John Matthew Salilig Autopsy Report: 24-Years Old Missing Boy Dead Body Photo

John Matthew Salilig Autopsy Report: 24-Years Old Missing Boy Dead Body Photo: People are interested in the autopsy report of John Matthew Salilig. John’s body was found in a pit in Imus, Cavite, buried and decaying.

John Matthew Salilig, a chemical engineering student at Adamson University, reported his sibling John Michael missing on February 20.

His bereaved family described John Matthew Salilig, 24, as a friendly person who “never ran out of jokes” and was “always the light of the Party,” but beneath his bright exterior lied a young man with lofty goals.

On February 17, his younger brother, John Michael Sailing, told him that he would be attending the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity’s initiation ceremonies in Laguna.

John Matthew Salilig Autopsy Report

The autopsy report for John Matthew Salilig has been made public. He is said to have died at the hands of his siblings.

Adamson University teachers, staff, and students dressed in black to show their support for John Matthew Salilig’s family following his death.

The University’s third-year chemical engineering student was found dead a few days ago after being reported missing for a week.

John Matthew Salilig’s younger brother allegedly informed him that he would be attending the fraternity’s “welcoming rituals,” according to John Michael Salilig, John Matthew’s brother who is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

John Matthew Salilig Autopsy Report: 24-Years Old Missing Boy Dead Body Photo

He had no reason to be concerned because his sibling was already a member of a Zamboanga City fraternity. They never heard from him again after that.

According to a message sent to the family from a fake account, John Matthew had a seizure and passed out after the welcoming rituals.

They were also told that he had been laid to rest in Cavite. The student’s body was found in a small grave in Imus, Cavite.

John Martin, John Matthew’s brother, identified the body as his. His siblings were caught off guard because they were both members of the fraternity.

24-Years Old Missing Boy John Matthew Salilig Dead Body Photo

According to TV Patrol, 24-year-old missing boy John Matthew Salilig’s elder sibling, John Michael Salilig, visited the Manila Police District on February 20.

He hadn’t returned home in two days, and when he and his brother couldn’t be reached, his family decided to contact the police.

On February 17, John Michael’s narrative bid farewell to John Matthew at the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity’s welcoming rites gathering in Bian, Laguna.

However, it is claimed that John Matthew still hadn’t contacted her two days ago, causing her anxiety and unease.

John Matthew’s sibling, John Martin, says that on February 19, he received a telegram from an unidentified source informing him of his brother’s tragic death during the fraternity initiation rituals.

According to a recent GMA News report, John Matthew Salilig perished as a result of “severe blunt impact in the lower extremities,” as determined by an autopsy.

His family is determined to seek justice for the loss of the third-year college student.

John Matthew Salilig Victim and Case Details

Authorities claim that when John Matthew Salilig, a student at Adamson University, was found deceased in Imus, Cavite, he had visible injuries on his thighs.

More than a week after he went missing, the bones of John Matthew, an Adamson University student, were discovered on Tuesday in a small grave near Imus, Cavite.

John Matthew Salilig Autopsy Report: 24-Years Old Missing Boy Dead Body Photo

When the body of a college student who had been missing for more than a week was found, Binan police arrived with a battered and lifeless corpse.

According to the Bian City Police Station, the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity performed welcoming rites with John Matthew in a Bian home.

According to the witness they spoke with, John Matthew spewed on February 18 in the afternoon. When they welcomed him, the victim told them that he was fine.

That evening, John Matthew passed out inside the vehicle they were driving back to Manila.

According to one of the murder suspects, John Matthew was hit at least 70 times during the initiation rites.

According to John Martin, during the conversation, it was mentioned that his brother was taking part in the fraternity group’s initiation. He claimed it was impossible to breathe after their initiation rituals.