Lisa Edwards Body Camera: Woman Died In Police Custody- Reddit Update

Lisa Edwards Body Camera: Woman Died In Police Custody- Reddit Update: Lisa Edwards’ Body Camera video showed her asking for assistance when police arrested her, and she died from a stroke while in police custody. Here’s more information about the issue.

Despite the fact that Edwards was clearly having a stroke, the newly released video of her arrest has infuriated the Knoxville community.

“I’m gonna die! I can’t breathe! I beg you!” the 60-year-old can be heard saying, she says in a shaky voice as police officers battle to get her into the van.

Edwards earlier had a stroke and used a wheelchair, according to District Attorney Charme Allen.

On February 4, she flew to Knoxville, where she experienced abdominal pain and was taken to Blount Memorial Hospital when she arrived.

Lisa Edwards Body Camera Update

The body camera footage of Lisa Edwards was released, showing her moments before she experienced a stroke in police custody.

According to the body camera video, the first officer arrived at the hospital around 8 a.m., an hour after Lisa was discharged.

Lisa Edwards Body Camera: Woman Died In Police Custody- Reddit Update

The elderly woman informs the officer that she had a stroke and is unable to walk, but he replies that the hospital has already discharged her and wishes her to leave.

If Lisa does not depart, the officer threatens her with arrest and trespassing charges.

Other officers eventually come and attempt to transfer Edwards to the jail transport car.

However, the woman’s voice has become slurred as she begs for assistance and is unable to enter the van’s side compartment.

The officers are clearly disgusted with Edwards, referring to her as a dead weight and claiming she will not comply by standing or lifting her feet.

Woman Died In Police Custody- Reddit Update

Even though the 60-year-old says she can’t breathe or stand, officers, inform her she’s been medically discharged and is fine.

Officers have repeatedly stated that they believe Lisa is “playing games” in order to escape from leaving the hospital.

Because the lady could not be transported in the van, the police took her to jail in a cruiser.

Lisa can be seen gasping and wheezing as she slumps back into her seat just minutes after getting into the car.

Within 10 minutes, she was no longer audible and had vanished.

The officer drove for several minutes before noticing the woman had passed out. He is skeptical that she is acting.

Lisa was subsequently transferred back to Fort Sanders Hospital, where she died the following day, on February 6.

Lisa Edwards Body Camera: Woman Died In Police Custody- Reddit Update

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A woman died in police custody, according to a Facebook update.
Many people opposed the inhumane treatment of the authorities after Lisa Edwards, 60, died in police custody.

The incident was extensively discussed on online forums such as Reddit, with users criticizing the police.

r/Knoxville, r/TrueCrimeDiscussions, r/WhitePeopleTwitter, r/LateStageCapitalism, r/ACAB, and other subreddits have posted and discussed Lisa Edwards’ body camera video.

The Knoxville community has held several vigils to remember Lisa Edwards and to oppose the police’s inhumane behavior.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, none of the officers involved in the arrest will face criminal charges, citing that the officers’ interaction did not cause or add to Edward’s death.

Sgt. Brandon Wardlaw, Timothy Distasio, Adam Barnett, and transportation officer Danny Dugan are on temporary leave while an internal investigation is conducted.