Johnny Depp’s Wife, Kids And Girlfriend

Although this man is a set of talents that we cannot do without lately it seems that the drama cannot do without him. It’s a juicy subject and we just want to get into the subject without any diversion so let’s start with the subject of Johnny Depp’s wife.

Johnny Depp’s Wife

The appropriate subtitle should be Johnny Depp’s wives ex-wives to be more precise. The star was in many many many many many relationships in his time but he only said the words “I do” to two of them and we will discover what were their problems.

Johnny Depp’s Wife; Lori Anne Allison

His first walk in the alley was with Lori Anne Allison (makeup artist) on December 20 1983 when he was only 20 years old and she was 25. It seems that Depp is not very good with women because they divorced two years later in 1985. Nevertheless she had an impact on the star’s life she introduced Johnny to her friend and stage companion Nicolas Cage which allowed her to get her first major role in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Johnny Depp’s Wife, Kids And Girlfriend

Although she was probably the gateway to her success their love has not stood the test of time. Despite everything they still have a cordial relationship. When Depp was accused by his most recent ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic violence she quickly defended him.

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According to TMZ she told her friends that the 52-year-old star was not capable of hurting anyone and that she would never lay a hand on a woman she added that Johnny was never physical with her during their relationship and did not even yell at her angry.

Some may say that 1985 was a long time ago and that people are changing but both seem to have been in good communication since then. Before all this stuff with Amber Heard the last time she talked to Johnny was the week after her mother died.

Johnny Depp’s Wife; Amber Heard

Amber and Depp met on the set of The Rum Diary where they played the love of the other in 2009. Their real relationship did not start until 2012 but you can bet that the seeds have been planted. It was not long after his relationship with his 14-year-old girlfriend and the mother of his two children the French actress Vanessa Paradis that the actor began to see Heard.

Johnny Depp’s Wife, Kids And Girlfriend

Their love was flamboyant and burning he even bought her a horse while he was shooting the film The Lone Ranger so that she could ride with him. Two years later in 2014 the engagement ring was released and they were married the following year.

At the end of 2015 she was already complaining about Depp and in 2016 complaints arrived. It was all that a serious incident in December 2015 when she feared for her life a violent incident that took place when Depp showed up at her birthday party “drunk and high” pushing her to the ground after allegedly grabbing her by the hair.

Needless to say this relationship collapsed in 2016 after a constant series of legal battles.

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Johnny Depp’s Kids

The actor has 2 children surprisingly (or not) from a woman to whom he has never been married. As we have already mentioned he had a 14-year relationship with the French actress Vanessa Paradis. Their names are Lily-Rose Depp and John Christopher Depp III and here is everything you need to know about them.

Lily-Rose Depp

It’s as if show business is running in ‘Depp’ blood because Lily is currently an American actress and model. She first appeared in the film Tusk alongside her father and friend Harley Quinn Smith.

Johnny Depp’s Wife, Kids And Girlfriend

It is likely that she had no choice but to choose a career in the spotlight, as she had been the subject of tabloids and media reports, including birthdays, participation in social events, and criticism of her fashion choices, since childhood.

During her father’s various trials, she was very supportive and denied that he was anything but an enthusiastic father and a good person overall.

John Christopher Depp III

He is Depp’s youngest child and is growing up to look more and more like his father every day. He seems to be more out of the limelight than his older sister has ever been.

johnny christopher depp

Let’s hope that in the middle of all this drama, the young man will have a semblance of a normal childhood (we, the children! he’s Johnny Depp’s son, there’s no option for normal life).

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Johnny Depp’s Girlfriends

He dated Sherilyn Fenn, the actress of Twin Peaks with Depp in 1986 after his separation from Prince, then in 1994 there was Ellen Barkin, it was a brief romance. We can firmly establish the fact that he has a weakness for co-stars, that he dated Juliette Lewis when they were co-stars of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the relationship lasted as long as the filming.

He went out and even got engaged to Winona Ryder, his co-star Edward Scissorhands in 1990, but they separated three years later. Vanessa Paradis’ name should be familiar to her, as it was her longest relationship and she is the mother of her children.

Quick Facts About Johnny Depp

Date of Birth:9 June 1963
 Age:56 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
 Height:5 Feet 10 Inch
NameJohnny Depp
Birth NameJohn Christopher Depp
Nick Name“Johnny”
Birth Place/CityOwensboro, Kentucky
Net Worth400 million dollar
Eye ColorDark Brown
Weight in KG78 KG
Married toAmber Heard (m. 2015), Lori Anne Allison (m. 1983)
ChildrenLily-Rose Melody Depp, Jack John Christopher Depp III
DivorceLori Anne Allison (m. 1985)
EducationHenry D. Perry Middle School, Miramar High School
AwardsGolden Globe Award
Online PresenceFacebook, Twitter, Wiki
MoviesPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales