Home Rapper Kash Doll Net Worth: How Much is Kash Doll Worth?

Kash Doll Net Worth: How Much is Kash Doll Worth?

Kash Doll Net Worth: How Much is Kash Doll Worth?

Kash Doll the Detroit-born rapper and actress has made a name for herself in the music industry with a net worth of $4 million as of 2023. Born on March 14, 1992, Kash Doll has leveraged her talent and hustle to build an impressive career. Her debut album “Stacked” hit the charts and her social media presence is strong with millions of followers. She is not just about the music, her role on the series “BMF” showcases her versatility as an entertainer.

Kash Doll Net Worth: How Much is Kash Doll Worth?

Kash Doll Net Worth: How Much is Kash Doll Worth? Kash Doll an American rapper and actress from Detroit, Michigan, has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2023. Her journey to financial success is a classic tale of grit meets talent. Born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight she started helping her single mother support their family and eventually took the music scene by storm.

Her breakout came from leveraging social media to showcase her rapping skills leading to an opening act for Drake’s tour. Her debut album “Stacked” peaked at #76 on the Billboard 200 and her entrepreneurial ventures including real estate reflect her business acumen. With her music and investments Kash Doll’s net worth is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

Quick Facts About Kash Doll Net Worth

Net Worth Estimate$2 million
Source of WealthMusic, endorsements
Record SalesSuccessful singles and mixtapes
Live PerformancesTours and club appearances
EndorsementsBeauty products, fashion brands
Acting CareerRoles in television series
Social Media InfluenceMonetized platforms
Real EstatePotential investments post-relocation to Atlanta

Who is Kash Doll?

Kash Doll whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight is a multifaceted American rapper and actress from Detroit Michigan. Born into a large family She is the oldest of six siblings and has been hustling since her youth to support her family. Kash Doll’s passion for music was evident early on as she began freestyling and penning lyrics while still a young girl.

Her career took off when she used social media to gain a following posting videos of her rapping which eventually led to the opening for Drake on his Summer Sixteen tour. Her debut album “Stacked” was a hit and She is also known for her singles “For Everybody” and “Ice Me Out.” Beyond music, Kash Doll has made her mark on television with a recurring role in the series “BMF” and appearances on “Empire.”

Real Estate

Kash Doll’s journey from a high-earning dancer to a rap sensation is a testament to her savvy and ambition. While no detailed public information about her real estate investments her career trajectory suggests she knows the value of financial acumen. Her move from Detroit to Atlanta could indicate a strategic choice possibly including real estate investments as Atlanta is known for its vibrant music scene and potentially lucrative property market.

Who Are Kash Doll Parents?

Kash Doll born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight has not publicly shared extensive details about her parents. What is known is that she was raised by her mother and stepfather in Detroit Michigan. Her upbringing was challenging and she lost her father at a young age. Despite the hardships, Kash Doll has spoken about the strong influence her mother had on her life instilling in her a hustler’s spirit and the determination to succeed. This drive has been a cornerstone of her success in the music industry and beyond.

Who Are Kash Doll Siblings?

Kash Doll the stage name of Arkeisha Antoinette Knight is the eldest of six siblings. Growing up in Detroit Michigan she took on the responsibility of helping her single mother to support their family from a young age. Her siblings’ details are not widely publicized but it is known that she has a close bond with them. Kash Doll has shared moments on social media celebrating her family such as wishing her sister Shontria a happy 19th birthday indicating the tight-knit relationship they share.

Who Is Kash Doll Dating?

Kash Doll is currently in a relationship with fellow rapper Tracy T. The couple has been quite open about their relationship on social media. They first connected on Instagram and their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. Despite facing some cheating accusations the couple’s relationship appears to have grown stronger and they have been sharing their journey with their fans. Kash Doll has also been sharing her journey to motherhood revealing that she and Tracy T are expecting a baby boy.

Who Is Kash Doll Married to?

Kash Doll is not currently married. She has been in a relationship with Tracy T an American rapper whose real name is Tracy Richardson. The couple has been quite open about their relationship on social media and they welcomed a baby boy together. Kash Doll has previously been linked to other figures in the music industry but as of now, she has not confirmed any marriage plans.

Does Kash Doll Have Kids?

Kash Doll is a proud mother to her son Kashton Prophet Richardson. Born on January 6th in Atlanta Georgia Kashton is her first and only child her boyfriend rapper Tracy T. Kash Doll shared her joy and love for her newborn expressing that Kashton has completely stolen her heart. The announcement of her son’s birth was met with excitement and support from her fans and the wider community.

Kash Doll Career

Kash Doll’s career is a narrative of ambition and resilience. Born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight in Detroit Michigan she began her journey in the music industry by performing at local clubs and charity events. Her big break came when she used social media to release videos of her rapping catching the attention of Drake who invited her to open for him.

Her single “Ice Me Out” from her debut album “Stacked” became a hit and She has since collaborated with artists like Meek Mill Big Sean and Iggy Azalea. Kash Doll has also made strides in acting with a recurring role in the series “BMF” and appearances on “Empire.”

How Old Is Kash Doll?

Kash Doll whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight has playfully dodged confirming her age publicly. While some sources list her birthday as March 14, 1992, which would make her 31 years old as of 2023, Kash Doll herself has joked about being various ages on social media. Despite the ambiguity, her vibrant energy and dynamic presence in the music industry remain ageless.

How Tall is Kash Doll?

Kash Doll stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). Despite varying claims about her height over the years, this measurement is consistently reported across multiple sources. Kash Doll stature paired with her commanding stage presence makes her a standout figure in the rap scene. Kash Doll’s height complements her curvy and voluptuous build which she often accentuates with her confident and bold fashion choices.

What is Kash Doll Ethnicity?

Kash Doll born Arkeisha Antoinette Knight is an American rapper with a mixed ethnic background. Her diverse heritage contributes to her unique perspective in her music and public persona. Kash Doll’s ethnicity while not explicitly detailed in public records is a blend that reflects the multicultural tapestry of Detroit Michigan where she was born and raised.

What is Kash Doll Nationality?

Kash Doll whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight is proudly American. Born and raised in Detroit Michigan she embodies the spirit and resilience of her hometown. Kash Doll’s nationality is a testament to the diverse cultural landscape of the United States and she often reflects the essence of Detroit in her music and public persona.


What is Kash Doll net worth?

Kash Doll net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023.

How did Kash Doll earn her net worth?

She earned her wealth through her music career live performances and acting roles.

Has Kash Doll net worth been influenced by her social media presence?

Yes, her significant social media following has contributed to her net worth.

What are some of Kash Doll’s most successful singles?

Some of her hits include “Ice Me Out” and “For Everybody.”

Does Kash Doll have any other sources of income?

Yes, she has income from endorsements and her role in the series “BMF.”

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