Is Twaimz Gay? What Happened To Him? How Old is He? Here are The Facts
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Put simply, Twaimz is one of the many celebrated characters created by YouTube. The YouTuber was doing very well when he suddenly disappeared from the internet, his fans dug a lot, but Twaimz was simply nowhere to be found.

Gradually, those waiting for his return began to let go of the hope of having him back, and just when it seemed that the memories of him were completely buried, the comedic vlogger announced his return as unexpectedly as his disappearance. Among other things, this triggered various speculations about what happened to Twaimz. Obviously, people cannot understand why he gave up his flourishing career to return only when he was almost completely forgotten.

There has also been widespread speculation about Twaimz’s sexual orientation, as it could easily be established that the YouTuber has a girlfriend, just as it has been circulated in several circles that he is gay.

In view of the above, it is only fair to find out the facts about Twaimz’s life. From the assumptions about his age to the underlying assumptions that he is gay to the assumptions about what inspired his disappearance from the Internet, here are the facts.

How Old Is Twaimz?

First things first: Twaimz’s real, full name is Issa Christopher Tweimeh. He was born on 13 May 1995 and his birthplace was California. Issa is of Arab descent and grew up in San Francisco with his older sister Nour.

Is Twaimz Gay? What Happened To Him? How Old is He? Here are The Facts

In stories about Twaimz, it is often said that he was often bullied in high school because of his weight and that this led him to make YouTube his only friend. He spent most of his time watching videos on the website before he finally decided to set up his own channel and upload his own videos. This is not wrong, but it is not a completely factual, or rather, complete story.

Issa’s vlogging efforts did not start on YouTube, we traced it back to Vine. It was on this platform that he found his earliest followers. He only switched to YouTube so he could make longer videos. As far as we know, before he joined YouTube and founded his Issa Twaimz Channel on August 6, 2013, Twaimz had used Vine to shoot and share videos from his daily life, comedy sketches, and lip-synching.

On the six-second video hosting platform, he collected over 3 million followers. Many of these guys followed Twaimz to YouTube, where he made available longer versions of the types of videos he showed on Vine. It was only a matter of time before he collected one million followers on the channel. At the time of this report, he could boast of having nearly 3.4 million subscribers and over 261 million hits.

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Is Twaimz Gay?

The YouTube star was already working on this topic in 2014. He shared a video in which he stated that in his youth he was never keen on telling people that his name was Issa because he was afraid they would point out that the name was female and call him gay.

He went on to talk about being condemned and called “gay” and “faggot”. However, he claimed that a physical attraction to someone is love, and concluded that it is stupid for people to keep trying to insult him by saying that he loves someone (of his own sex).

Although there was a time when he talked about having a girlfriend, the video he made on the subject of homosexuality was widely accepted as he confirmed that he was gay. This is despite the fact that he never explicitly stated his sexual preferences. All in all, Twaimz believes that it does not matter whether he is gay, heterosexual, or bisexual.

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What Happened To Him?

The answer to that question is not far-fetched. According to the YouTube star, it was his exploding fame that inspired him to leave YouTube and leave the Internet. He explained that the fame he enjoyed was accompanied by a devastating pull that repeatedly made it impossible for him to be his normal self – he always tried to do justice to the man he had become online. When it began to shake his confidence and make him insecure, he had no choice but to give it all up.

Now that the Star is back and has resumed his arduous efforts where he left off, we can only hope that he has defeated his demons.