LiAngelo Ball Biography, Height, Stats, Age, Girlfriend, Tattoo and Quick Facts
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If you happen to be an avid basketball fan, you have probably already met the Ball family. This is the family from which the Liangelo ball comes. He is the basketball star who played for the Vytautas Prienai-Birštonas and was involved in a shoplifting controversy in China that required the intervention of President Donald Trump and attracted the attention of many people to be settled. Here are things that you should know about him.

LiAngelo Ball Biography

November 24, 1998, was the date of birth of LiAngelo in Anaheim, California. He was raised by his parents Tina and LaVar Ball together with his younger brother LaMelo Ball and his older brother Lonzo Ball. It is very interesting to note that LiAngelo started playing basketball with his two brothers during his childhood. This was because both parents were involved in the sport in different ways.

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For his education, LiAngelo Ball attended Chino Hills High School and from there he went to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). However, after the incident that involved him in a shoplifting case in China, he was forced to withdraw from the university and was suspended from the institution.

LiAngelo Ball Biography, Height, Stats, Age, Girlfriend, Tattoo and Quick Facts
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The biggest controversy he became involved in was when he was arrested with his friends in Shanghai after they were allegedly caught shoplifting sunglasses. The three could have spent between 3 and 10 years behind bars for the alleged crime, but they were released after the Trump administration said it was an intervention by the president of the United States.

Although Trumped demanded that LiAngelo and his friends thank him for his intervention, which they did, it turned out that their release was already on the way.

Basketball Stats

So far LiAngelo does not have any significant statistics, as he has not played in many games either professionally or in college since his retirement in the first year. Looking at his statistics with Vytautas Prienu, he has played 15 games and started in 7 of them. He scored 193 points.

The young ball hoped to make it into the NBA by Draft 2018, but he didn’t make it at the Draft Combine in Chicago. So the former Prienu Vytautas player is now betting on making it through the back door, as his father said.

What LaVar wants is for all his boys to be signed by the Lakers, and that’s where LiAngelo’s interest lies, but it remains to be seen if he can get a jersey. The chances of that happening are very slim, as sources have revealed that the Lakers don’t even believe he is good enough for the G-League.


LiAngelo has a friend whose name is Izzy Morris. The two have been together for some time, but as he pointed out, he doesn’t like to talk about his relationship, although the two of them are always together on their social media.

Also known as Isabella Morris, Izzy, who has become an Instagram star, was born in Chino Hills, California on December 10, 1999.

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LiAngelo Ball Height

LiAngelo Ball is just like his other brothers both visually and in terms of skills geared towards the game of basketball. However, he is 2.0 m (6 ft 6 in) tall and 98 kg (216 lb) in weight.

LiAngelo Ball Biography, Height, Stats, Age, Girlfriend, Tattoo and Quick Facts
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Tattoos and Facts

  • The young baller got a tattoo on his back. Why the question of his tattoo has become interesting to many people is because his father has always hated tattoos and only found out that his son had one on himself when he was getting treatment. Sure, like any man who hates ink, LaVar was upset when he saw it, even though the tattoos said things like “Live a long and healthy life” as he told his brother, and a big cross on his chest.
  • As mentioned earlier, LiAngelo comes from a basketball family. While his father played sports in college and he later went to play football, his mother also played in her student days.
  • His brother Lonzo plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, while LaMelo plays for the Los Angeles Ballers.
  • Since the family is in love with basketball, it was LaVar who founded the Junior Basketball Association.
  • His mother, Tina Ball, suffered a stroke, from which she is still recovering gradually with the help of the entire family.
  • Before she became ill, Tina worked at Vernon Middle School in Montclair, California, as a sports director.
  • His family is very rich with a number of investments in sportswear for men and women. The family owns the Big Baller brand. However, his father LaVar has net assets of $4 million, while his brother Lonzo has net assets of $14 million.