Kaylina Eileen Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Baby Daddy and Boyfriend
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Every restriction on fame and success seems to have been lifted, including age. Either you are associated with an famous person from birth – North West and Royalty Brown tell it better -, or by any means from marriage to exclamation (ask Cindy Kimberly), or simply by sheer hard work and diligence in what you choose to do.

In most cases, the media don’t ask about the means, because the end has been proven to justify the means. Social media and the Internet have made it much easier to achieve fame. Kaylina Eileen, a star of Instagram, YouTube, and musical.ly, is one of those who have fully embraced the fame gained through activities on the Internet. With over 400,000 followers on her gram account, the teenage girl could be considered successful in this field.

To help you get to know her better, we have all the interesting facts from her biography, her height, her body measurements, her father, and her boyfriend.

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Kaylina Eileen Bio, Age

Kaylina is not just any girl, she has the skill to captivate her fans and followers, be it through dancing, her make-up art, or by talking openly about her life. Some people have wondered how old the star could be. She has also asked herself this question, as many doubt her age, considering the content of her videos and the cheekiness with which she presents them.

Nevertheless, she is still in her teens, her date of birth is February 6, 2001, and she was born Kaylina Eileen Garcia in the USA. Her birth sign is Aquarius. She was born into a family of seven with three brothers and one sister. Kaylina is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent.

She went to high school and is known for her extravagant manner and openness, which makes her all the more popular with her followers. In June 2016 she set up a YouTube channel of the same name, where she posts videos of a more personal nature that her fans find interesting, and praises its kinship. The channel has collected 145,000 subscribers. She also uploads herself and dance videos to her Instagram page for her 400,000+ followers. No less successful is her Twitter with more than 12k followers.

Besides her numerous adventures, she is also known for her lip-syncing to songs by Nicki Minaj.

Baby Daddy, Boyfriend

The sensation in social media made her followers burst with speculation about her pregnancy. She announced that she is pregnant with her first child in December 2017. At that time she was only 16 years old, which made many wonders who the father of the child is. Kaylina, who is no stranger to letting others into her private life, did not need time to reveal her boyfriend, whom she said was the father of her baby.

In one of her videos, she revealed that she has been living in a back-and-forth relationship with a nameless boy since September 2013, when they were only 12 years old. Yeah, 12, too young to think about love, huh? You might call it puppy love, but she has always claimed that she loves him and that he is caring. Apparently, they met in one of her affairs after she found out she was pregnant.

She is not so quick to reveal the identity of her baby’s father because she argued that he is not the famous daddy and may not be able to handle the risks that such a revelation might entail. However, she mentioned that he is Albanian. Cultural differences could also be the reason why the boy chose not to be in the spotlight. Nevertheless, Kaylina hopes for a future with her boyfriend in which they will be together for a very long time and probably have more children together.

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As with the teenage pregnancy, Kaylina was unsure how to break the news of her pregnancy to her family and boyfriend. However, there is always a way, if the will is there. She revealed the news and since then has been dealing with the new responsibility that awaits her – motherhood. She has already found a name for her baby, which she revealed will be a boy: Noah.

Kaylina Eileen is certainly a special breed. Despite the feeling she had at the beginning; she felt ugly, depressed by the burden of being a parent at her age, which, as she said, made her feel like shit; she has come to terms with the cruel reality, come to terms with it and has never felt happier with herself because of the ability and possibility to nurture a life within her. She realized that her pregnancy may be unplanned, but that she deserves to experience unplanned joy, and has accepted this fact ever since. Moreso, she takes her fans on the journey of her pregnancy through numerous YouTube posts.

Kaylina Eileen Height, Body Measurements

She is 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m) above the ground and has a body weight of 120 lbs (54 kg). Kaylina’s other body measurements are not available, but she wears a shoe size of 7 (US).