Home Media personality Lesser Known Facts About Aaron Kaufman, His Girlfriend and Personal Net Worth

Lesser Known Facts About Aaron Kaufman, His Girlfriend and Personal Net Worth

Lesser Known Facts About Aaron Kaufman, His Girlfriend and Personal Net Worth
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The ability to take things apart and rebuild them perfectly is not a gift that many people possess. It takes not only the gift but also a high level of commitment to achieve this. Aaron Kaufman is a highly gifted person who has this unique ability to build things, especially vehicles. He has taken several vintage cars apart and brought them to life.

He is a mechanic, manufacturer, television technician, and business owner. Aaron is a “smart-ass” when it comes to vehicles and has been involved in several fruitful projects. His recent television shows Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman and Aaron Need A Job were quite successful.

Aaron Kaufman’s Journey To Fame And Fortune

Aaron Kaufman grew up with the innate ability to take things apart and rebuild them. He discovered his gift early and did everything he could to use his abilities. He soon found his way to a local workshop where he excelled in brilliance and hard work – and it was in this local Texas workshop that he made his big breakthrough. Richard Rawlings, who was working in Texas at the time, visited the garage and asked the owner to have his best mechanic work done on his car. The owner recommended Aaron and Rawlings were impressed with his skills. Years later Rawlings invited Aaron to join his “Hot Rod Shop” (Gas Monkey Garage). Aaron quickly rose through the ranks and became Rawlings’ assistant and chief mechanic. In 2012, the entire garage team began playing on the Discovery Channel on the television show “Fast N Loud”. As the show became popular over the years, Aaron’s popularity increased.

Lesser Known Facts About Aaron Kaufman, His Girlfriend and Personal Net Worth
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He left the garage and the show in 2017 and started his own show the following year. The show Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman premiered on 5 March 2018. He recently launched another show, Aaron Needs A Job, and even went on tour.

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Aaron, who has always been fascinated by Ford pickups, owns a company – Arclight Fabrication – which supplies parts for the Ford F-100 pickup.

What is Aaron Kaufman Net Worth?

From the beginning of his career, which began in a local garage, to his rise to fame as a renowned mechanic, Aaron has undoubtedly done well. He has made money on his various projects, and his net worth has been estimated at about $6 million.

Who Is The Woman In His Life?

Since 2013, Aaron has been in a relationship with Lauren Moore Knob Although the couple hasn’t revealed much about their relationship, they regularly appear on each other’s social media sites and seem to live together as well. Although they have committed to each other, they have shown no signs of getting married in the near future. They are the co-parents of their two dogs: Lizzie and Lola, whom they call their “pride and joy”.

Before Lauren and before fame landed on Fast N’ Loud, Kaufman was with a woman named Lindsay J. for three and a half years, whom they call their “Pride and Joy”. After their separation, Lindsay started a blog called “About That Bearded Guy”, in which she published photos of her and Aaron, including those he had taken before the beard.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Aaron Kaufman

  1. The truth about leaving ‘Fast N Loud’

When Aaron left the show, he just announced that it was time for him to leave the show. He later revealed that he had left the show for various reasons, especially because of different professional and personal opinions. He also revealed that he wanted to build big cars and that television prefers smaller cars.

  1. Aaron personally picked his new crew members

The talented mechanic was very picky about the kind of people he wanted to have on his team for his show. His crew members were chosen for their unique skills. He believes that his new crew members are hardworking, dedicated, and curious enough to take on difficult tasks that showcase their talents.

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Lesser Known Facts About Aaron Kaufman, His Girlfriend and Personal Net Worth

  1. Body Statistics

Aaron’s characteristic beard didn’t take much away from his calling. He has an impressive size and is said to be 1.5 meters 9 inches tall. He also weighs about 65 kg.

  1. Racing

Besides making cars, Aaron is also a racing driver. He has participated in the 2015 Stadium Super Truck Races and finished 21st.

  1. Social Media Presence

Aaron’s entry into television was an asset to him. It has enriched his career enormously and helped him to secure a large fan base on his social media platforms. With nearly one million followers on Instagram, Aaron’s contributions are mostly motor-related and occasionally feature pictures of his long-time girlfriend.