Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Alicia Linda Goranson, known as Lecy Goranson, is an American actress. She is widely known for her remarkable performance as of Original “Becky” Conner in the 1988 television series “Roseanne”.

She has also played supporting roles in How to Make an American Quilt (1996), Boys Don’t Cry (1999) and The Extra Man (2010). Read on to learn more about Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki

Lecy Goranson gave her “debut on the stage of the world” on 22 June 1974 in Illinois, United States of America.

Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

The fabulous actress is the daughter of Stephen and Linda Goranson. While her father was a civil servant working for the Environmental Protection Agency, Linda Goranson’s mother was an English teacher at Evanston Township High School. She has an older brother named Adam Scott Goranson.

Lecy spent most of her early years in Illinois and has been an actor since childhood. Lecy Goranson, who was ready to conquer the world of acting in her time, began her career in 1988, and in order to acquire the necessary knowledge in a selected professional field, she studied acting for a short time in Chicago.

Later she got a part in a TV show called Roseanne. She played the character ‘Becky Conner’ for five seasons but finally left the series in 1992, several episodes to the fifth season. Her departure was not the result of an outage with someone, but the intention to attend Vassar College.

Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

However, her schedule officially allowed her to continue a part-time appearance as Becky. After the change, the producers and authors of the show deliberately rarely wrote scenes for Becky.

When Lecy Goranson could no longer play the role, the authors had to make sure that the character Becky ran away with her boyfriend Mark Healy, played by Glenn Quinn.

Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

Her exit from the show changed the story and later the producers wanted her back in the next season, albeit not at the beginning, but she was still not available, so an audition took place and Sarah Chalke won the role.

Sarah Chalke played Becky for the rest of the sixth season and the whole seventh season. When the show reached its eighth season, Lecy Goranson managed to plan things so that she could take over the role of Becky again and replace Chalke.

She appeared consistently at the beginning of the eighth season, but in the off-season, her schedule was unfortunately at odds with her school days. As a result, Lecy had to retire from episodes where the Becky character was very important – Darlene’s wedding and a family trip to Walt Disney World. Chalke was called back to cover Becky for these episodes.

Towards the end of the season, Lecy Goranson disappeared again and competed against Becky again. After the end of the eighth season, however, she decided not to continue as she had scheduling conflicts last season. For the ninth season, which was also the final, Goranson didn’t return to the show as Becky Conner Healy, leaving Chalke to play for last season.

Lecy Goranson Bio, Wiki, Married, Husband, Net Worth

The show is believed to have gained much more popularity because of its emergence and disappearance, as it soon became a gag to its audience and performers.

After Roseanne aired her last episode, Lecy started working on many short films and the list is quite long The Perfect Dress, where she played the role of Candace and Monster Slayer, where she played Sue.

Goranson began working again in the mid-2000s. She played in movies like How to Make an American Quilt, Boys Don’t Cry, and The Extra Man.

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She has also been a guest in television programs such as Sex and the City, Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, Fringe, and Damage.

Lecy Goranson has also appeared in adult films and is usually considered Alicia and not Lecy.

She appeared with the cast of Roseanne on Larry King, where she opposed episodes that focused on homosexuality. Lecy described herself as “a good Christian”.

The actress is very popular with her audience and she worked in 8 movies in total, among them: Roseanne, Sex and the City, and naked in a Fishbowl. The most recent was The Wood House, which was aired in 2013.

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Lecy Goranson has shown extraordinary achievements in various films and television series and received awards such as the TV Land Award and the Young Artist Award. In 2008 she received the “TV Land Award” for her brilliant performance in the television series “Roseanne”.

Lecy is currently said to live in the Red Hook area of New York.

 Married, Husband

It is not certain whether Lecy Goranson is married, but it is widely believed that she is, even though her husband’s identity is kept a secret from the public. Like many celebrities, Lecy has managed to keep the details of her private life very secret.

Lecy Goranson’s Net Worth

At the beginning of 2014, the remarkable actress Lecy Goranson accumulated an estimated total net worth of $1.5 million.