Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

He really is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to showbiz, from acting to singing to moderation, he certainly did everything. As many of his successes in the global media scene are, today not everything revolves around him, let’s have a look at Nick Cannon’s children, his wife, and his girlfriend. In a way, it’s still all about Nick, so you know it’s good stuff.

Nick Cannon’s Kids

Most of you may not know this yet, but it may be common knowledge, but the star is a proud father of three children. Yes, not only does he have children of his ex-wife Mariah Carey, but there is also a new addition to his family, and we are in the process of addressing this issue now.Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

Nick Cannon’s children with Mariah Carey were both born on April 30, 2011, it was not only a special day because of their birth, but the day also marked their third wedding anniversary. The couple celebrated it with the renewal of their vows in the hospital, right there with Father Al Sharpton.

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Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

The fraternal twins were called the Moroccan Scott Cannon (the boy) and Munroe Cannon (the girl). Here is a breakdown of the names for you if you need an origin story. According to People, the Moroccan comes from the top floor of Carey’s New York City apartment, which is decorated with Moroccan-inspired decor and was also the site of Cannon’s marriage proposal.

Scott is Nick’s middle name and his grandmother’s maiden name. Then Munroe was named after Marilyn Monroe, who was an inspiration for Carey. It is well known that the couple’s divorce took place in 2016, and both were transferred to other people. Well, baby number 3 is a product of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

The two greeted their son, the Golden ‘Sagon’ cannon, on 21 February 2017. Golden even met his big brother and sister and it seems to be a love-loving relationship, we hope to see more of them together.

Nick Cannon’s Ex-Wife

There’s probably no soul out there who doesn’t know her name or at least a handful of her songs. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marriage was made quite famous, especially because of the age difference of 11 or 12 years between the two (Mariah being the older one).Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

It was love at first sight for the couple, they met on the set of their music video 2008, Bye Bye  and 2 months later they were married. Of course, people were skeptical, it was so sudden and then this blatant age difference and the difference in bank balances, but the couple seemed as happy as ever and kept bubbling over each other.Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

In April 2011, the two-man family became a four-man family, and after carrying and giving birth to the twins Morocco and Munroe, Mariah gave up the birth and said, “To anyone who has ever carried twins, it is a completely different experience… You don’t even know who you are. They used this opportunity to renew their marriage vows, and during their marriage, they had annual renewals of their marriage vows.Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

They even had some tattoos done, Mariah put Mrs. Cannon on her lower back and Nick had Mariah tattooed over her shoulder. Soon there was trouble in paradise when Nick’s very tight schedule began to stand in the way of family time, and Nick made some confessions on the radio that were not directly with the woman (note that he slept with Kim K).

Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

So their marriage went down the drain after 6 years, but according to sources they still have a good relationship and great respect for each other.

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Nick Cannon’s Girlfriend

It is not clear whether he is in a relationship at the moment, but one might think that the star has too much in mind. What he comes closest to a girlfriend at the moment is his ex-girlfriend and newest baby mom, Brittany Bell. It’s been up to two months since the couple welcomed their little boy Golden to the world.

Nick Cannon’s Kids, Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

The two seem to get along very well, and they make us ask if they are more than just friends and fellow parents.