his tertiary education, Patrick Warburton began studying marine biology at Orange Coast College in California. However, he dropped out of college to pursue his interests as an actor and model. Although dropping out of school does not pay off for most people, there is no denying that it paid off for Patrick Warburton.

His works include Scream 3, Buzz Lightyear from Star Command: The Adventure Begins, Joe Somebody, Run Ronnie Run, Murphy Brown, Men in Black II, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, Chicken Little, Hoodwinked!, Dave’s World, Teacher’s Pet, Ellen, Archer, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, The Penguins of Madagascar, Mad About You, Open Season, The Wild, Underdog, Bee Movie, Get Smart, Happily Ever After, Ted, Movie 43, Mr. Peabody And Sherman, Quantum Leap, Malcolm IN The Middle, and Animal Crackers.

And this is just a brief selection of all his roles since 1986.

Is Patrick Warburton Gay?

Patrick Warburton has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and it’s not surprising that people speculate about his sexuality, considering how often the media speculate about celebrities’ private lives, especially their sexuality.

Although Patrick Warburton has taken the trouble to keep his life private, it is well known that Patrick Warburton is an upstanding man. The constant presence of a woman in his life, which consists of the fact that he is married, makes this fact credible.

Family: Wife, Children

Patrick met his future wife Cathy Jennings in 1990, and it wasn’t long before the two realized that they were destined for each other, and they took their relationship to the next level by getting married on February 1, 1991.

 Patrick Warburton Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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After decades of marriage, the couple has four children together, and their relationship seems as strong as ever. Of their four children, they have one daughter and three sons. Their first son – Talon – was born in 1992. Their daughter – Alexandra – was born in 1994. The second son of the family, Shane, was born in 1998, and finally, Gabriel was born in 2000.

In the many years of their marriage, there were no rumors of infidelity or improper behavior by Patrick or Cathy. On the whole, they lead a healthy and happy marriage, especially by Hollywood standards.

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Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

The height of the actor is currently indicated as 6’2″ and his weight is 104 kg (230lbs). The actor has an impressive physique, which is to be expected considering that this is an unofficial rule when it comes to being an actor or actress (with a few exceptions).

Although his or her training or diet plan is not currently on file, you can be sure that the actor will put a lot of effort into maintaining his or her body, including frequent exercises and training sessions.

Patrick Warburton’s Net Worth

Patrick Warburton currently has an impressive net worth of $30 million. This is not surprising, considering that he has been in the industry since 1986. During this time, he has appeared in numerous films and television shows as a support and guest character, but also as a leading actor.