Noel Gallagher Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Daughter

Noel Gallagher Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Daughter

Are you looking for a singer who spits out many F-words in conversation with the media? Then your man is Noel Gallagher. The former co-leader and guitarist of Oasis has led a controversial lifestyle since music made him popular. He has harshly criticized many of his fellow musicians from Phill Collins to Jay Z, rival Blur bandmates Damon Albarn, and of course his own brother Liam Gallegher, with whom he made a lot of music when their band was rock solid.

As a result of Noel’s sadistic attitude, his musical talent was considered “overrated”. Already in 1999, a survey among his guitarist colleagues voted him the most overrated guitarist of the last millennium. Despite this, Noel Gallagher seems to have a loyal fan base as he continues to make music with his own rock band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Noel Gallagher Biography

Gallagher’s birth name is Noel Thomas, David Gallagher. He was born in Longsight, Manchester, England, the second son of Irish Catholic couple Peggy and Thomas Gallagher on May 29, 1967. Besides Liam, who is 5 years younger, he has an older brother Paul. The boys were victims of domestic violence by their father Tom, who was an alcoholic. Tom, who often lived in seclusion, also abused their mother Peggy, who had had enough and divorced him in 1976. She gained control over her sons and began to raise them alone.

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Noel Gallegher’s brisk attitude can be traced back to his early childhood when he often got into trouble. A regular truant, Noel was a member of many street gangs and was involved in a few robberies.

Once in his early teens, he was put on probation, a time when he discovered music. As he grew, he cultivated his musical passion and became part of the English alternative rock band Inspiral Carpets, with whom he toured for several years.

When he returned to the UK in 1991, he discovered that Liam had formed his own rock band called The Rain. At Liam’s invitation, Noel became part of the band and then took creative control of renaming the band Oasis. With Noel at the helm, Oasis rose to become one of the hit bands of the ’90s. However, his turbulent relationship with Liam culminated in his leaving the band in 2009, the day after they had fought backstage at a Rock En Seine festival concert in Paris.

His Net Worth

The net worth of Noel Gallagher is estimated at approximately £46 million, which is equivalent to approximately $65 million. His fortune is even higher than that of his brother Liam, whose net worth is now estimated at $8 million, compared to $50 million in the past. Liam lost much of his fortune through a really expensive divorce and of course through his wild party lifestyle.

Much of Noel Gallegher’s wealth comes from his years with Oasis. Since Noel Gallegher was the main songwriter, he was entitled to a bigger part of what Oasis earned. The rock band played sold-out concerts and sold over 70 million records worldwide. In addition, Noel keeps the dollars rolling with his own band, which goes on a world tour. In 2011 it turned out that he owned a private art collection worth $800,000. His villa in Ibiza is estimated at over $4 million.

Noel Gallagher’s Wife and Daughter

Noel Gallagher Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Daughter
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Not surprisingly, Noel Gallegher had a turbulent relationship with the women he was with, but with Sara MacDonald, a Scottish publicist to whom he has been married since 2011, he seemed to have ticked the right boxes. It was Gallegher’s second marriage when he separated from his first wife Meg Mathew for infidelity. It is said that he cheated on her with Sara. Noel later claimed he had never cheated on her and only admitted adultery to speed up his divorce from her.

Noel met Sara in Ibiza in June 2000. His song “Waiting for the Rapture” was about his first encounter with her. With Sara, Noel shares two sons, Donovan and Sonny, born on 22 September 2007 and 1 October 2010 respectively. They were married on 18 June 2011 at the Lime Wood Hotel in New Forest National Park and his bosom friend, famous British singer Russell Brand, was his best man.

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Noel met his first wife Meg Mathews in 1994 through his girlfriend at the time, Swedish MTV presenter and actress Rebecca de Ruvo, who was Meg’s roommate. He later left Ruvo for Mathews and finally married her in June 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada. On 27 January 2000, they welcomed a daughter, Anaïs Gallagher. About a year later, Noel left her for Sara.

Noel Gallagher Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Daughter
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Noel’s daughter Anaïs Gallagher can look back on a successful career as an Instagram star/model. Her most notable appearance was for the STAR collection of fashion retailer Monsoon Accessorize.

Height – How Tall Is He? 

Noel Gallagher is quite a tall man. He stands at approximately 5 feet 8.5 inches which is around 1.74 m. He is slightly shorter than his younger brother Liam Gallegher who stands at 1.78 m which is about 5 feet 10 inches.