Patrick Mahomes Biography

Patrick Mahomes Biography
                            Patrick Lavon Mahomes II

September 17, 1995 (age 27)
Tyler, Texas
High school
Texas Whitehouse High School
Texas Tech University
188cm / 104kg
2017 Draft , 1st round, 10th pick,
Kansas City Chiefs
Affiliated club
Kansas City Chiefs (2017~)
2020 ~ 2031 / $502,631,000 
2023 / $40,450,000


American football player. His team is the Kansas City Chiefs and his position is quarterback.

Amateur days

Patrick Mahomes’ family. The younger brother next to him is now taller than his older brother.

Patrick Mahomes Biography

The pitcher in this video is Patrick’s father.

Pat Mahomes, a black pitcher who recorded a 5.47 ERA in 709 innings in 308 games over 11 years in the major leagues, also spent two seasons with the Yokohama Baystars of the Nippon Professional Baseball League. Patrick, who was born as a half-black and white child to Randy Mahomes, a white man, has been outstanding since he was a child. From an early age, he showed a talent for athletics…

Having inherited his father’s shoulder-beater shot when he was just 8 years old,

Patrick has grown into a promising pitcher, basketball player, and quarterback while playing baseball, basketball, and football at the same time since high school. However, Texas, the largest state in the United States, was too competitive for Patrick to stand out, and he recorded a no-hitter in high school and was highly regarded for his potential as a pitcher who threw a 95 mph fastball, probably because of the expectation that he would follow his father in choosing baseball. As a football player, he is treated as a rather low-level 3-star prospect and goes to Texas Tech University, a football school that belongs to the middle ranks in Texas.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Texas Tech University is a state university, but it is ranked as the No. 3 or 4 football program in Texas. When he entered Mahomes, he started as a backup for Davis Webb (now New York Jets Practice Squad), and from his sophomore year, he became a main player and played an active role as a play-caller for Red Radar. He also had a shootout slugfest with Baker Mayfield of the Oklahoma Sooners. The game was lost 59-66, but in this game, it set records for the most passing yards (734 yards) and total forward yards (819 yards) in a single NCAA season.

NFL days

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes Biography


In the 2017 NFL Draft, Texas A&M University’s defensive lineman Miles Garrett was a strong candidate with the 1st overall pick, without big quarterback prospects like Jared Goff and Carson Wentz in 2016, and as expected, the Cleveland Browns selected Garrett with the 1st overall pick. did. And while several quarterback prospects are on the rise, Clemson University’s quarterback Desean Watson, who defeated the University of Alabama in the previous year’s national championship, is a relatively weak class in quarterback depth. Patrick Mahomes was undervalued in the beginning because of the weakness of the team, Texas Tech, and the anxiety factor that he could play as a baseball player. In exchange for the 2018 first-round pick, he is selected by the Kansas City Chiefs, who have improved the pick rankings.

The Kansas City Chiefs are an offensive team led by master general manager Andy Reed, and although they already have a starting quarterback, Alex Smith, seeing the limitations of Alex Smith, who is entering his mid-30s, was named as the quarterback of the future. For this reason, it was evaluated that head coach Andy Reed’s intention to trade Alex Smith in the near future and raise Patrick to the starting lineup was reflected.

Eventually, as expected, at the end of the 2017 season, the Chiefs traded Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins, and Andy Reed appointed Mahomes, who had been learning team tactics under Smith throughout his rookie season in 2017, as the starting quarterback in 2018. And this decision was a godsend for both Mahomes himself and the Chiefs.


Patrick Mahomes Biography

Real rookie season. However, as soon as he became a starter, his talent exploded.

In the opening game against the Los Angeles Chargers, 15 pass completion/27 pass attempts, 256-yard touchdown After leading the team to a 38-28 victory with 4, in the second week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he had a shootout with Ben Rothlisberger, bombing the Steelers defense with 23/28, 326 yards, 6 TD, and won 42-37. lead It was the first time in history that a rookie quarterback scored 10 touchdowns in his first two games. He went 24/38 for 314 yards and 3 TDs against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 3, becoming the first player to record 13 touchdowns in three straight games and no interceptions in three games. In Week 4, against divisional rival Denver Broncos, he struggled with Denver’s strong defense in the early stages, but recovered in the second half and added 1 TD with rushing to 28/45, 304 yards, 1 TD, and won a 27-23 come-from-behind victory. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5, he went 22/38 for 313 yards, 0 TD (2 INT), but recorded a TD with rushing to record a 30-14 victory. In the 6th week, against the New England Patriots led by the best quarterback in the league, Tom Brady, 23/36, 352 yards, 4 TD (2 INT). In week 7 against the Cincinnati Bengals, he messed with the Bengal’s defense and recorded 28/39, 358 yards, 4 TD (1 INT).

Even though he is the leader of the powerful Chiefs offensive line, which ranks first in touchdowns in the league until the 7th week and ranks first in average points per game (35.8 points), and is a player having a practical rookie season, he is being discussed as the strongest MVP candidate in the first half of 2018. They advanced through the playoffs as the 1st seed and advanced to the AFC championship, against the New England Patriots, who had already lost once in the regular season. He showed a fierce game that went to overtime without being intimidated by Tom Brady but failed to advance to Super Bowl 53 as De Ford’s fatal mistake, the loss of the coin toss in overtime, and the Chiefs’ defense could not control Patts’ vigorous offense at all. do. And in history, except for Peyton Manning, he created an all-time season of 5000 yards-50 TD. He already had his name written on the trophy and was named the 2018 NFL MVP, sweeping 41 of 50 votes.

Paul Rudd, famous as a chips fan, presented the award as an award presenter, and the customized suit was truly a masterpiece.


In 2018, starting running back Karim Hunt, who was a triangular formation of the team, was released after being suspended for 8 games for domestic violence charges, and LT Eric Fisher, who was guarding his back, was injured and had trouble, so he played as well as the previous year until the 3rd week. After Fischer’s departure, he failed to maintain his form and showed a sluggish appearance, such as two consecutive losses to the Colts in Week 5 and the Texans in Week 6…

Patrick Mahomes Biography

A quarterback in a Week 7 Thursday Night Football away game against district rivals Denver Broncos He injured his knee while getting tangled up with his teammates while attempting to do it, and was pulled out of the game. As a result of the examination, it was determined that the kneecap was dislocated, and colonization was inevitable for at least one month.

however monstrous resilience came back in Week 10, and the West Division teams were slowly falling out, making the playoffs for the second year in a row. Now the problem is seed competition. After winning over the Los Angeles Chargers in week 17, the New England Patriots, who were the second seed, were captured again by the Miami Dolphins and fell to the third seed, while the Chips rose to the second seed and had a bye week for the second year in a row. did.

And in the divisional round against the Houston Texans, when the early team was pulled 24:0, it showed a crazy performance putting in 4 passing TDs, 2 rushing TDs, and 6 total TDs in 14 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. He totaled 321 passing yards and blew up the Texans, taking the team to the AFC Championship Game for the second year in a row. AFC Championship, 24:35 win over the Tennessee Titans to advance to the Super Bowl !!! Their Super Bowl opponent was the San Francisco 49ers led by Jimmy Garopolo.

Patrick Mahomes Biography

In the long-awaited Super Bowl LIV, he solved the shaking of the team’s offensive line with his own passing and rushing, leading the Chips to their first championship in 50 years by making a 21-0 game in the fourth quarter. Being the Super Bowl MVP is a bonus.

In particular, the most frightening thing was Mahomes’ steely mentality. It is no exaggeration to say that it is almost magic that he made 3 touchdowns in 6 minutes without being shaken even though he intercepted important offensive opportunities due to his own mistakes and his teammates’ mistakes. With this, Patrick Mahomes, who led the Kansas City Chiefs to the top by winning the regular season MVP in the first year and the Super Bowl MVP in the second year after leaping to the starting lineup, has established himself as the best quarterback in the NFL in name and reality.


Patrick Mahomes Biography

On July 6, ahead of the preseason, he rewrote sports history by announcing a 10-year, $503 million contract extension. In the meantime, the NFL record that the maximum contract amount did not exceed $ 150 million was changed more than 3 times at once, and even calculated as an annual average, it surpassed Russell Wilson ($ 35 million), which was the previous highest contract, by more than $ 10 million. crossed No, it was the world’s sports ‘official’ best contract, surpassing MLB’s Mike Trout ($426.5 million in 12 years), even in all sports. Shortly after signing, Mahomes tweeted Here to stay. . .! left a message.

As if to reward this all-time great deal, Mahomes has once again proven himself to be a top-tier quarterback. He once again showed that he was on a different level from Lamar Jackson in the 3rd week away game against Baltimore, and once again won a decision against Tom Brady in the 12th week away game against Tampa Bay. Until the 13th week, he showed a ridiculous performance by throwing only two interceptions, but in the 14th week of the Miami away game, he threw 3 interceptions and his momentum slowed down, but he played a decisive role in winning by showing Mahomes Magic whenever necessary. , leading the team to 14 wins and 1 loss until the 16th week, playing a decisive role in confirming the Chips’ No. 1 seed.

In the playoffs, he showed good performance and led the team to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, and in the Super Bowl, he had a rematch with Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. However, Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz missing offensive line completely collapsed, and he had to run away from the sack for 497 yards, but he unwillingly proved his class by passing the ball while falling down or using his left hand and backhand to deliver the ball to the receiver, but he scored a touchdown. I couldn’t record a single one and lost. Even though he lost, after the game, the opposing team, the Buccaneers, was shown watching Maholmes’ play and continuing to admire Mahomes’ play in the in-game microphones, and Mahomes himself lost because he struggled alone in the collapse of the line and the shoveling of receivers.

There are many opinions that there is no responsibility for However, it is clear that he suffered a shocking defeat in the monumental confrontation of GOAT VS Baby GOAT with Tom Brady, so his reputation, which had been running on a solid road, was damaged. Some view Mahomes’ record in Super Bowl 55 as being similar to that of Carolina quarterback Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton also lost after being chased by the pass rush like Mahomes in Super Bowl LV, although Mahomes showed a more efficient box score overall. Interestingly, both Cam and Mahomes lost because they were unprotected by the offensive line, but Cam is told he lost the game because of Cam, and Mahomes is told he lost the game because of the offensive line.

Although he won 27:24 in the Tampa Bay away game in the 12th week of the regular season, he only scored 10 points during the 2nd to 4th quarters. That expectation was, of course, correct. Mahomes didn’t use his three option receivers at all and threw for just 64 yards off six receivers excluding Kelsey and Hill. Based on this, there is an opinion that Patrick Mahomes is not without responsibility for the Super Bowl loss, but the fact that Mahomes received the most defensive pressure in Super Bowl history during the dropback situation should also be taken into account.

Super bowl 55With the defensive line in the 2021 season, the Chips presented a clear blueprint for attaching double coverage to the 1st and 2nd receiving options while pressing without blitzing, so many teams are expected to refer to this strategy in the future. While undergoing a major surgery that completely changed it, he made an external declaration that he would never give Mahomes a nightmare again.


It’s hard to say that the opening game was smooth, but it was a 29-33 come-from-behind victory over the Cleveland Browns. The game, which had been drawn 10-22, was overturned with a 75-yard pass to Tyreek Hill.

In Week 2, the Baltimore Ravens won the Lamar Jackson vs. Mahomes matchup for the first time, ending Mahomes’ winning streak in September. Edwards-Elaire’s fumble at the end is inevitably regrettable.

In Week 3, he lost again against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers went 2–1 and opened three straight wins over the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos to finish last in the division. The A-Line is the same and the D-Line is not listening. In Week 4, they won 42:30 against the Philadelphia Eagles, a weak team from both the top and bottom view. The defense gave Philly 30 points while Mahomes threw 5 touchdowns and 1 interception and scored over 40 points. In Week 5, he was dragged by Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and gave up 38 points, and Mahomes reverse-carried with 2 interceptions and 1 fumble, scoring only 20 points, 2 wins, and 3 losses, again finishing last in the division. Worst start of a career.

Week 6 was a win, but Week 7 collapsed again, shocking the league externally with a score of 3-4. In particular, it was the first time in the regular season that they failed to record a touchdown, and the aftermath was stronger because it was 3 points lower than the 9 points recorded in Super Bowl LV.

Because it showed the most struggles throughout the season, there were many voices of concern that there might be a slump after the slump after the breakup law, which quarterbacks of many years go through at least once, but such concerns were put to shame from the 8th to the 11th weeks The Kansas City Chiefs played a major role in establishing themselves as the leaders of the AFC West. Contrary to the difficult atmosphere at the beginning of the season, they are on a winning streak.

In the end, we managed to keep the top seed and advance to the playoffs! It is a bonus that they announced a smooth start by catching the Pittsburgh Steelers with a double score in the wild-card game.

Eventually, in the divisional round that followed, they defeated the Buffalo Bills after extra time and succeeded in achieving the record of advancing to the AFC Championship for four consecutive years. It was like that, but the Cincinnati Bengals ed the first half in the championship game against 21-3 in the first half, it was rolled up in the second half and failed to record 3 consecutive AFC champion titles. In fact, it was the self-destruction of the Chiefs, so there are many bitter voices coming out.


As his contract extension was triggered, the salary cap of his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, became tight, and power leakage was inevitable. The biggest hit of all was the fact that speedster Tyreek Hill, who became Mahomes’ number-one target, was traded to the Miami Dolphins after failing to extend his contract with the team. Of course, it is undeniable that Mahomes is an excellent quarterback, but it is also true that the existence of Tyreek Hill, the league’s best receiver, made Mahomes a sensation as soon as he debuted and became one of the league’s top quarterbacks. It can be said that it was a good offensive environment for Mahomes to be able to easily spread the attack by using other passing options such as Travis Kelsey when the defense was crowded by Hill. Now, with Hill’s departure, the 2022 season is expected to be a more real test for Mahomes.

As if to ridicule public concerns at the beginning of the season, he is leading the team in an incredible form. And as this form continues throughout the season, MVP for the 2022-23 season seems likely as long as there is no change. Not only did the AFC West, which was expected to be an inferno, be confirmed earlier, but the competition for the AFC 1 seed is still intact, and the passing stats are clearly different from those of the next contenders, Josh Allen, Jaylen Hurts, and Joe Burrow. am. Superweapon called Tyreek HillA season proved its class despite the breakaway.

Ultimately, he led the team’s 14-3 winning season, took the AFC 1 seed, and was successful as a team. Despite the fact that the team’s receiver quality has dropped significantly compared to previous years, he proved to be the best quarterback in the league by showing plays that lead the team to victory. Local media even say that the 10-year $500M contract is a huge benefit contract considering the increasing cap and other quarterbacks’ new annual salary contracts. In the playoffs, after the Wild Card Week bye as the 1st seed in the AFC, they met the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Divisional Round and won 27-20, and won the Conference Championship against the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 23-20, defeating Joe Burrow. Severing the bad relationship, he succeeded in revenge at the same time.

Patrick Mahomes 1 1

At the NFL Honors held on February 9, 2023, he swept 48 out of 50 votes, was selected as the 2022 NFL MVP, and was named on the list of quarterback MVP multiple awards. As he advanced to Super Bowl LVII (Episode 57), his acceptance speech was replaced with an interview.

Patrick Mahomes 2 1

The ultimate Super Bowl. He trailed by 10 points until the first half but succeeded in reversing by scoring two touchdowns in a row in the second half, and after scoring three touchdowns alone, he made a comeback victory, winning his second career victory and his second Super Bowl MVP at the same time. The first player since Kurt Warner in 1999 to win the regular season MVP and Super Bowl MVP at the same time, and the first player to win the first Super Bowl in passing yards, broke both jinxes and rose to the ranks of all-time.

Patrick Mahomes Biography


As a former fastball pitcher who threw a 95 mph fastball on the mound, he is a quarterback with a strong arm and athleticism that is one of the best in the league. In addition, he is showing the skills he has learned from Andy Reed’s unique spread option style over a year. Like a running siege tank, he fires fastball passes into and out of the pocket, putting bullets into the league’s best receivers like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey. His control power is also considerable, so his pass accuracy while running is among the best in the league, and his feet are fast, so it is difficult to knock him down with a pass rush or blitz. Although it faded after his Super Bowl 54 win, there were opinions that contradicted the huge public expectations for this player until right after his first MVP season. I definitely agree that the goal is a quarterback with a good arm and an excellent passing attack, but I can’t overlook the fact that I benefit from HC Andy Reed’s genius offensive tactics and excellent passing options (Tyrek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelsey). it was

However, in the actual sophomore season, the controversy subsides, and the teams facing the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2019-20 NFL season had an emergency for Patrick Mahomes. They each came up with their own countermeasures against the Chiefs’ passing offense. However, Patrick Mahomes calmly saw through the trick-type defensive formations that were intricately placed for the purpose of disturbing the quarterback while extending the play with active footwork even after the offensive line was breached, and the complexities of Andy Reed’s playbook, the league’s best offensive leader. He threw over 20+ yards of passes while maintaining the accuracy that could be reached by simply reaching out to the league’s fastest receivers running the route.

In fact, the most effective strategy for this player in the 2019 season was to attack the Chiefs’ defense team, which was at the bottom of the rushing offensive defense, with Marlon Mack’s rushing, so that the attacking team could not even come out on the field, thereby gaining time management initiative and stable scoring. It was a strategy that the Indianapolis Colts brought out. After that, other teams also benchmarked the Colts and attacked the Chiefs with a rushing attack. However, in the end, the season ended with a favorable record of 12-4 and 2nd place in the AFC and even won the Super Bowl. He can pass with his left hand while running (!) In addition, it is an exaggeration to say that he is the best quarterback in the current league, with mobility that can tire the opponent’s defensive line without losing to the pass rush, a shoulder that can throw 20+ yards at any time, and the accuracy of the pass.


My parents divorced in 2006 and I grew up with my father. His younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, is a TikTokker and rapper born in 2000. And he is also doing well with Mia Martins, born in 2011, a daughter his mother remarried. My younger brother’s excessive quality of TikTok has become a problem, and it is affecting me as well.

In fact, there is a drip that Mahomes’ true nemesis is his family, not NFL officials, players, or teams.

His girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, is a former soccer player who has experience as a soccer player in the Icelandic Pro League and is now a CPT (Certified Personal Fitness Trainer) and entrepreneur. Mahomes has been dating since high school. Brittany Matthews said she actively assisted Mahomes with home training when club facilities were closed due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. And, on September 1, 2020, when Chips’ Super Bowl LIV championship ring was unveiled, Mahomes formally proposed at Arrowhead Stadium and became engaged. Afterward, she got married in Hawaii on March 12, 2022.

On January 20, 2021, after the Super Bowl LV was over, he became a father when his daughter Sterling Skie Mahomes was born, and he unveiled his daughter for the first time while certifying receiving a 99 rating commemorative product, the highest rating in Madden NFL 22.

LaTroy Hawkins, his father’s former Minnesota Twins teammate, is Patrick’s godfather.

He was selected in the 37th round by the Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball but did not sign. At this time, the Tigers offered him a contract of 1.6 million dollars under the condition of two-way football and baseball, but he refused. On the day of Super Bowl LIV, the Detroit Tigers posted a scouting report on the club’s social media.

He has an unusual appetite, but he is a ketchup fanatic. I eat ketchup on almost everything. In particular, Americans were shocked to hear that steak was sprinkled with ketchup because Americans sprinkled ketchup on steak is perfect for young children to be teased for eating that way. Because of this, after this eating habit was revealed, not only team members but also Chips fans sprinkled ketchup on food and dripped PatMahomesChallenge. So the Heinz Ketchup Company said they would sponsor Mahomes, but Hunt’s Ketchup, a rival ketchup brand that heard the news was quickly recruited as an advertising model.

Since 2018, which was the de facto rookie season, he has received numerous ad love calls and quickly emerged as a new blue chip in the advertising world. In 2019 alone, there are more than 10 advertisements, including Amazon Web Services, Adidas, DirecTV, State Farm, Oakley, Head & Shoulders, and Hy-Vee.

Mahomes tweeted in February 2013, while still in high school, that he would be surprised if he said he was going to Disney World as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He said that every year he was invited to the Super Bowl MVP at Walt Disney World, and from this time he had the idea that he wanted to be the Super Bowl MVP. Then, seven years later, he became the Chiefs’ starting quarterback and actually led them to a Super Bowl victory, reiterated his childhood wish on the podium after becoming MVP, and appeared at Walt Disney World in Orlando the day after the Super Bowl as Super Bowl MVP, participated in the parade.

Many people are looking forward to his future career as he won the Super Bowl championship at the age of only 24 so the word sophomore jinx that comes the year after his great success is colorless, and he is most likely to inherit the title of the best player ever to succeed Tom Brady. Also referred to as a player. However, the loss in Super Bowl LV widened the difference between Brady and the ring back to six, making comparisons with Brady virtually meaningless unless Mahomes won a few more.

A month after winning Super Bowl LIV, I watched the NBA Dallas Mavericks VS New Orleans Pelicans game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Luka Doncic posted a photo of him meeting Mahomes on Instagram as a story, and Mahomes shared the story and posted it as his own story.

His teammates make fun of him because his voice resembles Kermit the Frog, a popular character from The Muppet Show. Even director Andy Reed laughed in an official interview, saying that he had a froggy voice.

It is said that he has a photographic memory, a former NCAA team Texas Tech coach said on the air. Photographic memory has not been scientifically proven, but it means that the starting quarterback did not have much difficulty in mastering the vast amount of knowledge such as playbooks and defensive formations that must be mastered, so it is certain that it helped his career considerably.

He is interested in founding an NBA team home to Kansas City and is a member of the Kansas City Owners’ Group for MLB team Kansas City Royals and MLS team Sporting Kansas City. Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, is adjacent to Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Chiefs.

He is also called Jinx because he lost an important game to the Tennessee Titans. And the natural enemy is Max Crosby, the Raiders’ defensive end. On days when the guard is not good, it is always broken, Crosby.


  • 2x Super Bowl champion (LIV, LVII)
  • 2x Super Bowl MVP (LIV, LVII)
  • Pro Bowl – 5 times (2018-2022)
  • 2x First-team All-Pro (2018, 2022)
  • 2x NFL MVP (2018, 2022)
  • NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2018)
  • Bert Bell Award (2018)
  • 2x NFL passing touchdowns leader (2018, 2022)
  • NFL passing yards leader (2022)


[1] Guaranteed $477,000,000

[2] Since the father’s real name is Patrick Leavon Mahomes, the father is referred to as Senior, and Mahomes in this document is referred to as the 2nd generation. Of course, it is distinguished because his father’s registered name is Pat.

[3] Even in the movie Moneyball, after 2001, he appeared attached to a whiteboard as a free agency candidate.

[4] The University of Texas/Austin campus tied for first in the football program rankings in Texas (+neighboring the University of Oklahoma ), and Texas A&M University (+ Oklahoma State University ), which transferred to the SEC, ranked third, followed by a private university. Baylor University, Mission School TCU, and Texas Tech compete.

[5] FBS/Big-12 has many aspects of constant siege warfare focusing on passing. Rushing is a bonus

[6] Among the quarterbacks, he was named ahead of Sean Watson and behind Mitchell Trubisky, who was drafted second overall by the Chicago Bears. For reference, Watson was drafted by the Houston Texans with the 12th overall pick in the first round.

[7] However, Buffalo cannot be said to be a loser, as CB Tredavius ​​White, who was nominated for the 27th pick handed to the Chiefs this year, has become the core of Bill’s defense, and the first-round pick received from the Chiefs in the following year’s draft. This is because as a result of trades to several teams and pick-ups, Josh Allen, who has the qualities of an elite QB, was nominated. In the end, the only loser is the Chicago Bears, who skip Mahomes and choose Trubisky.

[8] Abbreviated as TD below

[9] All nine votes went to Drew Brees.

[10] When a down update is required at a very short distance within 1 yard, it is an irregular tactic in which the quarterback pushes his body as soon as he catches the ball to win a first down.

[11] The contract is worth $477M in guarantees alone.

[12] It is said that Lionel Messi of European football receives an annual salary of $ 100 million, but it has never been officially revealed, and on January 31, 2021, it was revealed as 555,237,619 euros for 4 years from 2017. 4 years and 700 million dollars in dollars.

[13] In fact, not a few experts, including CBS commentator Tony Romo, argued before the match that if Mahomes lost to Brady in Super Bowl 55, he would not be the GOAT for the rest of his life. No matter how much Mahomes goes to the Super Bowl more times than Brady and builds a winning record, the record of losing the Super Bowl against Brady will not be erased. In addition, it was Tom Brady of the New England Patriots at the time who broke Mahomes’ chances of advancing to the Super Bowl, which caused a sensation in his debut season and advanced to the AFC Championship. Because of this, unless Brady returns in the future, Mahomes will never have a chance to get revenge on Brady . have had the opportunity to

[14] Arithmetically, if Brady’s Super Bowl record is 7-3 and Mahomes’ Super Bowl record is 1-1, he needs to win 6 more times to match the number of championships with Brady, but the AFC, which is not overflowing with talent, is likely to explode. Just looking at the quarterback situation, winning six more is a very difficult situation in reality.

[15] For reference, after transferring to the Dolphins, Tyreek Hill also spent a career-high season, clearly proving that he was also a special player. In other words, it is already Casagi that Mahomes and Hill were on the same team.

[16] Mahomes had a 0-3 record against the Burrows before this match.

[17] However, Heinz is a local Pittsburgh company that acquired the naming rights for the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium.

[18] It has nothing to do with the Hunt family, the owners of the Chips.

[19] In fact, it is right next to it. Both arenas are located in a vast parking lot.