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Kim Zolciak is an American reality TV star who became famous in 2008 as one of the members of the original cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before becoming famous on the show, Kim was a single mother of two daughters who worked as a nurse. She graduated from the University of Connecticut as a nurse after completing high school in 1996. While some of her co-stars on the RHOA show fainted, Kim was right to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. Its spin-off program Don’t Be Tardy, which began as Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, RHOA’s first spin-off has been a resounding success since its inception on April 26, 2012. Fans can never get enough of his glamorous lifestyle. let’s find out a few facts about Kim Zolciak Net worth, children, plastic surgery, husband

Kim Zolciak Net Worth

From nurse to reality TV star, Kim Zolciak has come a long way in terms of wealth. Moving from Connecticut where she was raised by her parents in Atlanta proved to be quite a turning point in her life. Her ability to evoke the drama immediately made her one of the fans’ favorites of the RHOA show, which premiered on Bravo in October 2008. The show captured Kim’s relationship with a certain Big Poppa, her growing musical career, and her subsequent marriage to Kroy Biermann, then an NFL star.

kim zolciak
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Kim has been a regular on the show for the first five seasons during which the show received positive reviews on Bravo, which meant a significant increase in revenue for his stars. Her income for the show was reported at about $600,000 per season, so for the 5 seasons, Kim earned nearly $3 million plus $150,000 more for meetings. When she returned as a guest of the 10th season of the RHOA, Kim reportedly negotiated a big paycheque, but the figures were not published.

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Thanks to positive criticism of her spin-off show, Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, which chronicled her preparations for her marriage to Biermann, Kim came to have her own Don’t Be Tardy show focused solely on her life and family.

Kim earns about $80,000 per episode of the show, so for each 12 episode season, she earns about $960,000. Her husband earns about $60,000 per episode, while her eldest daughter, Brielle, earns a considerable salary. Kim has shown how smart a businesswoman she is by investing her television money in other companies.

Kim Zolciak Net Worth, Children, Plastic Surgery, Husband Kroy Biermann

With her husband, Kim created Kashmere Kollection, a skincare line that has received praise from television stars such as the Kardashian sisters. The line found in 2016 has been extended to perfumes. Kim designed an eyelash line for Lilly Lashes, a favorite of Nicki Minaj and J-Lo. She collaborated with shoe designer Aminah Abdul-Jillil in 2016 to create KZB Kidz, a collection of children’s shoes.

Her large number of social media enthusiasts has earned her a number of lucrative endorsement contracts with products such as 310 dietary shakes, TeaMi detoxifying drinks, and FabFitFun beauty packages.

Kim Zolciak Net Worth, Children, Plastic Surgery, Husband Kroy Biermann

Kim and her family live in a 17,000 square foot mansion in Atlanta, in the exclusive Alpharetta district. The mansion was valued at $3.7 million, but when the developers faced bankruptcy, Kim bought the seized property for a meager $800,000.

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The beautiful business magnate loves to live in luxury and judging by the companies she has well for herself, she can afford the luxury of living. Her net worth was estimated at least $1.5 million and her husband’s at $5.5 million. Together, the couple is worth $7 million. So there we have it, that’s all we could gather about Kim Zolciak net worth

Kim Zolciak Husband (Kroy Biermann) and Children

Kim Zolciak Net Worth, Children, Plastic Surgery, Husband Kroy Biermann

Kim’s marriage to former NFL star Kroy Biermann has undoubtedly helped to revive her career. The two met in May 2010 at a charity event called Dancing with Atlanta Stars. Kroy was playing for the Atlanta Falcons at the time. They were married on November 11, 2011, at their home in Roswell, Georgia. Kroy was selected in the 2008 NFL draft with the Falcons selecting the 5th round. He played with the team for 6 years when he left in 2016 to join the Buffalo Bills. However, his performance declined and he could not see it at the end of his one-year contract signed in August 2016, as he was part of the team’s last reduction. Biermann has not played football since then and has decided to get involved in other businesses.

Kim Zolciak Net Worth, Children, Plastic Surgery, Husband Kroy Biermann

Kim and her husband share 6 children. From her previous relationships, including a short marriage with Daniel Toce (2001 – 2003), Kim had two daughters Brielle, born on 25 February 1997, and Ariana born on 17 October 2001, both Kroy who would adopt in 2013.

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Her biological children with Kroy include; Kroy Jagger born on May 31, 2011, Kash Kade born on August 15, 2012, and twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren who were born on November 25, 2013.

Plastic Surgery

Kim Zolciak has dared to admit several times that she was rolled under the knife. She received several Botox injections, including one to perfect her cellulite dimples. She got a lot of lip fillers which is probably the body modification that she was slammed for the most part. Kim received cellulite injections and underwent breast augmentation and abdominal plastic surgery. However, she denied rumors that she had plastic surgery on her face.

In May 2018, her daughter, Brielle, used her Twitter account to reveal that her mother had put fillings in her ears so that her heavy diamond earrings could adjust better. The procedure consists of having Restalyn injected into a stretched earlobe so that the ear is plumped again and the piercing ear is smaller and capable of containing heavy jewelry.