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A Cuban-American professional baseball pitcher who is known to be a joy to play on the field was Jose Fernandez. In his heyday, he won the National League Rookie of the Year 2013 title with the Miami Marlins.

Jose Fernandez Early Life And Career

Jose Fernandez was born in Santa Clara, Cuba, on 31 July 1992. As a teenager, he emigrated with his mother to the USA, where he attended Braulio Alonso High School in Tampa, Florida. He started playing baseball in his secondary school with so much energy and talent that he became an outstanding personality on his team. The vibrant teenager retained a position in the Florida Class 6A State Champions both in the second and last season.

In 2011, he began his Minor League Baseball (MLB) career when the Florida Marlins voted him into the 2011 MLB draft. Later he started once for the Gulf Coast Marlins in the Gulf Coast League at rookie-level and again for the Jamestown Jammers in the Class A short season of the New York Penn League. The young pitcher began the 2012 baseball season as a pitcher for the Greensboro Grasshoppers in the Class A South Atlantic League (SAL), where he twice won the SAL pitcher of the week. He made his major baseball league debut in April 2013 against the New York Mets, where he broke the record as the seventh pitcher under 21 and scored at least eight strikeouts on his MLB debut since 1916.

Later in 2013, he also played for the Miami Marlins of the National League’s All-Star Team, where he made his mark as one of three pitchers under the age of 21 on their All-Star debut, eliminating two batters. The pitcher was affectionately known as “Nino” by his teammates because of his strength and skill.

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Wife, Girlfriend, Kids

The Miami Marlins pitcher was married to Alejandra Baleato Marichal in Tampa, Florida, in December 2012 at the age of 20. The two were known as lovebirds in high school, but their marriage lasted little more than a year.

Fernandez began dating Maria Arias after his divorce. The couple met at the cinema and soon became a couple. Maria became pregnant soon after five months, and in February 2017 she had a beautiful daughter named Penelope Jo Fernandez.


The mother of the Maimi Marlin Pitcher is Maritza Fernandez. She had a close relationship with her son and was shocked at the news of his passing. She and her young son had tried to flee Cuba about four times to search for greener pastures in the States. On one of her journeys, she remembered that it was Jose who risked his life to save her when she fell into the sea on her way from Cuba to the States.

The news of her son’s death was a blow, as she revealed in an interview with People’s magazine. It was a terrible experience for her, and it is still like a dream from which she wishes to wake up one day. The grieving mother also refuted and rejected all evidence that her son had used cocaine or been under the influence of alcohol during his death. She claimed that he was an excellent player who played without using drugs.

Maritza said her heart melted during the funeral when she saw the large crowd that came to pay their last respects to her son and said she had no idea he was loved to such an extent.

Jose Fernandez Salary, Net Worth

As a talented player, Jose Fernandez received an annual salary of about 651,000 dollars. He was also entitled to an annual bonus of $6,200. At the time of his death, it was recorded that he had earned more than $6 million. His current net worth is said to be approximately $2.8 million.

His mother Maritza and his girlfriend Maria Arias were entrusted with his assets at his death.

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Jose Fernandez’ Death

The baseball star died prematurely in September 2016 in a boating accident off Maimi beach. Two other people also died in the fiasco, Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Jesus Macias. The boat allegedly crashed into a mass of rock, and the impact killed the three men.

However, the results of the autopsy revealed that Jose Fernandez had taken an overdose of cocaine and had had too much alcohol in his body while driving the boat. His family does not believe the report, however, that he takes such hard drugs and does not have any alcohol problems.

The families of the two other men who died in the accident in February 2017 filed a lawsuit against Jose’s estate of $2 million each because they had lost their children to the carelessness of the jug.