Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him? Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police

Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him? Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police: The body of Khalil Azad was discovered floating face down in Crystal Lake. He had escaped on foot two days earlier after being pulled over by Robbinsdale Police. What actually happened? Let us explore.

The mysterious death of Khalil Azad nearly a year ago was stated to be the result of accidental drowning.

His family and the Minnesota Black Lives Matter community, however, believe Robbinsdale Police brutality murdered the 24-year-old.

Police officers say that on July 3, 2022, they attempted an early morning DWI traffic stop.

The driver, however, did not halt, and a chase ensued. When the driver lost control, the vehicle came to a stop on the 3900 block of Lakeland Avenue North.

The driver of the vehicle allegedly fled on foot and was never apprehended.

Two days later, a dead body on the Crystal River was recognized as Khalil Azad, who had eluded police.

Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him?

Khalil Azad’s corpse was discovered in Crystal Lake last July, floating dead and face down. What caused the demise is still unknown.

According to the autopsy reports, the 24-year-old must have drowned, but his family has ruled out drowning, saying that he knew how to swim.

Azad was stopped by Robbinsdale police two days before his corpse was discovered.

Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him? Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police

When police attempted to question Azad, he reportedly fled on foot.

That was the last time anyone saw the Minnesota man; his body was found two days later in Crystal Lake.

New photos of Khalil Azad’s body indicate the potential for foul play.

Many individuals on social media have claimed that the 24-year-old was murdered by police.

A vigil was recently held in Crystal Lake, Minnesota, to commemorate Azad’s life and to put pressure on authorities to conduct an appropriate inquiry into his death.

Was Khalil Azad Beaten To Death By The Robbinsdale Police

Azad’s face appears to have been brutally beaten, as evidenced by the pictures.

The Minnesota man’s family claims that Robbinsdale Police beat him to death and dumped his corpse in Crystal Lake to make it appear as if he drowned accidentally.

Scratches, K-9 bites on Khalil’s forehead, and deadlocks have torn from his scalp are visible in the graphic pictures of his body.

honor Khalil Azad

According to a statement issued by Black Lives Matter Minnesota, the medical examiners failed to account for the disfigured nature of the 24-year-old old’s face.

Minnesota Teen Activists demand an independent inquiry into the Robbinsdale police department, the behavior of the medical examiner, and the suspension of all k-9 units in the state.

Azad’s family demanded a thorough investigation into his death, including the release of bodycam and dashcam video from the officers and medical examiners involved.

Khalil Azad’s murder, according to family members, reminded them of the police brutality deaths of Rodney King, Emmett Till, and Tyre Nichols.

On March 3, Robbinsdale Police Chief Patrick Foley stated that he favors an independent review for transparency and that the agency would gather and release body camera footage the following week.