Meet Archie Heaton: Know about Charlie Heaton's son
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Archie Heaton is the son of two highly-celebrated celebrities, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura. Charlie gained worldwide recognition for his role as Jonathan in the Netflix series Stranger Things, which earned him immense fame and success. As such, Archie has been thrust into the limelight due to his parents’ celebrity status. It is safe to say that Archie’s father can be considered one of Hollywood’s most successful actors today – how well do you know this celebrity kid?

Archie Heaton is the son of a renowned musician and actor, whose fame has spread across the globe. Despite his young age, he has already begun taking acting classes and developed an interest in sports. Even though his parents are no longer together, they have maintained a friendly relationship with one another.

How old is Archie Heaton now?

Archie Heaton, the celebrity kid, was born in England on May 19th, 2014, and is now 9 years old. He has a unique cultural identity as his parents are half-Japanese and half-British with Taurus being his Zodiac sign. After their separation shortly after Archie’s birth, he is currently raised by his mother in London but still gets to spend quality time with both of them. His faith belongs to Christianity and he is an only child of the family.

Where does Archie Heaton study?

Archie has recently begun his journey in elementary school, but that’s not all he is passionate about. He also enjoys playing soccer and taking acting classes – a truly multi-talented individual!

Who are Archie Heaton’s parents?

Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura met in the rock band Commanechi, where Charlie toured for a year. During that time, they entered into a relationship that resulted in the birth of their son Archie. After his arrival, they decided to separate with joint custody arrangements for their child; however, details about this separation remain unknown.

Archie hails from a family of luminaries, with his grandparents Crispy and Shelly being renowned in their respective fields. Shelly is an acclaimed actress who starred in the 1986 movie Red-Headed Stranger, while Crispy has achieved notoriety as a talented musician and creative artist.

Who is Archie Heaton’s dad?

Charlie Heaton, an English actor, and musician is the father of renowned star Jonathan Byers from Netflix’s hit supernatural drama series Stranger Things. Born on February 6th, 1994 in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire England; Charlie has also had roles in a number of leading films such as Shut In (2016), Marrowbone (2017), and The New Mutants (2020).

Is Archie Heaton’s Father Related To Harry Styles?

When Charlie Heaton became a household name for his role on the hit show Stranger Things, many of his fans noticed that he bore an uncanny resemblance to former One-D member Harry Styles. After the second season premiered, viewers couldn’t help but spend time trying to identify which celebrity each cast member looked like.

Many people have made comparisons between Charlie and Harry Styles on social media, with some suggesting that they could be related. We can assure you though, that there is no relation whatsoever between the two; they simply bear a resemblance to one another. Furthermore, any assertions of them being the “love child” of Harry and Dwight Schrute from The Office are purely speculative in nature.

Is Natalia Dyer married to Charlie Heaton?

Charlie Heaton, known for his role as Jonathan Byers in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, has been in a relationship with co-star Natalia Dyer since 2016. Natalia plays Charlie’s on-screen love interest Nancy Wheeler and together they have created some memorable moments. In addition to his success on television, Charlie has also had an impressive career in film and is the recipient of several awards for outstanding performances and progressive filmmaking.

Raised in Leeds as an only child by his mother, the young boy’s father had left shortly after he was born. From a very early age, he developed a passion for music and with encouragement from his mother, enrolled at a school of performing arts where he could explore acting, singing, and dancing.

Who did Charlie Heaton have a kid with?

Charlie and Akiko Matsuura had a son, Archie, when they were both teenagers. At the time of his birth in late 2014, Charlie was only 20 years old. The couple was also members of the band Comanechi until 2015 when Charlie left to pursue an acting career; however, they have since separated.

Who is Archie Heaton’s mom?

Archie Heaton’s mother, Akiko Matsuura, is a renowned Japanese drummer and vocalist in the United Kingdom. She rose to fame after her relationship with English actor Charlie resulted in the birth of their child. Keex is her stage name and she has been involved with a number of successful UK-based bands throughout her career; however, it was through The Big Pink – an English electronic rock band – that she gained the most recognition.

What Is Archie Heaton Studying?

Archie is currently attending elementary school, but his interests extend beyond academics. He has a passion for both soccer and acting, and regularly takes classes to hone his skills in the latter. Archie’s enthusiasm for learning outside of the classroom allows him to explore different avenues of personal development.

What is Archie Heaton’s height and weight?

Archie stands at 4 feet tall and weighs around 27 kg. His features include black hair, dark brown eyes, and a fair complexion. He is an energetic individual who enjoys music and sports alike – always looking for ways to stay active!

Archie Heaton’s net worth

Archie has been blessed with the privilege of having celebrity parents whose net worths are quite substantial. As of 2022, his mother’s wealth is estimated to be around $1 million while his father’s wealth is reported to be approximately $4 million.

Archie Heaton’s Parents Separated Shortly After His Birth

A source recently revealed to The Sun that Charlie was only 20 years old when he became a father. Additionally, the source noted that both Charlie and Matsuura were teenagers when they first met while working together for the band Comanechi.

Despite welcoming a child into the world, their relationship was unable to stand the test of time and they eventually separated. It has been years since that happened, but neither party has ever discussed what went wrong or why they chose to break up.

Despite the fact that Charlie and Matsuura have broken up, they have managed to remain on good terms for the sake of their son. Currently, Matsuura is not known to be in any kind of romantic relationship while Charlie has been dating Natalia Dyer for a long time.

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Who has custody of Charlie Heaton’s son?

Charlie, now 28 years old, divides his time between the US and London. While his career is primarily based in America, he also spends a significant amount of time in England’s capital city to visit Archie, who lives there with their mother.

Archie Heaton, son of Charlie Heaton, is still a minor and has become well-known due to his parents’ fame. His father’s influence in particular has been instrumental in raising Archie’s profile. This encompasses all the relevant information regarding Archie Heaton.

Archie Heaton’s Social Media Handle

Despite his widespread fame, the parents of this individual have chosen not to create any social media accounts in their son’s name. Furthermore, he appears to be taking a break from digital platforms as he concentrates on furthering his education and enjoying his remaining years of childhood.

Quick Facts about Archie Heaton

Full NameArchie Heaton Matsuura
Famous asChild celebrity
Date of BirthMay 19, 2014
Age9 years (As of 2023)
BirthdayMay 19
Current ResidenceLondon, England
Zodiac SignTaurus
EthnicityMixed (British-Japanese)
Height4 ft
Sexual orientationStraight
Weight27 kgs (Approx)
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBlonde
FatherCharlie Heaton
MotherAkiko Matsuura
Marital StatusSingle
EducationElementary school