Livia Brito Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know
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It seems that the Cuban-Mexican actress Livia Brito Pestana comes from an artistic bloodline. Her mother Gertrudis Pestana was an important ballet dancer while her father Rolando Brito Rodríguez worked as a leading actor in Cuba.

We can comfortably say that Livia’s talent runs in the family, as she has followed the same career path that her parents made their profession. Apart from her biography, this play confirmed her age, her height, and offered more facts that one should know about the actress.

Livia Brito Biography (Age)

The Cuban-Mexican actress and model Livia Brito Pestana, popularly known to fans as Livia Brito, was born on October 16, 1986, in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, as the daughter of Rolando Brito Rodríguez (father), a leading actor in Cuba, and Gertrudis Pestana (mother), an important ballet dancer.

Livia Brito

Livia, whose star sign is cancer, is of Mexican, Cuban origin, and Latin ethnicity. When the budding actress was between 13 and 14 years old, her family emigrated to Mexico City, where her father later opened a restaurant called La Cubana, specializing in traditional Cuban dishes.

Livia worked as a waitress in a restaurant and later she worked as a model to help her parents finance their business studies. Although we have not yet confirmed the name of the institution where she studied, we have reason to believe that she has completed the study.

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In the 2009 edition of the Reina Mundial del Banano, she represented Mexico, where she was the first runner-up and was also named Miss Photogenic. Later she joined the Centro de Educación Artística of Televisa.

The acting career of the renowned actress stretches from 2010 until today. She made her acting debut with Triunfo del Amor, where she was cast in 2010 in the role of Fernanda Sandoval Gutierrez. She played a supporting role as Paloma Gonzalez in Angeli Nesma Medinas Abismo de pasión.

For the first time, the celebrated actress will appear as the protagonist in Lucero Suárez’ telenovela De Que TeQuiero, TeQuiero; her next role as the protagonist will be in Pedro Damian’s new telenovela Muchacha Italiana Viene a casarse, in which she played alongside Jose Ron. The Mexican television series Por Siempre Joan Sebastian saw her in the leading role of Maribel Guardia, and currently, the beautiful actress is taking a leading role in La Piloto.

Her Love Life

With her lovely personality and her fabulous physique, Livia is a beauty to be seen. She is currently in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Said ‘El Caballero, whom she calls her angel.

She said: “El Caballero is an urban musician whom she introduced to the public in August 2016 through Instagram as her boyfriend. Even if the lovebirds have not yet celebrated the wedding, they are planning in advance to have children and become parents. In a Spanish magazine, Livia announced that she is happy with “El Caballero” and is grateful to God for bringing such a wonderful man to her path.

The prominent couple is connected by an unbreakable bond, and Livia is very proud of her boyfriend. According to all indications, Livia “El Caballero thinks El Caballero is good husband material and may marry him in the near future. Although we will not hear wedding bells ringing yet, the fans would be very happy to see the two of them united in marriage.

Livia Brito Biography, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

Before she met “El Caballero”, Livia had other romantic affairs; first with Salvador Zerboni, with whom she was with from April 2012 to July 2012. Their relationship broke up after only three months. After Salvador Zerboni came to Danny Frank Molina, but in 2014 they had to split up because Livia fell in love with another man named Jose Ron, with whom she had a matchup on screen in 2014 in Muchacha Italiana Viene a casarse.

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Height and Other Facts about Livia Brito

1. Height: The actress with a model has a height of 1.71 m (5 feet 7 inches).

2. Weight: their weight, which corresponds to their size, is 56 kg

3. Social Media Profile: The beautiful actress has gained over 6millions followers on Instagram. It seems that millions of people are interested in keeping up to date on Livia’s life.

4. Net Worth: a careful examination of her career showed that the actress was able to accumulate a healthy amount of wealth, but at the time of this report (2018) the exact value of her wealth is unknown.