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Magic Johnson Net Worth: How Much is Magic Johnson Worth?

Magic Johnson Net Worth: How Much is Magic Johnson Worth?

Magic Johnson a retired American basketball player and a savvy entrepreneur has an impressive net worth of $620 million as of 2023. Not only did he make a name for himself in the NBA but he also ventured into various businesses making him one of the wealthiest athletes today.

Magic Johnson Net Worth: How Much is Magic Johnson Worth?

Magic Johnson Net Worth: How Much is Magic Johnson Worth? Magic Johnson net worth is a jaw-dropping $620 million as of 2023. But hey it is not just about the money, it is about the journey. From being the first overall pick in the 1979 NBA Draft to becoming an NBA legend Magic has always been a game-changer. After retiring he didn’t fade away, he pivoted to business founding Magic Johnson Enterprises.

This conglomerate dabbles in everything from real estate to healthcare. Magic even partnered with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to bring the coffee giant to underserved areas. So it is not just about the dollars, it is about making a difference too.

Quick Facts About Magic Johnson Net Worth

Net Worth$620 million
Main Source of IncomeVarious industries including sports teams and franchises
NBA Career Earnings$39,342,460 (adjusted for inflation: over $70 million)
Starbucks InvestmentSold his stake for $75 million
Dodgers OwnershipPart of a group that bought the Dodgers for $2 billion in 2012
Other InvestmentsT.G.I. Friday’s, Sodexo, and Burger King
Business EmpireOperates under Magic Johnson Enterprises
Future VenturesPoised to make a play for a stake in the NFL’s Commanders

Who is Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson born Earvin Johnson Jr. on August 14, 1959, in Lansing Michigan is an American icon in more ways than one. Known as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history Magic played 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. He led the team to five NBA championships and earned three NBA MVP Awards. But his impact goes beyond the court.

In 1991 he retired abruptly after announcing he had contracted HIV becoming an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness. He later returned to the NBA for a brief period. Post-retirement Magic has been a successful entrepreneur owning stakes in various sports teams and businesses. His life story is a blend of triumphs challenges and unyielding resilience.

Real Estate

It appears that the search did not yield relevant information about Magic Johnson’s involvement in real estate. However, it is well-known that Magic Johnson has been a significant player in the real estate market through his investment company Magic Johnson Enterprises. The company has invested in various real estate projects including shopping centers and housing complexes primarily in underserved communities.

His real estate ventures are part of his broader business portfolio which also includes stakes in sports teams and other enterprises. Magic Johnson’s real estate investments are not just about making money, they’re about making a difference in the communities they serve.

Who Are Magic Johnson Parents?

Magic Johnson was born to Christine and Earvin Johnson Sr. in 1959 in Lansing Michigan. The family of nine siblings lived in a triple-bedroom home leading a modest life. Earvin Sr. worked for General Motors and even took on a second job to make ends meet while Christine was a lunchroom supervisor at a local school. Magic’s father who used to play basketball was a significant influence on him instilling a strong work ethic.

Magic often recalls “He didn’t care if I scored 40 points for my high school team Friday night. I had to be up at 6 o’clock Saturday to help him work.” Christine a devout Christian was the emotional backbone of the family. Both parents have been married for over sixty years and are enjoying their retirement in Lansing Michigan.

Who Are Magic Johnson Siblings?

Magic Johnson born Earvin Johnson Jr. is one of seven siblings. His parents Earvin Johnson Sr. and Christine Johnson had a large family that included Yvonne Johnson Larry Johnson Michael Johnson Kim Johnson Pearl Johnson and Quincy Johnson. Growing up in Lansing Michigan Magic was not the only one in the family with an athletic streak.

His parents were both athletic and even played basketball in their younger days. The Johnson family lived a modest life with Earvin Sr. working as an assembly worker at General Motors and Christine working as a school custodian. Despite the challenges the family remained close-knit and Magic often credits his strong work ethic to his upbringing.

Who Is Magic Johnson Dating?

Magic Johnson has been in a long-lasting relationship with his wife Cookie Johnson. The two met as college freshmen at Michigan State University in 1977. Their love story is one of the books enduring ups and downs including Magic’s HIV diagnosis in 1991.

Cookie has been a constant pillar of support in Magic’s life and the couple has been married for over three decades. They share two children and have been through thick and thin together. Magic often credits Cookie as the source of meaning in his life stating “The reason I live today and the reason I work as hard today is for my wife and my family.”

Who Is Magic Johnson Married to?

Magic Johnson is married to Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly and their love story is nothing short of inspiring. They met as freshmen at Michigan State University in 1977 and dated on and off for over a decade before tying the knot in 1991. Cookie has been a rock in Magic’s life especially when he announced his HIV diagnosis just two months after their wedding.

Cookie chose to stand by him and Magic credits her loyalty for saving his life. The couple has two children and has been married for over three decades. Cookie was born in Huntsville Alabama and moved to Detroit when she was six years old. Their relationship has been a blend of love loyalty and enduring commitment.

Does Magic Johnson Have Kids?

Magic Johnson is a proud father of three children. His first child Andre Johnson was born in 1981 to his ex-girlfriend Melissa Mitchell. Andre is a private individual who has built a career in business and entrepreneurship.

Magic also has two children with his wife Cookie Johnson: a son named EJ (Earvin Johnson III) and a daughter named Elisa. EJ born in 1992 publicly came out as gay in 2013 and has been a part of reality TV shows like “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” Elisa the youngest was adopted by the couple in 1995 and is a fashion enthusiast who has signed with Wilhelmina Models.

The Johnson family is close-knit and Magic often shares moments from their family vacations on social media.

Magic Johnson Career

Magic Johnson born Earvin Johnson Jr. is a basketball legend and a business tycoon. He played 13 seasons in the NBA primarily for the Los Angeles Lakers and led them to five NBA championships. Johnson was a versatile player excelling as a point guard shooting guard and even a power forward.

His career was studded with accolades including three NBA MVP Awards three NBA Finals MVP Awards and 12 All-Star game appearances. He was a part of the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball team famously known as “The Dream Team” which won the gold medal. Johnson retired in 1991 due to an HIV diagnosis but made a brief comeback in 1996.

Post-retirement he has been a successful entrepreneur and owns stakes in various sports teams including the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers and the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers.

How Old Is Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959, which makes him 64 years old as of 2023. Magic Johnson was born in Lansing Michigan and grew up in a large family. Johnson’s age hasn’t slowed him down, he is as active as ever both in his business ventures and philanthropic efforts.

He is a living example that age is just a number especially when you consider his contributions to the world of sports business and social causes. From his days of dominating the basketball court to becoming a successful entrepreneur and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, Magic Johnson continues to be a force to be reckoned with regardless of his age.

What is Magic Johnson Ethnicity?

Magic Johnson is of African-American ethnicity. Born as Earvin Johnson Jr. in Lansing Michigan he grew up in a family with a rich cultural heritage. His parents Christine and Earvin Johnson Sr. were both African-American and Magic has often spoken about the influence of his ethnicity and upbringing on his life and career.

His ethnicity has also played a role in his philanthropic efforts, particularly in addressing health disparities and economic development in African-American communities.

What is Magic Johnson Nationality?

Magic Johnson is an American. He was born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing Michigan United States. Over the years he has not only been a basketball legend but also a successful businessman and philanthropist.

Johnson’s nationality plays a significant role in his identity as he is often cited as one of the greatest American basketball players of all time. His contributions extend beyond the basketball court, he is been an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness and has significant business ventures in the United States.


How much is Magic Johnson net worth?

Magic Johnson net worth is estimated to be $620 million.

What was Magic Johnson’s NBA career earning?

He earned $39,342,460 in his NBA career which is over $70 million when adjusted for inflation.

How much did Magic Johnson make from Starbucks?

He sold his stake in Starbucks for $75 million.

Does Magic Johnson own the Dodgers?

He is part of an investment group that bought the Dodgers for $2 billion in 2012.

What are some other businesses Magic Johnson has invested in?

He has invested in T.G.I. Friday’s Sodexo and Burger King.

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