Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Real name
Kimberly “Kim” Noel Kardashian
October 21, 1980 (age 42)
Los Angeles, California, USA
celebrity (broadcaster)
father Robert Kardashian
mother Kris Jenner
Brothers and sisters
Older sister Kourtney Kardashian, younger sister Chloe Kardashian, younger brother Rob Kardashian,
half-sister Kendall JennerKylie Jenner
Damon Thomas (2000-2004)
Chris Humphreys (2011-2013)
Kanye West (2014-2022)
Eldest daughter North West (born June 15, 2013)
Eldest son Saint West (Born on December 5, 2015)
Second daughter, Chicago West (Born on January 15, 2018)
Second son, Sam West (Born on May 10, 2019)
Marymount High School
Pierce University Dropout
Kim Kardashian Signature


From Paris Hilton’s Assistant of honor to a famous celebrity it is a fact that is known and covered by self-made images but thanks to the success of her father Robert Kardashian’s law activities and business, Kim Kardashian was born into a wealthy family. She grew up in Beverly Hills California which is famous as one of America’s representative affluent villages. Her mother Kris Jenner has a housekeeper to help with various house chores while her children go to private schools go shopping go to spas and engage in various social activities, not unlike the wives of wealthy families said to have enjoyed

Kim Kardashian

She also received a BMW as a gift from her father Robert Kardashian on her 16th birthday. If you look at the Kardashian sisters’ childhood photos and home videos you can see that they grew up in a typical American affluent family.

Kim’s parents also gradually expanded their social circle and every weekend they met Lionel Richie, Sugar Ray Leonard, and OJ Simpson. It is said that they often enjoyed dinner with celebrities and sports stars who were counted in the United States at the time. In this way, Kim was able to build friendships with famous celebrities naturally from her childhood due to her home environment and she naturally dreamed of becoming a celebrity and entering the American social world.

Relationship with Paris Hilton

Around the time Paris Hilton popularized the term famous in the media. Her first appearance as a stylist friend on Hilton’s reality show made her appearance in American media. Even after that she followed Hilton by her side and appeared in the paparazzi and she laid the foundation for herself to grow into a celebrity. She was said to have been Paris Hilton’s stylist but in reality, she was a lady-in-waiting who ordered her to clean up her closet and do chores. Of course, it was not an equal relationship because it was a paid and hired relationship but even considering that Paris Hilton often openly insulted Kim in public at this time. There are various speculations about why Hilton hated Kim Kardashian so much and Kim Kardashian succeeded. There is also a theory that it was because Paris Hilton noticed early on that she was using herself for her own sake.

Kim Kardashian

In conclusion, Kardashian broke off relations with Hilton as soon as her reality TV show was launched. However there is a lot of talk about this but in line with Hilton’s intentional concept theory, there is a rumor that Hilton made Kardashian known to the world by making some kind of deal or cooperation with Kardashian and intentionally treating her like a servant. It is said that everything was a go-stop where the two of them knit and play. And as everyone expected since the late 2010s Paris and Kardashian have revealed that they are childhood friends who are proud of each other and openly stick together. In other words, the lady-in-waiting appearance shown on the air is directed.

Recently it was revealed that Paris Hilton participated in Kanye West’s brand campaign wearing makeup that looked exactly like Kardashian and the argument that the feud was concocted is gaining more credibility. In other words, the two have been best friends since their school days. In fact, if you go to Paris Hilton’s Instagram there are many pictures of her taking pictures and playing with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. In addition, Kim appears together in Hilton’s new song’s music video and the two of them are posting old photos on social media and saying ‘We were really good at this time~’ and hanging out. Given Kim’s appearance on Cooking with Paris Hilton in 2021, it’s clear that the two are on good terms.

Kim Kardashian

But at the time Hollywood it-girls styled by Rachel Jo were dominant and even if Paris Hilton didn’t insult her like a lady-in-waiting there would have been an infinite number of ways for Paris Hilton to make Kim Kardashian appear. There are quite a lot of people who do. However, since Paris was holding onto the concept of Hollywood’s best non-conceptual servant girl at the time it is only speculated that Paris planned a strategy that people would be interested in even if they were curious about the girl she despised. And above all, if you ask ‘Why did you come up with such a concept?’ “This is my friend Kim Kardashian. Please pay attention to my friend in the future” you should be able to say hello politely but this method is highly likely to not have any effect because it does not attract people’s interest It would be advantageous to use a more stimulating means for this purpose.

In other words, there must be an inexhaustible number of methods that Paris Hilton can use to promote Kim Kardashian but if you have to choose one of them anyway noise marketing using Paris Hilton’s existing image can be a sufficiently effective means. Why did you choose such a concept? In the end, it would be the story of why you didn’t come up with a concept that shows a more friendly and friendly side. It wouldn’t have been very appropriate to show it.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

It was a sex tape she filmed with her ex-boyfriend R&B singer Ray J that made her a household name. It wasn’t a big deal that one of her sex tapes was leaked in the vast United States but Kardashian was the owner of a voluptuous body that American men envy. At the time it was a huge issue. At that time she was suffering and her real mother Kris Jenner suggested that she turn into a celebrity because it was an accident. It will announce the beginning of ‘broadcasters’. As Kim’s fame grew many assumed that she voluntarily leaked her sex tape because she wanted it.

One of her most famous people is Oprah Winfrey. As stated in Oprah Winfrey’s article she asked openly on her talk show. However, this was wrong and Kardashian won the lawsuit against the person who leaked the sex tape and the porn site that distributed it. As an aside this ‘sex video scandal’ → Let’s go to the very end of this!’ As for the technique Paris is the original. In reality, it was an incident that deeply hurt the parties and it is the same that legal battles came and went. It’s not for nothing that Paris declared that ‘the Kardashian family was raised by me’. Paris or Kardashian or those from upper-class rich families would be a fatal disgrace and scar and even if they used it to rise they would not intentionally cause a video leak case that would be ridiculed and ignored by the upper class for the rest of their lives.

However, it is unreasonable to make a one-to-one comparison between the Hilton family a prestigious and historically rich family that has been passed down from generation to generation, and the Kardashian-Jenner family famous as America’s newest family. Right now the Hilton family is a family where Nicky Hilton can marry the Rothschild family but if you look at the spouses of the Kardashian-Jenner families they are all American celebrities. In the first place, it is not a top-class family that can be connected with a family that has been famous for a long time in the Anglo-American political and business circles such as Kennedy, Rothschild, and Vanderbilt.

Rumors that there was another video with Ray J circulated and the scene of Kanye West recovering it was captured on the Kardashian family’s reality program and Kris Jenner. After the video was leaked while Kim Kardashian was known as a sex symbol she also received a lot of sympathy as a young female celebrity suffering from the video leak. According to Ray J in the first place, she signed a contract with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner first and after that, she hired two places to shoot three videos and handed the original to Kris Jenner. it is said that Kris Jenner picked one of them and leaked it with Kim’s consent. Since then the new video leak controversy in 2021 has nothing to do with you. Kim and Chris later admitted it to be true in interviews and talk shows. The American public overwhelmingly responded that the Kardashian family could do that


First Kim Kardashian got married at the age of 19 right after graduating from high school but divorced at the age of 23 after four years of marriage. As time passed and Kim Kardashian’s influence grew in 2011 after many stars and dating rumors she married NBA basketball player Chris Humphreys for the second time. Their marriage received a lot of attention from the media because they had a super luxurious wedding ceremony costing 8.5 Million $. At this time Kim did not miss the means to earn money related to her marriage.

She produced a two-part special documentary about the process of their marriage and took about 1.5 million $ from the media instead of disclosing the wedding report and wedding photos alone. Kim who succeeded in her wedding business is estimated to have earned about 10.5 Million $. However, due to differences in her personality she filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage and Kardashian became more famous.

The high voices of doubt about authenticity stem from the duration of their marriage Humphreys is a quiet level-headed player who is the opposite of Kardashian’s personality. At the time Humphreys was a good role player but far from a star and the team at the time was the New Jersey Nets far from flashy. Because of this NBA fans at the time wondered why the famous Kardashian would marry such a child. Chloe Kardashian is married to Lamar Odom Although he was not a superstar Odom had been called a basketball genius since his debut and he was close to being an All-Star above all he was a member of the LA Lakers the most glamorous and popular team at the time.

Coincidentally Odom moved to Dallas and divorced some time after he started to fall as a basketball player. Humphreys was an ordinary player with the little buzz in terms of individual player skill and team. In fact, Humphreys demanded an annulment of the marriage, not the divorce that Kardashian had argued and based on that he argued that the marriage itself was fraudulent. If the marriage itself is annulled the marriage history itself does not remain. However, since there was no physical evidence for this claim the two eventually agreed to the divorce. It is suspected that it was promoted as an event.

Because of this, there was even an opinion that 70 days was quite a long time. After the breakup, a long court battle ensued over the duration of the marriage. After filing divorce papers they remained a legal couple for several years as no agreement was reached between the two sides. After this incident, Kim gained fame but the public’s evaluation of Kim Kardashian was very poor and Kim Kardashian was branded as a woman who would do anything for money and popularity. To some extent, she was suspicious that even the sex tape case was leaked by herself and she was almost certain

Her third husband was Kanye West. West first met Kardashian in 2004 and they’ve known each other ever since. West has always liked Kardashian. Sources say she has been a fan of Kardashian ever since she was Paris Hilton’s stylist. It is said that she fell in love with Kardashian when she accidentally came to a Kanye acquaintance’s office. From this time on Kanye who did not even show her face in her tolerable broadcasts appeared on the reality show Kardashian’s reality show and she showed an open crush on Kardashian. eventually ended up getting married.

Because she is cool she keeps her expressionless throughout the broadcast and when she is with Kim she can always see Kanye’s smile in full bloom. In the Kardashian family, small fights such as affairs are common but Kanye and Kim get along really well without making noise about such things. People speculate that she is because Kanye loves Kim so much. Kim and Kanye have four children the third born via a surrogate mother.

However, on February 19 2021 local time in the United States news broke that Kanye and Kim were officially divorcing. An article from Pitchfork announcing the news of Kanye and Kim’s divorce. So far they are separated. Kim filed for divorce.

It can be said that the breakup started when Kanye made several publicly hurtful remarks to Kim and her family due to her bipolar disorder. Kanye tweeted that she was in the same situation as the protagonist of Get Out and called her ex-mother-in- law Kris Jenner a Kim Jong-un type. As a result, a meme that mocked Chris’s face by synthesizing it with a picture of Kim Jong-un became popular on the Internet. She later apologized but her Kim side could not help but feel hurt by Kanye’s attitude when she continued to gossip about her family on public social media.

When Kim was pregnant she originally wished she had an abortion but she gave birth because Kim wanted it she said. She said that the shock she received from Kim at this time was considerable. Even if her husband continues to make mistakes her heart is hurt by the shock of losing her mother when she was young so even Kim who publicly shielded Kanye on her Instagram said it was hard to accept this. Kim said her Kanye was a white supremacist when he said that he revealed that he had decided to divorce.

Although she is divorced she still retains the ‘Kim Kardashian West’ moniker. While she parted ways with Kanye amicably she seems to keep her surname West for the sake of her children. Even though she divorced Kanye it’s not like she broke up badly with Kim still celebrating her Kanye birthday on her Instagram. She appeared on stage at Apple Music’s third listening party for Kanye’s new album Donda wearing a Balenciaga wedding dress sparking rumors of a reunion. At her previous listening parties, Kim also attended her family including her children and Chloe.

On November 18 2021 she officially admitted on that she was in a romantic relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. Became close with Pete Davidson after appearing on SNL. Kim played Jasmine in Aladdin while Pete Davidson appeared on Aladdin .took over and performed. Since then dating rumors have circulated such as paparazzi taking pictures of the two of them riding a roller coaster at an amusement park and pictures of them holding hands and going out for dinner. Both side did not reveal their position on the dating rumor but it was known that they had a birthday party for Kris Jenner and Pete Davidson and it became an established fact that the two were in a relationship.

Kanye West appeared on a TV show when Kim was rumored to be dating Pete Davidson and said “I’m not divorced from Kim yet. She’s still my wife. We want our children to be together too.” did. She also posted a photo of her kissing Kim on her Instagram capturing her article in which she said “Lord will make me and Kim get back together.” However, on November 7, 2021, Kanye himself attended the Donda Academy basketball game held in Minneapolis with Vinetoria a model born in 1999 who was 22 years younger than him and watched the game. Victoria also reportedly attended her Halloween Sunday service with Kanye. However, since she hasn’t heard from her since then it seems that she wasn’t serious about the meeting.

Later during her concert, Kanye said ‘ Runaway’ .’ He expressed his desire to reunite with Kim several times to the extent that he changed the lyrics and called ‘Come back to me Kimberly (Kim’s real name)’. However, she stated her firm intention of getting divorced to the point that Kim asked her court to rule her single and she applied for the last name West to be officially removed from her name. She seems to have no intention of reuniting with Kanye at all. Kanye subsequently asked her court to deny Kim’s application for bachelorhood. She said that if Kim became her bachelor she could transfer the couple’s joint property to her account without Kim’s agreement. The funny thing is that Kim and Kanye signed a pre-wedding contract so there is no property in their joint names. Kanye also requested that if Kim later remarried another man she would give up marital privileges that would give her remarried husband a say in the joint custody of the two of them. Marriage privilege is exercised between the parties who are married so this can also be said to be an act of condescension by Kanye.

Kanye was so reluctant that she bought Kim’s front house but she gave up when Kim continued dating Pete Davidson. Kanye said in February she broke up with Julia Fox and started dating an unknown model named Channie Jones who is 20 years her junior. As an aside, this model named Chaney Jones looks exactly like Kim!!

Conflict with Kanye continues after her divorce February 4 2022 Kanye took to Instagram to complain that Kim created a TikTok account with her eldest daughter North against her will. Kanye has always been against the use of social media by her young children. Kim wrote in her own Instagram story “I’ve been hurt by Kanye’s continued public slander against her family. As the children’s primary caregiver, she wants to support North in letting her creativity run through her TikTok as much as her adults allow. I want to solve this problem privately. She posted a position statement saying “I hope Kanye will work out amicably with the third attorney she hired last year.”

In response, Kanye refuted Kim’s position statement. ‘I saw you made it look like you were trying to kidnap my daughter’s (third Chicago) birthday party by not giving me your address and you even did a drug test and tried to turn me into a drug offender.’. I went to school to see her son (2nd Saint) and your bodyguards called me a thief’ she openly accused. Following this Kanye captured and posted a notice on TikTok stating that “content posted by children under the age of 13 will be deleted.” North is 8 years old as of 2022 (9 years after her birthday).

Chicago and Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormy’s joint birthday party was held earlier in January at the time Kanye appealed to social media saying “I can’t go because no one told me the location and time of my daughter’s birthday party.” Afterward, Kanye posted that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott Kylie were able to go to her party by giving them the location.

According to what she revealed in an interview she mentioned that whenever she tried to visit her children her bodyguards blocked her so she couldn’t go in to see them while Pete Davidson was at Kim’s mansion. seems to have started to lose. However, she said that Kim’s entourage prevented Kanye from entering the house because Kanye kept causing accidents big and small every time he tried to enter the house and she said Kim had yet to formally introduce Pete to her children. He refuted that he never let him meet because he was careful about doing it.

However, after dating Pitt for about 9 months a breakup article was reported on August 5th. The reason is because of the schedule. Regarding this when Kanye posted on her Instagram that Pete Davidson was dead she said that Kim was extremely angry and that there would never be a reunion. Whether the two broke up badly Kim’s Instagram still has pictures of Pete and Kim dating at the time.

Controversy and Criticism

He is also one of the most unlikable stars in America with constant controversy and gossip over the years. It’s because he sat on a money cushion without any effort or talent just attracting attention by stimulating aggro. In the past, there was not much known about her and her family in Korea so most people did not know why they were so unlikable but as the Internet and YouTube developed the Kardashian-Jenner family became more and more known, and accordingly the Kardashian-Jenner family’s end and controversy.

As “Jenner” became known at the same time there are many negative views in Korea even though they say that the Kardashian Jenners including Kim is great. In particular in Korea where the personality of a celebrity is particularly important if Kim is usually reluctant the Taylor Swift case at the bottom is often cited as an example. Needless to say especially domestic Swifties. In fact, it is the most successful case of unlikable marketing.

Robert Kardashian

First of all the first case in which the Kardashian family was stigmatized as unlikable was when Kim’s father took on the defense of the OJ Simpson case. American football player OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death and the police analyzed various evidence and arrested OJ Simpson as the culprit. At this time Kim’s biological father Robert Kardashian was entrusted with the defense of his close friend OJ Simpson. In fact, it was OJ Simpson’s crime that anyone could see.

Because of this despite winning her trial all of her lawyers including OJ Simpson were heavily criticized. The Kardashian family couldn’t escape either and people criticized them for taking other people’s lives and making good on them. However, at the time, Robert Kardashian took on this case Kris Jenner was divorced from Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner was rather the victim of losing her friend to OJ Simpson. If she lived quietly after that there would be no big problem but the Kardashian family came into the spotlight again when she launched her family reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians led by her mother Kris Jenner.

The event that contributed the most to the climax of Kim Kardashian’s unlikable index was her marriage to Chris Humphreys which was detailed above. Even when Kim’s sex tape leaked in the early days became a big issue even if she said that Kim intentionally leaked it for her popularity it was actually the public’s guess or speculation so it was not easy to criticize Kim Kardashian. But seeing Kim go through her lavish multi-billion dollar wedding and her divorce after 72 days her public image of her as someone who would do anything for her popularity and money was completely stuck. The reason why her second marriage had a huge impact on Kim’s career was that she became an irreplaceable issue maker in Hollywood at the same time as she was heavily criticized at the time.

Often posts nude pictures of herself on social media and attends the Met Gala wearing a corset that’s so tight that she can’t even sit or walk launching a perfume that imitates one’s own body is constantly mentioned as a problem of sexual commercialization. In 2016 there was a small quarrel with Chloe Grace Moretz over the issue of sexualization. After Kim posted nude photos of her on social media Chloe Moretz wrote that “as a public figure it is inappropriate to commercialize the female body.” To this Kim countered saying “I feel empowered because of my body and my sexiness. I have the right to be sexy. ” She added “I don’t know why people tell other people what to do. I don’t do drugs I rarely drink alcohol I’ve never committed a crime. But is it inappropriate for me to be confident about my body? ” He stated her position.

While there are many opinions criticizing Kim Kardashian’s subjective sexiness corsets and commercialization of sexuality in Korean women’s websites there are more criticisms in the United States about body transformation and appropriation of black culture for reasons such as large buttocks and tanning.

Kim Kardashian

At the time of her first and second pregnancies, she was criticized for always wearing high heels despite her full-term body. It was because he maintained high heels despite her feet being swollen due to her swelling.

It launched an underwear brand in June 2019 and it is known that the brand applied for a trademark last year. However, because the brand name is ‘ Kimono Intimates ‘ many Japanese are outraged that it is an insult to Japanese culture. In the midst of this, a net right-winger made anti-Korean remarks thinking that Kardashian was Kim a Korean and is being ridiculed by Japanese netizens. Then since this woman’s husband is Mr. Kanie there are illness limps saying that she is Japanese. Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa directly expressed his concern about the incident.

In addition to the above skims the body foundation of the soon-to-be-released kkw beauty, body collection is also being criticized for promoting body hatred and corsets among women. However, there are only half positive opinions about this. In the first place, the body found itself as a product already in circulation and Kim did not come up with anything particularly unusual.

On January 6 2020 photos of wild animals affected by the bushfires in Australia were posted on Instagram stories expressing the hope that the situation would calm down quickly. Her younger sister Kylie Jenner also captured and uploaded this Instagram story and expressed her sympathy. However, after that, it became controversial when she posted a picture of herself wearing mink slippers on her Instagram story.

The gold dress that Marilyn Monroe made and wore when she sang John F Kennedy’s birthday song was lent by the museum to Kim Kardashian to wear at the Met Gala in 2022. Of course, the clothes did not fit the body and the clothes were severely damaged. The clothes I rented were only worn for a few minutes because they didn’t fit me too well but the back was bursting and was covered with a fur coat. After coming up on the red carpet she came out wearing a replica. Marilyn Monroe maniacs are expressing strong criticism to both Kim and the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum’ for renting out 60-year-old clothes that do not fit in size.

In the summer of 2022 as the entire state of California suffers from a prolonged drought Kim Kardashian’s excessive waste of water is being criticized. In June Kim’s water use was revealed to be 870 tonnes over the water budget.

Dispute with Taylor Swift and Controversy over Manipulation

To start with conclusion Taylor Swift was framed with lies using video manipulation and the media but it was revealed that the evidence was an edited version maliciously manipulated by Kim through hacking.

2016 Taylor Swift took direct action against her husband Kanye West who said it was Kanye’s fault for writing sexually harassing lyrics despite her prior consent. On Snapchat, Kanye posted two recordings asking Swift to agree on lyrics. With this, the flow of public opinion was completely reversed and Taylor’s past in which she tried to bury several people as she tried to bury Kanye was re-examined and her usual good girl image was dealt a major blow. Also when Taylor’s side threatened that there was a recording of Kanye saying bad things to Taylor it was in New York.

He showed Kanye reassurance that it was illegal because he did not do it. It means that the recording Kardashian uploaded was done in New York so he knew it was legal. She mentioned that she released the recording on Snapchat to protect herself and her husband and as a result of her image of Kanye being revived again, she said that Kanye wanted to marry her. The public opinion that it was good has prevailed. And it wasn’t even after the incident that the recording was released Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris certifies that Taylor dissed Katy Perry. It was time for criticism of Taylor to begin to boil again.

Then Kanye’s cloud was completely hacked and the ‘original’ of the call between Taylor Swift and Kanye West was leaked and it was revealed that Taylor had maliciously edited the contents of the call with Kanye West to make it look like Taylor was lying. . In the aftermath of this incident TaylorToldTheTruth was posted on Twitter real-time trending in support of Taylor. Afterward, this is Taylor’s malicious conspiracy and he continues to insist that Taylor is lying saying that he has never edited the video and that he cut and pasted only the necessary parts but Taylor’s fans are cold. Rather a situation where he is being ridiculed as a rat by her own husband Kanye West.

And in 2021 as Kanye’s mental illness worsened and his marriage broke up it was said that the couple took back what they had done to Taylor.

Back Ad Controversy

Due to the charge of illegally advertising a certain virtual currency, it was fined about 1.8 billion won in Hanwha.


In the United States, it is famous for its hearty and big buttocks. The American magazine Paper published a pictorial featuring Kardashian as a model pouring champagne from a glass on her hip also draws attention but in the second photo released Kardashian is boldly revealing her backside. And in the third picture of her, her chest as well as her genitals are exposed from the front. These photos of course became a hot topic and became a meme.

Most experts and netizens assume that it is surgery. There is so much talk about these buttocks that there is even an episode in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ where they go to the hospital and get tested to prove that it is a natural buttock without surgery. However, X-rays were taken to prove that her buttocks were natural but there was no silicone there was an opinion that the silicone was not visible due to the Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL abdominal fat transplanted to the buttocks).

Kim Kardashian

Judging by the shape of the buttocks revealed in swimsuit images etc. it is estimated that only BBL or a combination of BBL and implants was performed. However in order to make the hips this big with surgery the size of the hips before surgery must be above average. In fact, if you look at past photos you can see that it was on the large side to some extent even if it was not abnormally large like it is now.

It is not known because her buttocks were so prominent but he also underwent breast augmentation surgery. Before and after breast augmentation On SNL

in 2021 she herself mentions her older sister and younger siblings’ plastic surgery. from 1 minute 17 seconds

Other Facts

In Korea, many say that she was much prettier back then when she was unknown than now when she is famous. A photo of Aladdin’s Jasmine as a Halloween costume is a legend. Also in the photo revealed to have been taken at the age of 14, he boasts a body and mature appearance that would never be believed to be 14 years old. Even when he was Paris Hilton’s stylist he drew attention by asking who that pretty extra was. The reason she became famous for her sex tape was that Kardashian was super hot at the time.

Now Kim’s makeup and fashion style are completely the work of her ex-husband Kanye West. As for Kim she originally liked bright tones and lively clothes. An episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired where Kanye cleaned out Kim’s closet. At this time she said that she had emptied all but 2 of Kim’s 250 shoes.

Unlike many celebrities, she has no tattoos on her body. He commented on this on The Wendy Williams Show in 2009:

Looking at the remark alone it means ‘I will not wear cheap decorations on my expensive body’ but in fact, it is a concept maintenance remark by Kim who is famous for dissing and embarrassing others. She was a talk show that came out to promote a show she appeared on and there are many directions in which Kim plays the extreme against Chloe. So when her sister Chloe who appeared alongside her introduced her to her own tattoo Kim made a humiliating remark to her straight-up sister. Her audience reacts greatly and Kim is shown soothing her sister by saying “Chloe is a Ferrari .” People who don’t know her context mistakenly say “It’s a concept statement” or wonder “Does Bentley do tuning (plastic surgery)?”

Many people think that he is a very fierce and picky person saying that he is a member of the Refund Expedition but he is not that kind. In the past, I would wear bright clothes and greet the paparazzi with a smile but people around me changed it. There are many people who always look at paparazzi pictures and are surprised to see Kim speaking for the first time on video. She is more of a nerdy character with a valley girl accent and a so-called very feminine personality.

Contrary to her seemingly healthy appearance her body is not as good as she thought. She has a chronic skin disease inherited from her mother and also has psoriatic arthritis caused by it. Both her mother Kris Jenner and Kendall have psoriasis but Kim is said to be the most severe. When her arthritis is severe it is difficult to move and it is difficult to carry a cell phone and toothbrush. In 2018 she was diagnosed with lupus disease. She actually said that her arthritis could also be caused by lupus. However, lupus is now said to have recovered.

She is very afraid of spiders but ironically Kim’s oldest daughter North likes spiders and asked to have a pet spider causing Kim to have a mental breakdown. Of course, she rants that North will never have a spider as long as she lives with him but she still calls in her expert for North to touch her spider.

She is the owner of Pagani Huayra and bought her a Lamborghini Aventador for her ex-husband Kanye West’s birthday.

In 2022 as a Met Gala costume, she wore a nude-colored dress that Marilyn Monroe wore at John F Kennedy’s birthday party in 1962. It is said to be a homage, not an imitation but a dress she actually wore. (!) The Metropolitan Museum of Art gave it a special loan. 1962 first worn since Marilyn. That is the second person wearing it was Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian’s friend Britney Gastino is the daughter of American football legend New York Jets defenseman Marc Gastino. Kim’s mother Chris and Gastino’s mother Lisa appear to be close friends. The two also launched a reality TV show but it ended with season 2.

A nude pictorial appeared in Playboy in 2007. But now the back door that he regrets shooting nudes actually discussed covering important parts in her reality show and exposed them but he burst into tears saying that it was revealed Kris Jenner even had a scene where he said he would proceed with a lawsuit if he wanted so the truth is that over.

Even though there is less than 1% of Indian blood mixed only Korean reporters introduce them as ‘ Indian-American ‘ when they report. As seen in Henryk Mkhitaryan “-Ian -Yan” is an Armenian surname. By the way, Kim is not Kim.

For some reason, She is known in Korea as a woman who goes to shame Armenia but it is a real leap forward. She is strictly American although Kardashian is of Armenian descent and her father Robert Kardashian is also a fourth-generation Armenian American born in Los Angeles. In other words, Kardashian’s great-great-grandfather had already settled in the United States. And that Robert Kardashian’s parents were also third-generation Armenian- Americans. Above all Kim Kardashian is mixed with her mother Kris’ European lineage and it is no exaggeration to say that the only surname remaining as an Armenian identity is Kardashian.

In the first place, it was speculated that Kim kept the name Kardashian in order to enjoy the halo of her father Robert Kardashian who was a national celebrity. In fact, Kardashian quickly changed her name to ‘Kim Kardashian West’ as soon as she married Kanye West who would make her more famous. At this point her paternal ancestry is Armenian but she is just American. She is presumed to be a misunderstanding caused by the fact that the only famous Armenians known in Korea are Henrik Mkhitaryan Aram Khachaturian and System of Down members. For reference, there are many cases in which Armenian immigrants succeed in the local market with diligence comparable to Jews so there is a stereotype that ‘ Armenians = wealthy’. In fact, young people in Armenia seem to like Mkhitaryan more.

In 2016 jewelry worth 12 billion won was stolen from a famous residence in Paris France. Upon hearing the news on the day of her incident Kanye canceled her performance due to family issues and went straight to Paris to take Kim on her private plane. On January 9 2017 the suspect was arrested through DNA analysis and in the end, it is said that all but the cheap jewelry that the criminal intentionally spilled during the escape was not recovered. Recently one of the perpetrators responded to an interview but has been criticized for showing no remorse.

In the lyrics of Eminem’s song ” We Made You,” there are diss contents such as “I think I’m a man because I have a big butt ” and “I want to squeeze you.”Of course, Relapse which contained this song was an album written during Eminem’s drug addiction rehabilitation period and according to a later interview, it was a situation where the taste was so bad that he had to learn rap again from the beginning so he thought of spitting out any words that rhyme. It is said that he wrote the song with It later became one of the songs that even Eminem self-dissed on SHADYXV saying “I’d rather make Not Afraid 2 than rewrite a song as We Made You again .”

Nijab Nizak the former Prime Minister of Malaysia was found to have received gifts during a corruption investigation.

Appeared opposite Pete Wentz in Thnks for the mmrs’ music video for Fall Out Boy’s third album Infinity On High.

Mauro Icardi ‘s wife Wanda Icardi appears to be aiming for the Kim Kardashian spotted in soccer. This person also loves social media very much and uploads a lot of sexy photos while claiming to be her husband’s agent he does things to attract attention such as posting a picture of a zebra the symbol of Juventus in the process of beating her team Internazionale Milano. This is an annual event. Like Kim who has various occupations such as an entertainer businesswoman and designer, this person also has a variety of things such as fairy tale writing and soccer in addition to her main job as a glamor model. She is but it’s true that she doesn’t look as smart as Kim.

A typical example is when rumors of an exchange between Gonzalo Higuaín and her husband circulated Juventus denied it and then posted a picture wearing a zebra pattern bikini. In response, Inter fans laughed at her saying that it was a rudimentary mistake that Kim Kardashian would not do. At the beginning of 2019, she dragged out time after trying to renew her contract with Inter from the previous year. has come down with instructions! In addition, she trusted her husband’s position in the team and even showed arrogance to criticize her husband’s teammates even though the team exploded and her husband was deprived of all privileges.

In February 2019 he left a Korean greeting to congratulate the Korean airing of ‘The Kardashian Family (original title: Keeping Up with the Kardashians)’. video

It was announced that it had been more than a year since he had been preparing to obtain a lawyer’s license. Kim doesn’t have a college degree but in some states working in a law firm and passing the baby bar qualify her to take the full bar exam. People responded that it was the material of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Some responded that it was for publicity because they felt insecure when the younger generation such as Kylie and Kendall rose up. . She said the result was 740 and failed. It seems that she was sincere to some extent seeing as the paparazzi took pictures of Kim studying quite diligently and she said that she actually studied for more than 10 hours a day. She said however that she is considering whether to take the bar exam again.

Because even if she passes the preliminary exam she has to work in a law firm for the next four years and the formal bar exam is so different from the preliminary exam that even students who have attended three years of law school fail. It is a test that cannot be guaranteed to pass even if she is a full-time examinee and it is very unrealistic for Kim who is in charge of business and broadcasting to even take care of children to pass the formal bar exam. She is but as of 2022, she has been put on preliminary exams. In an episode of the Kardashian Family released on Disney Plus she studied instead of having a birthday party and confirmed acceptance at a restaurant.

pretty weak-hearted A typical example is when Chloe Kardashian found out that Tristan Thompson had cheated on her before giving birth and interviewed her saying “I’m going to fuck that bastard. ” When they were together in the room they timidly shouted at the back of Tristan Thompson’s head and this time even in the case of the kimono for corrective underwear they stood firm as if they would not change the brand name and eventually posted on Instagram that they would change it.

He is in a different line from the above saying that he is not a coward. Unlike the controversy at the beginning of Skims, the name change seems to be going well. There are models of various sizes various races and various body types. Considering that the latest trend is the diversity it seems that they tried to follow the trend of the times. It is also possible to ship to Korea from Gonghom. It was also designated as the official underwear brand for the US national team players participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It seems to be getting good reviews in the US as well.

Husband Kanye West suddenly founded a birthday party to run for the US presidential election in 2020 and at the presidential election ceremony, his wife Kim Kardashian revealed that he had considered abortion and it is said that the two are fighting. At least as shown above since Kardashian who has a good personality is suffering from bipolar disorder her husband West is suffering from bipolar disorder so she defends West by asking her to understand the possibility of a divorce between the two is low.

However on January 6, 2021, rumors of Kanye and Kim’s divorce resurfaced in Complex, etc., and eventually on February 19, 2021, it was reported in the US that the two officially divorced. Currently, the two say they have cut off contact with each other and in Kanye’s case she even changed her number and is particularly angry with Kim for pushing for a divorce without consulting her.

Baby bar exam through the Instagram post in December 2021 It was reported that had passed. It is an exam with a pass rate of less than 30% each year which Kim reportedly took for a whopping four years.

The Kardashian family including Kim has caused several controversies but surprisingly there is not much controversy about racism. In particular discrimination against Asians occurs almost unconditionally in foreign countries and Kim even posts pictures of herself with Asians on Instagram. The black phishing controversy has been around for a long time but there has never been a direct discriminatory speech. She’s never even supported the STOP_ASIAN_HATE movement.

September 7, 2022. It was decided to launch a private equity fund company with an investment expert from the world-class private equity fund Carlyle Group.

According to Forbes Kim is worth $1.8 billion and her underwear brand SKIMS is valued at $3.2 billion.

Some Facts About Kim Kardashian

[1] In the United States, it is pronounced closer to “Kim Culdaishian”. On March 4 2022 during her divorce proceedings, Kanye West West officially removed her surname from her court officially recognizing her celibacy. Because ‘Kim’ is in the name you may think that you are a Korean-American or your parents are Korean but it is not ‘Kim’ it is short for Kimberly.

[2] After marrying Kanye West she changed her name to Kim Kardashian West after Kanye’s surname but after the divorce, she returned to Kardashian.

[3] Although he has never stood out as an actor he has been working steadily since 2008.

[4] In the final scene of the third listening party for Kanye West’s 10th studio album Donda which took place at Soldier Field in Chicago on August 27, 2021, local time in the United States the possibility of a reunion was raised as it appeared in the wedding scene with Kanye West. There were times when the conflict between the two continued and those words disappeared.

[5] The name is really good but when translated directly it means ‘northwest’. My nickname is Northie. Her father Kanye West and her unique personality are characterized by a stoic personality. He like North creates a TikTok account and has even had conflicts with his ex-husband Kanye West because of this. Kanye was against the use of social media by his young children. The famous video did Kim her mom make up? This is a video that asks Because she loved the way North rubbed Jaggin’s face in her mother’s face as soon as she said it wasn’t Kim. Some of Kim’s children are getting older but Kim is taking North to various events and showing her face.

[6] Directly translated it means a saint. In the process of giving birth to her second child, she had a physical problem and from the third child, she gave birth through a surrogate mother.

[7] It is said that the name was built in honor of Kanye West’s mother and hometown. Like her sister, she is called Chi-Chi a nickname for the city of Chicago. She hangs out often with her cousins True Thompson (daughter of Kim’s sister Chloe Kardashian ) and Stormy Webster (daughter of Kim’s half-sister Kylie Jenner ) both born in the same year. There were many rumors that she was given Noel as her middle name which is also her mother Kim’s middle name but this turned out to be unfounded. Not only did she not have her middle name on her published Chicago birth certificate nor did her older brothers North and Saint have middle names. Furthermore, she can’t believe that Kim gave her middle name only Chicago over her older brother. She looks just like Kim and because of her pretty looks she gets the most attention along with Stormy among the Kardashian children.

[8] She gave birth in May 2019 via a surrogate mother. It is a psalm but the p and l in front are silent. The meaning is a psalm of the Bible.

[9] Two-year community college

[10] Along with saying that she is the prettiest girl in this class.

[11] It was a case where Kris Jenner who was originally from an ordinary family succeeded in reversing her life thanks to her marriage to Robert Kardashian.

[12] At this time Simpson may have formed a close friendship with Robert Kardashian and during the OJ Simpson case, Robert was hired as one of Simpson’s attorneys.

[13] Some may wonder why Paris Hilton wasn’t famous from the start. She also had her days as Nick Carter’s unnamed girlfriend.

[14] However, some say that Kim and Paris were actually estranged during the time when Nicole Richie and Paris who were two common friends were wrong. However, seeing as both Kim and Nicole attended Paris’ wedding recently it seems that Carder is Carder.

[15] For example, in 2017 Paris posted a photo on Twitter that they went to Ibiza together in 2006. Kim also retweeted saying ‘The best trip!’ and then she posted pictures from the trip on Instagram. * And this 2006 was the time when Kim was treated as a hand assistant and looked down on in Simple Life. In other words from that time on she gave all sorts of humiliation in front of the camera and when the camera was off she would arm in arm-and hang out.

[16] Crucially the position of ‘Paris’ best friend’ was preoccupied with Nicole Richie. Paris said on the air ‘This is my friend Kim!’ From the moment she does it her character overlaps with Nicole and Kim a relatively quiet personality is at great risk of becoming a screenwriter on-air.

[17] It’s not for nothing that Kanye had a crush on Kardashian since she was Paris Hilton’s Assistant.

[18] Courtney’s spouse is Travis Barker Kim Kardashian’s former spouse is Kanye West and Kylie Jenner’s spouse is Travis Scott all of whom are in the entertainment industry. Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar Odom and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson are basketball players.

[19] According to Ray J’s revelation, he originally signed a contract with a porn company that sued and received a settlement.

[20] Damon Thomas. A member of Underdogs and a music producer.

[21] The process of the two getting married is well shown through Season 6 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and there were people who predicted the breakup just by watching this broadcast. Her older sister Kourtney Kardashian later remarked on the show that she would not have married Kris Humphreys if she had married her because of her fame.

[22] In a later story, Kardashian kept the diamond ring that Humphreys had given him when he proposed to her after breaking off the engagement so bad words were exchanged about it.

[23] At the time of the sex tape incident, there was a rumor that Kim intentionally leaked it but there were many people who did not believe it saying that if he was sane he would have done it. However the fact that her wedding process was shown on a reality show and she divorced after 72 days was difficult for the American public to accept emotionally so the public began to believe that the sex tape was intentionally leaked.

[24] However, since 2021, there has been controversy that Kardashian is serious about studying for the bar exam while West is preparing for a divorce because of the presidential election or going out.

[25] Chicago’s birthday is on January 15th and Stormy’s is on February 1st just two weeks apart.

[26] Kim is a ‘celebrity’ not a model actor or MC. She can be said to be a broadcaster because her entertainment program centered on her family was a hit.

[27] In fact, the Met Gala event itself is not an ordinary party but a party where celebrities wear clothes of a certain concept.

[28] Emily Ratajkowski sided with Kim.

[29] Only in New York is a recording legal if the person’s voice is heard. The rest of the place is blatantly illegal.

[30] Previously there was no direct authentication of the person himself. Calvin Harris later apologized for what he tweeted.

[31] Unlike Taylor who was falsely accused of being a liar after having an image of a true and upright lady, Kim Kardashian was the type to drive a topic through negative notoriety in the first place. . Of course, the image itself was more distorted and Taylor was able to successfully reverse the image thanks to the big hit of Look What You Made Me Do.

[32] This composition is the same as that used by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude in his previous work Carolina Beaumont New York 1976.

[33] There are more doctors who do not perform BBL surgery even in the United States. It is a dangerous operation with a mortality rate of 1 in 3000 cases. With the mortality rate at this level how much pain inflammation and necrosis plague patients even if they do not lead to death? Even Cardi B who immediately underwent buttock surgery because of her stripper job emphasized that she should never do hip surgery. Many black American women go to Mexico or Brazil for surgery not only because of the cost but also because the number of doctors who can do it is limited and it is difficult to wait indefinitely. There are even cases where the operation schedule is extended by paying extra money called an express pass. Some black activists say that if the police organization legally kills and segregates black brothers the distorted sense of beauty within the black community – obesity is too easy to see and do not feel a sense of crisis or praise for the so-called hip-hop girl body with an extreme body type is black. They also accuse her of killing her sisters and making them suffer. In fact, there has been criticism for a long time that severe sexism in black culture and sexual degradation of women why should be tolerated only by black men and that black culture and women’s rights are not separate.

[34] Just as there is a limit to the size of implants fat transplantation is not possible blindly. In the case of BBL after removing fat from other parts of the body by liposuction it is transplanted onto the buttock muscle. Once liposuction itself has its limitations at the same time it can be difficult for people who are too skinny because there is not much fat to be removed. In other words, there is enough fat to be removed but in order to have a good body you must not be too obese and the basic hip must have some weight due to the limit of the amount of fat to be removed. Having flesh but having it in moderation not having enough weight but having it in moderation to produce results

[35] She makes self-harming jokes by mentioning that her breasts buttocks and face are pretty.

[36] That’s because Kim is famous for having a ton of plastic surgeries.

[37] As an abbreviation of Kimberly, there are quite a lot of Kims due to the nature of Americans who shorten their names a lot. As an aside, there is a surname that actually has the same Korean name and notation but it is ‘Lee’ which is the same notation that Lee people use a lot. Irish surnames of course most people who wear this surname are white (unless of mixed race). Well-known figures include Robert E. Lee during the Civil War former NBA player David Lee and former Major League Baseball player Cliff Lee.

[38] In the case of second-generation Americans with immigrant families how they view their identity varies greatly depending on their family environment. In the case of first-generation parents who want to succeed in mainstream American society, their names are thoroughly American and they do not know their mother tongue. (Rather I deliberately do not teach it. To foreigners, it sounds like the same American English but to Americans, I hear all the foreign accents.) And since I was born and raised in the United States I naturally consider myself an American. As an aside actress Jessica Alba’s father is also a second-generation Mexican American born to Mexican parents but her parents deliberately didn’t teach her Spanish at all because they wanted her children to settle down in mainstream American society. However, in the case of second-generation Americans who grew up strongly influenced by the culture of their parents’ country, they consider themselves to be citizens of their parents’ countries rather than Americans such as being proficient in their parents’ mother tongue and there are quite a few cases of immigrating to their parents’ countries. Until the age of 2, they are still divided into two categories but from the age of 3, there is no such thing. Of course, there are cases of marrying second or third-generation Americans of the same ethnicity but if you look at these families they are just ordinary American families.

[39] Still, when her older sister Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her first child Mason she liked saying “She has a lot of hair and an unmistakable Armenian appearance” or observing a silent prayer at the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

[40] This speculation is persuasive in Keeping Up with the Kardashians there is an episode in which Kim’s mother Chris ponders whether to change her surname from Jenner (her husband was Bruce Jenner at the time) to Kardashian. I heard that it is because her daughter Kim Kardashian is so famous that Kris is often referred to as ‘Mrs. Kardashian’ but she actually has the name of her deceased husband Robert Kardashian in terms of recognition and business. that’s why it was Of course nothing has happened since that episode.

[41] Roughly speaking the ace of the Armenian national team + Dortmund is the main player of the strong team and is treated like an ace.

[42] And Taylor Swift has been controversial by appearing in a scene reminiscent of this incident in the music video for < Look What You Made Me Do >. Some mocked the robbery itself but there were rumors that the robbery case was fabricated by Kim to attract aggro at the time so there is an interpretation that it was satirized.

[43] As you know when Eminem releases songs he tends to rhyme with the most easygoing or swearing young celebrities at the time so he dissed Britney Spears Amy Winehouse Jessica Alba Lindsay Lohan etc. Meanwhile, Alba said that as a fan it was an honor to be mentioned by Eminem.

[44] In California where Kim lives graduates of unlicensed law schools can also take the bar exam which is the exam in this case.