Keegan Connor Tracy Biography and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Actress
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Keegan Connor Tracy is one of those who knew what they were meant for even as children. She always wanted a career in acting. She already played as a child and once revealed that she had to let go of several roles she got because her mother didn’t own a car.

Let’s take a look at the lesser-known facts about Keegan, but before we do, we have to give a short description of her life.

Keegan Connor Tracy Biography

Although the Canadian actress is now known around the world as Keegan Connor Tracy, she was born Tracy Armstrong on December 3, 1971. If you check the records, you will find that her birthplace was in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Our attempts to gather adequate information about the early days of Keegan’s life, her family, parents, and siblings have so far yielded nothing substantial. The public knows almost nothing about this aspect of the actress’s life. While we are still trying to dig up one or two valuable pieces of information about her past, we can say that she studied at St. Patrick’s High School in Sarnia, Ontario, and attended Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. The actress initially studied business administration, but for reasons best known to her, she gave up enrolling in psychology. She eventually earned a degree in social psychology at the institution.

Keegan Connor Tracy Biography and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Actress

Her love life turned into a life partner. The actress was the wife of Ez Mitchell, and the marriage was blessed with two daughters so far.

If you have to decide which work is Keegan Connor’s best in the film industry, you probably only have to talk about her most prominent roles, otherwise, it would be a difficult decision. The Canadian actress has played many roles in both television and film. In the first case, she is best known as Audrey Malone in the Showtime comedy-drama series “Beggars and Choosers”, which was broadcast from June 1999 to December 2000.

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But even the series developed by Peter Lefcourt and Brandon Tartikoff is not Keegan’s most popular work on television. The actress received much recognition and admiration for her role as Blue Fairy (Mother Superior) in the fantasy drama series of ABC – Once Upon a Time. And it is widely believed that it was her outstanding performance in the Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz series that earned her a recurring role as Miss Watson in the psychological horror drama produced by Universal Television and America Genre for A&E – Bates Motel.

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to mention here also her roles as Diane Hughes in Jake 2.0 and Jackie in Da Vinci’s Inquest. The role of Diane Hughes earned her a nomination for the 2004 Leo Awards for Best Lead Performance by a Female in Dramatic. The performance of Jackie earned her the 2002 award and also earned her a nomination for the Gemini Prize.

On the big screen, Keegan was able to make himself known through the role of Kat Jennings in Final Destination 2, a supernatural horror movie from 2003. In Final Destination 5 (2011) she played the role again. Most recently, she portrayed Jordan Blair in the action zombie movie of 2015 – Dead Rising: Watchtower and 2016’s Dead Rising: Final.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Keegan Connor Tracy

1. She speaks fluent French

Keegan Connor speaks fluent French, and only a handful of her fans are aware of this. It is uncertain when and where she learned the language, but it is known that she lived and worked in Paris at some point in the past. The actress once hinted that a master’s degree in French literature or art might help her further education.

2. Keegan Connor Tracy studied mixed martial arts

If you ever want to make a list of actresses who have the chance to fully defend themselves in case of an attack, you should definitely mention Keegan Connor Tracy in it. She had a stint as a mixed martial artist and is experienced in full-contact martial arts. If you are wondering how tall the actress is, she is 3 inches (1.6 m) taller than 5 feet (1.6 m).

Keegan Connor Tracy Facts
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3. She writes for children

This is another fact that most people do not know about the actress, she writes for children. As an author of children’s books, her first book was published in 2016 – Mamas 26 Careers. According to what we have learned, she wrote the book to help children (especially young girls) to discover and decide the career they would be satisfied with as adults.

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4. Keegan owns a production company

Keegan is not content with just having a fantastic career as an actress. She doesn’t just want to play roles, she wants to make a more solid and lasting impact on the acting profession. She owns a production company known as Drama Queen Productions. Many people don’t know about it, and this is probably because the company is still trying to gain a foothold.

5. Prefers Instagram and Twitter to Facebook

Although the actress generally works to spend less time on social media platforms, she prefers to be on Instagram and Twitter rather than Facebook. How do we know that? Well, she once approached her fans on the social media site and begged them not to feel offended if she didn’t respond to their comments. She stated that she doesn’t visit Facebook much and stated that she “is better on Twitter and IG”.