Jessica Andrade Lesbian, Wife, Girlfriend, Bio, Height, Weight
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Jessica Andrade, popularly known in the mixed martial arts world as “Bate-Escata”, a Portuguese word for a piledriver, is a fighter for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She is known for her massive strength and aggressive fighting style, which has earned her second place in the UFC straw-weight ranking so far.

Jessica Andrade Bio

Jessica Andrade was born on September 25, 1991, in the tiny town of Umuarama in the southern Brazilian state of Parana. Even as a child, Andrade was known for having so much energy to play, which ultimately led her to become interested in sports.

Like any other young Brazilian child, male or female, Andrade dreamed of becoming a football star. She played both the traditional type of game and the indoor version, better known as futsal, and excelled in both. She also played and played excellently in table tennis, winning, in particular, the National Championship in this sport. Andrade’s dream of making it big in soccer came true in the end, not because of the high competitiveness in this sport, but mainly because her mother kept her from moving to Sao Paulo to play.

Jessica Andrade Lesbian, Wife, Girlfriend, Bio, Height, Weight
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When she was 19 years old, Andrade took a normal job and led her normal life until she stumbled upon a free judo class. Andrade said she had never done anything like this before but was able to beat up all the boys in the class, which not only impressed the teacher but also gave her more training from him. She started taking Jiu-Jitsu lessons and participated in tournaments where she received accolades after accolades.

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In 2011, Jessica Andrade made the transition to mixed martial arts and recorded eight victories from her first ten fights. In 2013, she left Brazil for the first time to participate in the ProFC 47: Russia vs. Europe in Rostov-on-Don for the first time before joining the UFC in July of the same year, and the rest became history.

Is Jessica Andrade a Lesbian?

Jessica Andrade is a very proud lesbian. Born in Umuarama, Paraná, Brazil, Umuarama, who started her martial arts career on September 6, 2011, was very open about her sexual orientation from the beginning when she came on the scene. Her first fight in the UFC, which was against Liz Carmouche, was indeed the first encounter between two openly gay fighters in the history of the organization.

Andrade has pointed out that her sexual orientation does not define who she is, as there are other aspects of her personality. She also pointed out that she understands that people do not agree with her lifestyle, but she appreciates the fact that as an openly gay person she can work with the UFC.

Asked if she is not able to be brutal enough towards her opponents because she is a lesbian, Andrade said that she goes all out every time she enters the octagon. She then took the opportunity to talk about her male opponents, of whom she said that it would be more difficult for her if any of them ever came out as gay because there are more stereotypes for men than for women.

Does She have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Jessica Andrade Lesbian, Wife, Girlfriend, Bio, Height, Weight
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It is not clear if Jessica Andrade has been able to exchange vows so far, but she has a girlfriend who has actually asked her to marry her. Andrade has been meeting with her friend, who has been identified as Fernanda Gomes, since August 2011. Not much is known about Gomes, but she is usually in the arena and cheers on her friend when she has a match.

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The duo hit the headlines in May 2017, shortly after Andrade fought and lost against Joanna Jedrzejczyk in UFC 211. Although she did not win the title fight, Andrade took the opportunity to talk about her defeat and praise her partner before asking for her hand in marriage. Gomes, who was in the crowd that evening, as usual, accepted immediately.

Jessica Andrade Height and Weight

From the time Jessica Andrade was added to the UFC rankings in 2011 until about 2015, she fought in the bantamweight class, which has an upper weight limit of 61.2 kg or 135 pounds. In October of the same year, she chose the strawweight class, which has an upper weight limit of 52.2 kg or 115 pounds. This means that Andrade had to lose some weight to qualify for her new weight class. She currently has a weight of 52 kg or 115 pounds and a height of 157 cm or 5 feet.