Keemstar Wiki, Daughter, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts

Keemstar Wiki, Daughter, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts

Keemstar is an American YouTuber who has amassed a huge income for himself through his online channel DramaAlet by doing what he loves. He is certainly one of the younger YouTubers to watch out for. Learn more about the online star.

Keemstar Wiki, Age

Keemstar was born on 8 March 1983 in Buffalo New York as Daniel Keem Italian parents. He has one brother and one sister. Before his Youtube fame, he pursued a legal career. The internet celebrity began his Youtube career in 2009 when a video introducing himself received 100,000 hits.

He seized the opportunity and created a channel called XDJKEEMSTAR. However, in 2013, the account was closed after he was caught in a video where he spoke badly about strangers in the multiplayer mode of Halo 3. The video was massively clicked on Youtube, making him more popular among Youtube users. After the termination, he created a new account, which became known as KillerKEEMSTER and TheDramaAlert. The accounts have also developed very well and in just 10 months he has gained over 300,000 subscribers.

Keemstar Wiki
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The channel focused on videos related to Call of Duty and other dramatic videos. But luck wasn’t on the side of luck that the accounts didn’t smile, and both were closed again in early 2014. Keemstar was accused of inventing news himself to create drama and terror through the channels. So many people called him a shit artist who would do anything to become famous online. Some also said that he was falsely accusing people

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But the internet star would not give up. In the same year, he set up another YouTube account and called it FreeDramaAlert. The account ended just like the others of his previous accounts and led to the creation of his new account NewDramAlert. Fortunately, NewDramaAlert worked out well for him.

The channel focuses on topics and dramas that affect other Internet personalities, including other YouTube members with a serious fan base. As a result, he is known in the vlogging community as a very disharmonious person, as he constantly gets involved in lengthy fights and tirades with other content producers on the social media platform. Keemstar is also the leader of the Federation of Asshole Gamers([email protected]).

Keemstar Net Worth

Keemstar, best known as a YouTube celebrity and founder of the DramaAlert channel, has overcome several obstacles to get his channel where it is now. He has probably created obstacles for himself.

In 2015, his channel was the subject of an online petition published on to ban him from using YouTube for his racist and trawler videos. He accused people without providing concrete evidence and based the accusations on conjecture. He has also been described as a racist who often speaks ill of people who do not share the same values. He received the highest criticism in his career when he downplayed the health of another popular YouTube star, “TotalBiscuit”, who announced that he had cancer.

It seemed, however, that he stepped on one big toe too much in 2016, and the effects soon followed. At first, his channel ratings were disabled due to his history of uploading controversial videos, but later they were re-enabled. The star also claimed not to have access to his YouTube channel, even though he was the host and creator. According to him, he was permanently banned from running a YouTube account. For this reason, the videos were uploaded to the channel by his assistant.

In the same year, many prominent YouTube personalities started an internet war against Keemstar through direct videos. The videos aimed to criticize not only his personality but also his works online. iDubbbzTv was among the many personalities who were critical of him. The station uploaded a video called Content Cop-KEEMSTAR in which the vlogger touched on his problem with Keemstar.

Among the critics were Youtuber LeafyisHere and Pyrocynical, who also shared their thoughts about Keemstar in two different videos.

In response, Keemstar posted a long video on Youtube called KEEMSTAR EXPOSED Response. In the video, he spoke at length about each of the accusations made against him.

Despite all the twists and turns, he has experienced in his online business, Keemstar has managed to achieve his goal of making his station one of the most popular. In 2017, his DramaAlert channel was named the largest YouTube news channel in the world. On Youtube, he has over 3.3 million followers. On other social media platforms like Instagram, the star has 15.6k fans and a whopping 1.4 million fans on Twitter. Furthermore, Keemstar has 73k followers on Stream-me.

Keemstar Wiki, Daughter, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height and Quick Facts
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That was after he hadn’t given up on giving DramAlert to numerous channels after every single termination. Even when he created new accounts and changed names, he often ended up using the hashtag DramAlert to keep it alive. The celebrity who hosts the YouTube channel ensures that they exchange exciting new videos almost daily. The enormous fame he has achieved thanks to his Drama Alert news show on Youtube online has made him not only a king in the Youtube news sphere but also one of the richest. Because of his efforts and determination to dominate the online world, he was also nominated for the Shorty Award for Best Web Series.

In light of all this, Keemstar’s net worth is estimated at $1.6 million. He earned most of his fortune with his YouTube videos and also charges $20 per fan to add people to his BlogTV chat or friend list as a moderator. Despite his achievements on YouTube and the money he earned, he is still considered a controversial and hateful vlogger.

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Keemstar’s Wife and Daughter

The video game streamer and creator and host of the YouTube channel ‘DramaAlert’ have tried to keep as many details of his love as possible off the YouTube screen. He never mentioned anything about the woman of his life or his girlfriend. But according to the information we found about him, he is unmarried. He also has a daughter named Mia, whom he claims to have adopted.

Height and Other Quick Facts

Full Name: Daniel M. Keem

Date of Birth: March 08, 1982

Birthplace: Buffalo, New York

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 75kg