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Manuel Neuer, who is in third place at the Ballon d’Or 2014 awards and enjoys a high reputation among like-minded people and football fans, is setting new rules in the school of goalkeeping. He currently plays for the German Bundesliga team FC Bayern Munich and the German national team. His qualities and what he brings to the game cannot be explained in a few words, which is why he is considered the best goalkeeper of his generation.

Manuel Neuer Biography, Age

Manuel Peter Neuer was born on 27 March 1986 in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. His parents are Peter and Marita Neuer. He has one sibling, a brother, whose name is given as Marcel Neuer. Not much is known about his early life and family background, as you might like to note, but his brother is said to be a football referee in the sixth division of the German Football Association, also known as the Verbandsliga. Manuel Neuer attended the Berger Feld Comprehensive School, the same school that many well-known German football players attend today. Manuel Neuer has German citizenship and belongs to the white ethnic group.

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Playing Style

He is considered by many to be the best goalkeeper in the world today, especially in his generation. That’s how high Manuel Neuer’s stock has gone up in the football business. He is certainly on his way to emulate the steps of former Soviet professional goalkeeper Lev Yashin, also known as the “Black Panther” and the only goalkeeper ever to receive a Ballon d’Or. He achieved this feat in 2014 when he finished third behind only two of the world’s best players at the time – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – in the run-up to the award of the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014.

Neuer has a unique playing style that can only be attributed to him at the moment. His reflexes, speed, mentality, and incredible stops are unsurpassed. They call him the “sweeper-keeper”. This is due to his impressive footwork, and where other goalkeepers, who don’t have the ball safely on their feet, anticipate an attack from the opponent and try to thwart it from high up in the defense. He has a knack for running off his lines to sweeping the ball from the attacking player in case he (the attacking player) hits the team’s defensive line (offside trap).

He is tall and his athletic build is a key factor in his playing style, not forgetting his stamina and composure, as well as his concentration to spot the attacking opponents before they materialize completely. His playing style “gives” the team an extra man who can now afford to place the defensive line further up the field. His style leads to a revolution and begins to tear up the existing manuals on what the task of a goalkeeper in a game should be. His excellent footwork and composure with the ball at his feet are due to the fact that Manuel Neuer started his football career as an outfield player.

His ability in one-on-one situations with opposing players is also excellent. When he faces an attacker on his own, his record as a “winner of the competition” is high. He is also good at penalty shoot-outs – both defending and shooting.

Manuel Neuer Career

Manuel Neuer got his first football at the age of two and started playing at five. His football career continued with him as an outfield player, but he decided to become a goalkeeper because his football idol was former Germany and Arsenal FC goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, who was then with FC Schalke 04. Neuer claimed to have played for the club’s youth teams (FC Schalke 04) between 1991-2005.

In the 2003/2004 season, he then moved up to the B-team, and after 29 appearances in two seasons, he moved up to the first team where he played five seasons before being signed by Bundesliga giant FC Bayern Munich in June 2011 for the German Bundesliga season 2011-12.

His career with FC Bayern Munich has been a success, as he helped his team win several trophies, including the Bundesliga and DFB Cup, and also the 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League at London’s Wembley Stadium against Bundesliga team-mate Borussia Dortmund. Newer was also part of the Bayern team that won six Bundesliga championships in a row between 2012-2013 and 2017-2018 – an unprecedented achievement in the history of the Bundesliga.

Since his national team debut on 2 June 2009 against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under national coach Joachim Löw, he has also had a good history with the German national team. With Germany, he won the 2014 FIFA World Cup against Lionel Messi-led Argentina. He was named captain of the German national team in 2016 when his teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger left the team.

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Is He Gay?

No, Manuel Neuer is not gay or bisexual (or at least he hasn’t come out). Speculation is fuelled by the fact that he supports the LGBT community and also by the fact that he is open to seeing gay footballers come out of their closets. In an interview with a German celebrity magazine, he had said that gay footballers should come out and that the fan had to accept this in the long run as it would take the strain off their shoulders. It is now on record that second-division footballer Marcus Urban is the only German gay footballer to come out, and he did so in 2007 after retiring and being inactive.

Manuel Neuer’s Girlfriend, Wife

Manuel Neuer is married to Nina Weiss, but before he met Weiss, Neuer was together with Kathrin Gilch in a seemingly long-term relationship. They had met in Greece in 2009 and separated in 2014, after five years together. Then he started dating Nina Weiss and in May 2017 they got married, with Neuer performing on crutches at the wedding that took place in the Cathedral Santissima della Madia in Monopoli, Italy.

Other Facts And Height & Weight

Manuel Neuer has a charitable foundation that he runs for children – the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation.

Since he is still interested in charity, he took part in the celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (German version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) in November 2011 and won 500,000 euros donated to charity.

He lent his voice to the character Frank McCay in the German version of Monsters University (2013) of a Disney animation.

Manuel Neuer earns an annual salary of $8 million and has estimated net assets of $41 million.

Neuer is a very tall man with an imposing physique. His height is 193 cm (6 ft 4 in) and his weight 92 kg (203 lbs). His body measurements are 44-14-33 inches. His hair color is blond, while his eyes are blue.