Kanye West Mom, Wife, Daughter (North West) and Other Kids
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It is difficult to find someone who does not know Kanye Omari West, as he is both successful and controversial. He is one of the most established American rappers, record producers, and fashion designers. He is also the head of the record label GOOD Music and the founder of the creative content company DONDA. West is also popular because of his outspoken nature, which is better remembered for his remarks about the then President of the United States of America who said: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”.

Perhaps you know the celebrity from the screens because of his public life. How much information do you have about the private life of Kanye West? Do you know about his immediate family, including his parents, wife, and children, if any? We assume that you do not have this information, otherwise, you would not be reading this post. In the end, you will have learned more about Kanye West’s mother, wife, daughter, and children.

Kanye West Mom and Her Accomplishments

You may wonder why we are focusing on the rapper’s mother and not his father. Well, West was raised by a single mother. The musician was born to Ray West, a former Black Panther, and photojournalist, and Dr. Donda C. (Williams) West, a former professor of English at Clark Atlanta University and the chairman of the English department at Chicago State University. She retired to take over the leadership of her son.

The rapper’s parents divorced three years after his birth and his mother moved with him to Chicago, Illinois. As a professor, she earned enough money to give her only son a decent life and raise him in a middle-class environment. She managed to study fashion design at Polaris High School. As part of an exchange program between universities, Donda moved with her son to Nanjing University in China before returning to the United States.

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Donda West believed at the time that the only way to succeed was professionalism, and this became clear when she registered her displeasure at her son’s decision to drop out of school. In her own words, she commented, “It was forced into my head that college is the ticket to a good life, but I have learned that some career goals do not require college. For Kanye, the album titled College Dropout was more about having the courage to embrace who you are than following the path society has chosen for you.

Kanye West 1

Kanye West’s mother is partly responsible for the success of rappers in the American entertainment competition. She not only raised him to be a responsible man but also supported him in his musical endeavors and even made him his manager. She played this role until she succumbed to her illness in 2007. It is believed that she died due to complications related to the surgical operation she underwent. Some sources say that her cosmetic surgery went wrong and led to her death, although the theory has been widely disputed.

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Kanye West’s wife and beautiful family

It was incredible when it became publicly known that Kanye West had hired Kim Kardashian. Against all expectations, the couples married in 2014, and they are still strong. Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West is a successful American personality in television and social media, a socialite, actress, and model. The couple is considered one of the happiest celebrity couples. Kim has had two failed marriages, but it seems that she has finally found her true love. They have been together for three years and there are no signs that the relationship will end in the foreseeable future.

Kanye West and Kim have two children together, a girl from the Northwest, born June 15, 2013, and a boy named Saint West, born December 5, 2015. Reports speculate that Saint may be their last child together. Kim has several siblings, but Kanye West was born and raised as an only child. He may be trying to correct his lonely background by having two children, but who knows.

The pessimists now have to hide from shame, as the celebrity couple is on their way to a seemingly impossible achievement among Hollywood couples. They have received much applause from many for building their relationship and making it stronger and better from the day.