Jake Paul Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Wiki, Height, House, Arrest

Jake Paul Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Wiki, Height, House, Arrest
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Jake Paul is an American actor and a YouTube sensation, who has come to the fore through the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul is famous for the role of Dirk in the popular Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. His popularity is also associated with his roles in Airplane Mode and Knights of Mayhem (2011). He currently has over 12 million subscribers and over 500 videos on his YouTube channel, and the number continues to grow as more and more people love his entertainment style.

Jake Paul’s Wiki, Brother, Height, House

Jake Paul was born Jake Joseph Paul in Cleveland on January 17, 1997, the son of Pamela Ann Stepnick, mother and Gregory Allan Paul, father. His pedigree is long, as he has Austrian-Jewish, English, German-Jewish, Hungarian-Jewish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestors. He grew up in Westlake, Ohio, USA and has an older brother who is also a YouTuber, Logan Paul and another sibling known as Roman Paul.

He attended Westland High School in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was trained as a professional wrestler and trained to become a Navy Seal. However, as fate would have it, he had a passionate interest in directing, and so he began producing wine videos in 2013 and had over 5 million followers and over 2 million tracks on the app before it was discontinued.

Jake Paul
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He was known on Vine for often hurting himself while filming his videos, and has already made a name for himself by taking risks such as jumping over a car and similar stunts while creating his vines.

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Jake and his Internet star colleague and brother Logan Paul started a collaboration, and the two were to achieve great success as entertainers on the Internet of Things. In addition to his achievements on the Internet, he had the opportunity to work alongside Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo in Disney’s “Bizaardvark” alongside Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo, and to play the role of Dugan in the FOX Digital movie “Mono”.

Jake Paul can be found at 6′ 2? (1.88 m) and weighs a healthy 86kg or 190lbs. His popularity on the Internet and in social media far surpasses his athletic, natural physique. We all love him for who he is, what he does, and how he does it.

In July 2017, Paul and his employees rented a mansion in the Beverly Grove district of Los Angeles, which is operated at a monthly rent of $17,000.00. In November 2017, the news came that he had bought a brand new, expensive property in Calabasas, California.

Jake Paul Married, Wife, Girlfriend, and Arrest

The marital status of Jake Joseph Paul is not without controversy. For one thing, the celebrity is quite young and it is given that he should be unmarried. However, when rumors started circulating that Jake Paul was married, the story was one that every one of his fans wanted to record in great detail.

Jake Paul married Ericka Costell on 19 June 2017. Before this official marriage, there was a story that he was in a relationship with his internet sensation Alissa Violet, and it went so far as to suggest that the two were secretly married. The story, or rather a rumor, was not very valid, as it did not contain any facts to support it. In time, it fizzled out and we had Jake all to ourselves.

Jake Paul Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Wiki, Height, House, Arrest
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Jake and Ericka got married in a wedding chapel in Sin City. Jake claims they never kissed or did anything like that before they went to the altar. Well, maybe they never did anything like that. Ericka is also a YouTuber, and the two worked closely together as husband and wife to promote their goods on YouTube.

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Now to his famous arrest story

Jake’s been known to pull crazy pranks in his neighborhood. When a video of his handcuffed arrest made the rounds in social media, people wondered if this was one of his many pranks or if he was doing something wrong to justify his arrest. It is not unknown that his neighbors are dissatisfied with the various parties and draw attention to things he does there. He was indeed arrested because it was said that he disagreed with his neighbors about noise and the transformation of their neighborhood into a war zone.

The fact is, however, that he was not arrested in the strictest sense. It was all just another prank on his part!

After a thorough analysis, they concluded that the clip was taken from a prank video shared by ex-Viner Curtis Lepore some time ago.

In the video, a “police officer” tells Jake that the authorities had received “a lot of complaints from the neighbors” before they handcuffed the YouTuber. Instead of going to a police station, Jake was taken to a storage room and forced to admit that “Curtis Lepore is the best lumberjack ever.