Matteo Darmian Wife, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Other Facts
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Italian footballer Matteo Darmian has been playing professionally since the age of 16. Born on December 2, 1989, Darmain began his career in the youth team of AC Milan, a Serie A team.

After years of playing for various clubs in his home country, he received his first overseas contract in 2015, when the then Manchester United coach, Louis Van Gaal, signed him for four years on a contract valued at around £12.7 million. Darmian has played for the Italian senior national team since 2014. Read on for more facts about the defender’s career and private life.

Matteo Darmian’s Wife

Many of the world’s professional soccer stars are known for their promiscuity, but Matteo Darmian begs to differ from them. Since his youth, Matteo Darmian has been in love with one woman – Francesca Cormanni. Their relationship lasted until their marriage in June 2017.

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Francesca, who frequently reports online about her enchanting relationship, went to her Instagram account on December 12, 2016, to announce that she had promised the man of her dreams. In the caption to the photo, which shows a diamond ring of her admirer, Francesca revealed some details, including that she first met Darmian on December 2, 2008, who also happens to be Darmian’s birthday.

Matteo Darmian Wife
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We speculate that the two may have met during a birthday party for Matteo, who would have been 19 years old at the time. Their engagement, she said, came exactly 8 years after their first meeting, and the caption was hashed out with a hashtag that reads December 2, 2016. The caption, which she wrote in Italian, translated into English: “Exactly eight years after our first meeting … I said YES to the man of my dreams”.

On June 14, 2017, the couple sealed the marriage in an elaborate traditional wedding in Darmian’s hometown of Legnano near Milan. As expected, many distinguished guests were present, including Darmian’s former teammate Morgan Schneiderlin and Alessio Cerci, Darmian’s teammate during his time in Trino.

Matteo’s wife Francesca Cormanni was born on August 17, 1987, making her two years older than her husband. While Francesca regularly posts cute snapshots of her with her husband Darmian, she almost never reveals anything about her profession, so little is publicly known about her except that she is Mrs. Darmian. She made the news in February 2018, when an Instagram post, which she counted down to the end of the 2017/2018 Premier League season, led people to speculate that her husband’s rumored move from the English team to Juventus was imminent, but this turned out not to be the case.

Other Facts About Matteo Darmian

1. His Father Giovanni Coached him during his formative years

For a young athlete, it is always an advantage if his parents support his dream of becoming a professional athlete. In the case of Matteo, not only did his father support him, but thanks to his experience as a coach of the Oratorio team, U.S. CARCOR, a team in which Italian legends such as Marco Simone and Luigi Pogliana played at a young age, he also had the skills to train him.

Matteo Darmian Wife, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Other Facts
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His father’s involvement in his career certainly helped a lot to accelerate his growth, and by the age of 11, his skills were good enough to attract the attention of Beniamino Abate, a certain Milanese scout who focused on attracting young talent from Lombardy to Milan, where Darmian grew up as a football player. It took another six years before Matteo Darmian was appointed to the Milan senior national team.

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2. Contrary to a piece of information that appeared on the FIFA Official website, Darmian is not of Armenian Origin

In 2014, a piece of information on the ethnicity of the Darmian appeared on the official FIFA website, stating that Darmier was Armenian. In an interview in 2015, however, the footballer made it clear that FIFA’s contribution was a mistake. “No, I am not Armenian. There was a mistake on the FIFA website. This is an official response,” said the defender.

Height, Weight, and Body Stats

According to his profile on ESPNFC, Matteo Darmian’s exact Height is 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in). His weight is indicated as 70 kg (154 lb) and further details of his body measurements are yet to be confirmed.