Katya Elise Henry Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family Life of The Instagram Star

Katya Elise Henry Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family Life of The Instagram Star
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Katya Elise Henry is a famous fitness/personal trainer and social media celebrity with over 5 million Instagram followers, 143k Twitter followers, and over 98k Facebook followers. When Katya created her social media accounts, she had no intention of becoming famous; instead, it began as a fitness journal to help her achieve her desired body shape.

Social media has a funny way of turning people into celebrities, and Katya Elise Henry was lucky enough to achieve fame and popularity through her social media platforms.

Katya Elise Henry Biography & Age

Katya Elise Henry is an American fitness model and personal trainer born on June 14, 1994, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Katya attended and graduated from Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. During her studies at Desert High, she joined the cheerleading team and distinguished herself as a cheerleader.

Katya Elise Henry
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In 2013, the young fitness star wanted to build a muscular and curvy body for herself, but as a cheerleader doing lots of cardiovascular exercises, her dream body seemed far-fetched. She was eating poorly and needed some guidance in building her dream body. Katya was at a loss at this point, but for her mother, who is a personal trainer, she sought her advice on proper nutrition and supplementation; she was also offered a structured training plan. Today she trains four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday) and has Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as days off. She often calls herself “the gluteus muscle master” when it comes to her training.

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Katya began her fitness journey during her senior year in high school in January 2013, and to track her progress on a daily basis, she began posting pictures and videos of herself on Instagram. Even though she had a full-time job as a nanny at the time and could only exercise and post pictures sparingly, she still managed to make it work and find time to do what was necessary.

She received her first job in January 2013; she had little idea that her continuous posting of short videos and pictures of her curvy, tinted body would become a social media trend overnight. She currently has over 5 million followers on Instagram, several Facebook pages, and more than 84,000 subscribers on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The Fitness and Instagram model has partnered with fitness and nutritional supplement brand EHPlabs and has starred in Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend and Body Power Expo. Katya is also a vegetarian and follows a strict and healthy diet. She eats more protein and healthy fats, adding whey protein supplements to support her muscle-building goals. She strongly advises against substituting meals for supplements.

Going to the gym is difficult for everyone, but Kayta recites her popular mantra to stay focused. “Be motivated. Be active. Be confident. Be yourself”. She believes that her mantra will influence everyone to be better.

After exceeding her ideal physical goals, Katya was inspired to train friends and family. When she saw how they were making daily progress and realized that their posts were motivating more people to exercise, she decided to choose personal training as a career choice and even started a website called “Workout by Katya”.

Personal Life

Katya Elise Henry Austin Boyfriend
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This successful entrepreneur was in a charming relationship with the American singer Austin Mahone from December 2015 to February 2017. At first, there were only rumors about their separation, but eventually, Austin Mahone confirmed it. Since then Katya has not been seen publicly with anyone new.

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Family Life of Katya Elise Henry

This Instagram star with millions of followers is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but later moved with her family to Miami, Florida.

Her father is Derick Anthony Henry, a professional bodyguard for more than twenty years. Her mother is Tawnya Lynn Nelson, a fitness trainer who guided her to the right course for the body type Katya wanted.

Katya also has two sisters – Tanaya Henry and Gabrielle Henry. Tanaya is about six years older than Katya; she is also a model, actress, and successful jewelry designer.

Height & Weight

Katya Elise Henry currently leads a very strict vegetarian life and loves every bit of it, and as a result, her weight is falling between 115-125 lbs (52.2-56.7kg). The 157.5 cm (5 feet 2 inches) tall model has several tattoos – one across the back of her neck, her right hip, and on the left side of her chest.