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Kanye West’s Wedding And Ex-Girlfriend

Kanye West Wedding And Ex-Girlfriend: What You Need to Know

Kanye West is known for many good reasons. He is one of the most famous rap musicians in American history. He is also a record producer, fashion designer, founder of the creative content company DONDA and head of the record company GOOD music. Everything about the rapper is responsible for his publicity. He is very talented, but he is also very straightforward, an attribute that has earned him a series of haters.

His love life has also made him extremely famous. That may be an exaggeration, but some of his supporters believe he has one of the best marriage relationships in Hollywood and that he makes a perfect couple with his beautiful wife Kim Kardashian, another American celebrity who has been successful in the United States.

In case you are his fan or much less his critic then you might be interested in information about Kanye West’s wedding and part of his dating history.

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Kanye West’s Wedding

When the rapper started dating Kim Kardashian. he was outright rejected by opponents that such a relationship would not work let alone last. When it became clear that the couple was expecting a child together critics still believed that they would soon separate the pregnancy despite everything.

Things began to change when the rapper boldly asked the model and actress to marry him a request that was well accepted. This happened on November 22, 2013. Even with this important statement, critics continued to believe that it was only a dream.

Kanye West Wedding And Ex-Girlfriend: What You Need to Know

Then the wedding took place on May 24 2014 and most critics were treated to a gentle shock. Those who had a hard position still believed that marriage would never work. Nevertheless more than two years have passed and the love between celebrities seems to be growing better and better. In fact, they now have two children together. The wedding itself was something to admire. The colorful ceremony took place at the 16th century Forte di Belvedere in Florence on 24 May 2014 in front of family and friends.

During the sumptuous and starry ceremony, the bride wore a Givenchy Haute Couture lace dress and a long silk veil while the man wore a personalized Givenchy tux. The wedding ring was a handmade diamond ring and perfectly matched her 15-carat diamond engagement ring.

Gold strip drawn by Lorraine Schwartz was made for Kanye West’s Wedding. Recently on their first wedding anniversary, Kim posted pictures of the wedding and they were simply wonderful. In Instagram’s position, West’s wife declared her insatiable love for him.

Dating History

One thing that celebrities are known for is having long dating stories. The reason is not clear but most of them are public relations aimed at achieving something that is not always clear to the public. Even some marriages are like contractual relationships with predetermined deadlines. Therefore divorce is one of the most common events in Hollywood.

Kanye West and Amber Rose
Kanye West and Amber Rose

Although Kanye West quickly turns out to have one of the best marriages her love life is no different. We know that the rapper dated seven women including Alexis Phifer Brookie Crittenton Amber Rose Selita Ebanks Melody Thornton Chanel Iman and Virginie Maury. It is also common knowledge that the musician had a sexual encounter with Brian Dollician and an encounter with Sessilee Lopez and Angela Martini.

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His immediate girlfriend was Virginie Maury a French actress and model. They were photographed kissing on a balcony in front of the photographers. It was in 2011 and it was not clear when the relationship began and when it actually ended. Neither of them confirmed or denied the existence of a serious relationship but the photos taken that day were sufficient proof.

Kanye West and Virginie Maury
Kanye West and Virginie Maury

Many people think it was just another meeting with the rapper or that he thought he could form a long-term relationship with him. Shortly after being spotted together things went a little quiet until Mr. West was seen with another Kim Kardashian “bomb”. He has made public his intention to marry the actress and so far he has managed to raise a beautiful family.