Marzia Kjellberg real named Marzia Bisognin is an Italian Internet personality and businesswoman born on October 21, 1992. She’s famous on the internet and has her own business. You might know her from her videos on her YouTube channel which she doesn’t use anymore called Marzia or CutiePieMarzia. Besides making videos Marzia also writes designs clothes and runs her own business. She’s married to PewDiePie a popular YouTuber from Sweden.

Full NameMarzia Kjellberg
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1992
Place of BirthArzignano, Italy
OccupationYouTuber, Author
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
SpouseFelix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie)
Children1 (with Felix Kjellberg)
Net Worth$2 million

Marzia Kjellberg Early Life and Education

Marzia Kjellberg Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Marzia Kjellberg born Marzia Bisognin on October 21, 1992, in Arzignano Italy. Her upbringing unfolded in a small Italian city called Vicenza. She has a brother named David Bisognin who also pursued a career online.

Marzia’s path to internet fame began in 2012 with the launch of her YouTube channel “CutiePieMarzia.” It all started with a focus on beauty and fashion sharing tips with a teenage audience.  As her channel gained traction her content broadened to include video game commentaries book reviews and even DIY projects.

Marzia Kjellberg Career

YouTube Sensation & Lifestyle Influencer

Marzia Kjellberg YouTube Sensation Lifestyle Influencer

Marzia Kjellberg, also known as Marzia Bisognin, started her YouTube channel, CutiePieMarzia, on January 16, 2012. She made videos about lots of different things like fashion, makeup, DIY projects, books, movies, her daily life, things she bought (haul videos), and playing video games. She also shared videos of her travels. Even though she’s Italian, she spoke English in her videos. Marzia was part of a group called The Platform, which is connected to Maker Studios. Later, she teamed up with Re6l, a company from Toronto, to help with her online businesses.

Marzia’s YouTube channel became popular, especially for people interested in beauty and makeup. In May 2014, The Wall Street Journal said she was getting over 16 million viewers every month. Most of her viewers were girls between 13 and 24 years old, and they often looked to Marzia’s videos for ideas and inspiration. She called her fans “Marzipans.”

Marzia sometimes appeared on her boyfriend Felix Kjellberg’s YouTube channel. He’s better known as PewDiePie. They played video games together and did different challenges in their videos. In 2014, they even worked together on a promotion for a horror movie called As Above, So Below. While Felix focused on gaming, Marzia shared a travel vlog about their trip to Paris. Marzia also helped promote a TV show called Selfie for ABC through YouTube.

On October 22, 2018, Marzia posted a video saying she was retiring from YouTube. She explained that focusing too much on YouTube affected her mental health negatively. She wanted to try new things in her life. After her announcement, she took down most of her videos, leaving only a few she liked. Before she retired, her channel had over 128 million views and almost 7.5 million subscribers. The most views her channel got in one month was in August 2017, with around 570 million views.

Besides YouTube, Marzia also did voice acting for animated web series. She voiced Carrie the Carrot in Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures and played Maya, a character based on her dog, in a six-episode series called Pugatory.

Ventures into Fashion & Lifestyle

Marzia Kjellberg Ventures into Fashion Lifestyle

Kjellberg known for her popular YouTube channel has used her success to start creating her clothing and other cool stuff. Since 2015 she’s been releasing different fashion items like nail polish home decorations and clothes. For instance, in 2016 she made a pair of shoes called “Daisy” through a project called Project Shoe. Then in July of that year, she teamed up with a nail polish brand called Zoya to launch a line of nail polish. And in June 2017 she started Lemon a clothing line that also comes with its fragrance.

Some fashion experts have said nice things about her clothes. One guy from a fashion school said her “Amore” clothing line is trendy but also classic so it’s a good choice for anyone. Another person a stylist mentioned that while the styles and colors might not be their favorite they can see how some people would like them. They also appreciated that her designs seem to come from her tastes rather than just copying what’s trendy.

Then on July 1, 2018, Kjellberg started a new brand called MaƬ where she sells jewelry pottery clothes and home decorations. She even makes some of the ceramic stuff herself in her pottery studio in the UK. She also runs another brand called Tsuki Market with her husband Felix Kjellberg where they sell clothes and home stuff for everyone not just for one gender.

Dream House

Back in January 2015, Marzia Kjellberg wrote a spooky fantasy book for teenagers. It’s called “Dream House: A Novel” by CutiePieMarzia in English, and in Italian, it’s called “La Casa Dei Sogni.” So, if you’re into thrilling reads, this might be up your alley!

What is Marzia Kjellberg’s net worth?

Marzia Kjellberg’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million as of 2024, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Marzia Kjellberg Personal life

Marzia Kjellberg Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Marzia Kjellberg known for her YouTube channel was born on October 21, 1992, in Arzignano Italy. She met her husband Felix Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie through a friend named Daizo. They started dating in 2011 after Marzia found Felix’s videos amusing and emailed him. In October of the same year, Marzia moved to Sweden to live with Felix.

They later moved to Italy and then settled in Brighton England along with their two pugs Edgar and Maya and a hedgehog named Dogy. Their relationship has attracted attention from the media with some noting Marzia’s calm demeanor balances Felix’s eccentricity.

They got engaged in April 2018, and married in August 2019 as announced on social media. In late 2019, while living in Brighton their house in Japan was burglarized causing Marzia to express shock and sadness online.

In 2022, Marzia and Felix relocated to Japan. They shared the news of expecting their first child on February 5, 2023, and announced the birth of their son on July 12 of the same year.